Gweeze. I don't understand Friendster peeps. Recently there's an outburst about the loss of the testimonials and it freaks them out. Some even go to such a stupid extent as making a petition with the protesters' names and e-mail addresses listed, which is said to be said to the admin or even the founder. Yeah right, like it will ever work. Chill, people! Friendster tends to screw up when it adds a new feature and, ask yourself this: Are those testimonials REALLY that important in your respective lives? Looking deeper, most of them were written because the senders expected the recipients to do the same, and most of you have a few pathetic lame graphics (I'm proud to say I have none of those). Besides, testimonials don't reflect the authors' true thoughts (and again, I'm proud to say I have TWO bitchy testimonials, both sent by blokes! Props for their honesty!). So people...I'm sure you have a life, and aren't you supposed to be too busy to think of such a trvial matter? Don't worry about those testimonials, they'll be back before you can say, "ADD ME!" to a total stranger.
Mom and dad are probably itching for the day my bro and I are gone to Japan and New Zealand, which is by mid 2005. There will no longer be yelling ("Dinner's ready!", "Clean your room!", "Hurry, you're gonna be late for school!"), no one to change the channel to Animax, music channels, or E! when a parent or both are on the phone, no more "Dad, I've run out of phone credit. Reload, pweeze?" almost every fortnight, and-get this-more storage rooms for mom's clothes. The woman's got more clothes than mine and my bro's combined, and she's already made dad's study a storage room for SOME of her clothes. She also can finally take vacations with her fellow ibu-ibu pengajian. Lucky beeyatch. LOL. But I feel sorry for dad, for he'll have to work much harder to support the lives of his children aboard...Well, at least he has less to worry about me because my monthly living cost in Kiwiland will be less than his salary and I'll be lodging in a relative's house. But my bro! Dude had better find a job as soon as he arrives in Sakuraland if he doesn't want our beloved parents to be flat broke back home.
Monday, November 8, 2004, 12:16 p.m.

humdrum (I'm so The Corrs)
Meh. I lack sleep nowadays. I stay up as late as an hour before sahur, partly because I mean to, so I can spend half the fasting day not feeling the hunger. LOL. But the aftermath is back pain and headache.
Although happened a few a few days ago before Fenina headed for Mecca, this still makes today...
Fen: (Giving me a link to a pic of her and a bunch of other girls in black and white) Can you pick me out of these girls?
Me: (After a few seconds of thinking) Top left, blowing a kiss?
Fen: You're much better than most of my guy friends. They mistook me for the grinning girl second from the right.
Me: Of course! Girls are plain smarter. But you know what, I would've made the same mistake had I not remembered that it's hard for you to grin in pictures.
Fen: Way to go, Poirot.
Me: Marple. Hehehehe :)
Another thing I take pride in is my potential to be a Scotland Yard officer, albeit little. And yes, I like Miss Marple more than Hercule Poirot because of her stereotype-defying wits.
Sunday, November 7, 2004, 02:54 p.m.

random schtuff
This entry is gonna be totally random...I stumbled on Daanish's official site. She's a rising new model in the country and she goes by her middle name. And upon learning her full name, Shareefa Daanish Sumartono, I was like, "Fancy spelling!" although I'm no fan double letter. I mean, why use two same letters if you can get the same pronounciation with ONE different letter? Talk about a waste of ink.
Kim-Lian! Ah how I love this gal! She's a quarter Indonesian and although born and raised in The Netherlands, she still can speak Bahasa fluently! In Top 10 Favorite Videos she speaks Bahasa almost half the show. LOL. Her latest video Garden of Love is great as well. Basically I like 'Garden of Eden' type of videos.
My bro's leaving for Japan for school in March 2005, and he's busy making essays, and getting a syllabus done by a sworn translator (and I'm doing the same with the same translator...for the sake of my New Zealand school (yep, sod Aussie and now I aim at The University of Auckland, New Zealand's answer to Harvard, NUS, Oxford, and The UI!)). There's no such thing as a syllabus in Indonesian schools' book, but they do legalize syllabuses made by sworn translators. And about my bro's essays, there was one that I had to translate into English, about Japan's influence in Indonesian society through entertainment. Well I (sort of) made it my own, since his Indonesian's already bad and he lacked info, being a resourceful gal that I am (oh stop bragging already Nana!). But no worries, I didn't slide off the topic despite the changes that I made. I hope that essay can get him a place in a reputable Japan university.
Friday, November 5, 2004, 08:52 p.m.

j'ai un petit probleme, ich habe ein klein problem...
My koko and I are finally MATES again! Hahahahahah :) Thank you Fenina for making it all possible! It turned out that my thoughts about him proved otherwise. He remembers my name. And where I'm from. And perhaps reads my blog coz he reads Fen's and she links me. The latter had better not be true coz if he really does then I should run for cover.
I'm so pissed off today coz I didn't get to watch Kamen Rider Black, thanks to mum's sudden urge to buy herself, me, my bro, and our family secretary's daughter Quickly bubble tea. Yeah yeah I can see you frowning at me and wondering why I'm fussing over such a trivial thing. And Kamen Rider Black! Would you get real, Nana! Ok, let me explain. First of all I like watching Kamen Rider Black (KRB) coz it's soooo '80s, I love how the Japanese used to look like before they got overly experimental with their appearances. Also Tetsuo Kurata! How cute! And the dark music! Another reason: It's part of my childhood, and since last year I feel it's important to cling to my memories, as if I'd get a concussion anytime soon. I severely miss my childhood, when the world was all fun and games, everything coming up roses. My aunt who is also a psychologist told me it was a sign of distress (yes Andreas, this is the great distress I told you about the other day), and well...some of me likes it, but the other half doesn't. So I have no idea if I want this "distress" to end at all.
Oh ok. Gotta do French homework. It sucks.
Thursday, November 4, 2004, 04:39 p.m.

I did it. What a milestone. Some of you might think I finally made an ass of myself (betraying my own words) and wonder what the crap I was thinking. So yea, I made a quickie apology to koko on Yahoo, encouraged by Fenina, because she said she couldn't stand seeing me hurting inside and was tired of "us both playing mind games." Right after the apology I signed out of Yahoo, partly because I should hurry to school and partly because I was afraid of his response. And until this moment he's still speechless. Probably much angrier than I thought or busy basking in the "See, I knew she'd do it first" self-absorption. But whatever. I still owe Fenina the courage to get over myself and be the bigger person. What's more, Fen even offered to be a mediator between us (she's started to talk to him) but I said no. I could handle it myself and I didn't want koko to think I was such a coward.
Wednesday, November 3, 2004, 08:03 p.m.

Nana. Old enough to remember the 80's. Part of the 1997-1998 Hanson hysteria. College senior. Head spinster of Awesome Spinsters United. Mixed by ethnicity, Indonesian by nationality. Into older blokes. Addicted to online quizzes. Makes simple and nice layouts. Runs this and this. Speaks fluent Indonesian and English, plus a smattering of German, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese. Loves playing Santa Claus. Understands Malaysian well. Reads and writes Arabic. Prefers Starbucks to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Has been on Friendster MUCH longer than the rest of the population. Hates it when stars branch out of their real talent (like Mandy Moore tries to act, Hilary Duff tries to sing). More? Too bad! Missed an entry?

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