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so fun to see...cowok-cowok yang di sini...
Ok, Johnny progress. Guess how old he is? Eighteen. Yep, that's right. Eighteen years old. It kinda made me wonder though...if he put university on hold for two years to work, then he must have started university at sixteen, or maybe younger. Cool. If he hadn't gone on a leave, he would've been in his senior year now, at eighteen. Cool cool. And guess what he said when I told him I'm twenty-two? "Wow. You're old compared to me." Thanks, man. Oh, and also unlike last week he when we sat face to face on the bus, this time he sat two seats behind me although when we boarded the bus there was hardly anyone else. When we jumped off the bus he didn't even say byebye to me either. My age was definitely a turn off. But anyway, he's such a little boy he's not worth feeling upset about.
Still on boys, last night I met a very cute Indonesian-Chinese guy who goes to some unknown university doing a master's degree in information technology. Bad news is he's married, and his wife is equally kawaii. Oh well.
Belajar Na...jangan ngecengin cowok terus.
Oh, and my first English 121 major essay is almost ready, despite the fact that the deadline isn't until Friday. Dang I'm so proud of myself.
Happy belated 21st birthday to Regina! One more year before you're done, eh? Lucky girl!

Listening to: The Beatles - Love Me Do

Monday, August 8, 2005, 10:33 a.m.

yea...that should teach you mate.
You know...everytime Andreas is in Indo I can't help getting this feeling that he loves to have me around, but that's about it. Well yea I know right from the start that it's just in his nature to ignore people unless he's got a really important business with them. However, weird thing is, the last time we had a fight he told Fenina how sorry he was for making me seeth with rage, and he must've felt sorry for the same cause each time I gave him a silent treatment (funny how we always got into a fight whenever he was in Indo so far, for various reasons!), but after we made up he switched back to his usual "even if you break your neck I wouldn't care" attitude. *sigh* Even so, I can't help loving the guy. He's been listening to my oohs and aahs about life for almost four years, and I always love the feeling that just when I think my raves and rants fall on deaf ears, there he comes with his comforting insights. He's like the silent version of Jeff. My big brothers are destined to be there for me.

Me: Guess what, Andreas is in Indo!
A girlfriend: Cool! I hope you guys don't get into a fight again!

You know what never fails to crack me up? People bashing me while at the same time they misinterpret what I say/write (in this case, WRITE.) Especially when what they bash me about is something downright simple. Talk about singletons...
Oh, and whose IP's are these?, and You're B-A-N-N-E-D, fella. Have a nice day.

Listening to: Il Divo - Mama

Sunday, August 7, 2005, 06:55 a.m.

It's been a month since I left Indo and became an Aucklander and also had a shower twice a day. LOL.
Eleven days to go before Indonesian Independence Day! It's gonna be my first ID celebration abroad, and according to Indo community gossip there will indeed be a celebration somewhere in town. I wanna come, but I'll make my visit brief to avoid further contact with some bitchy Indos.
Speaking of bitchy Indos, remember that bitch in Films 101 lecture I talked about several entries back? She turned out not to be that bitchy after all. We sat next to one another in yesterday's films lecture and in the 10-minute break she gave me a brownie she baked herself. She bakes wicked brownies! LOL. She also didn't let out her know-it-all attitude. It was all good.
EDIT: Hey look what I found! An LJ of an ex child starlet. I'd better not mention her name and give out her LJ's URL to respect her privacy. Back in 1995 - 1996, she appeared in a sitcom and even got an Young Artist Award nomination (or did she win the award?) for her performance. I also remember reading in the April 1996 issue of Teen Beat (my first Teen Beat copy!) that she was a wonderkid [sic] with an IQ of 163, played cello and harp, had a yellow (?) belt in Tae Kwon Do...in short she was pretty much an American Maria Audrey Lukito. She may have decided to end her acting career as soon as her TV series wrapped, but I've always remembered her name. In 2001 I found out she was attending Harvard, and just tonight I was suddenly reminded of her. So I googled her and that's how I came across her LJ. Yep yep I'm sure the LJ really belongs to her because of the mentions of Harvard and stuff. And she hasn't been in the showbiz for ages so I can't figure out anyone who would see the point of masquerading as a long-forgotten starlet.
Hahahah oh god Orchid will again tell me to stop being a nosy parker...even though I really don't disrupt the people I'm spying on. I just can't help it. Spying is another thing I'm really good at besides English.
You know...the Jude Law/Sienna Miller/Daisy Wright saga is everywhere, and the Sienna Miller pictures that are published the most are ones of her with dramatic eyelines on. They really make her look like the long-lost twin of Avril Lavigne, as well as a raccoon.

Listening to: Delta Goodrem - Not Me Not I

Saturday, August 6, 2005, 05:32 a.m.

same old song...
Hokay. You can say that this week is one of guilt. First of all I missed the Films 101 lecture on Thursday. Well actually I did come but I was about twenty minutes late and I didn't wanna look like a fool trying to find a vacant seat in the incredibly packed lecture theatre. So I headed downtown for lunch and tried to fight the pang of guilt for missing the lecture, although the lecture materials of all the subjects I take are always available on the school website. All I have to do is log in and download. Secondly it's for shopping. LOL. I'd been having my eyes on a Glassons pink hooded jacket but was reluctant to buy it becuse I've seen a few gals on campus sporting it. So when I was trotting downtown after school today on the way to the Glassons boutique I walked past Hot Line, another boutique in which I saw a pink-white sweater. Convinced that it wasn't as popular with gals as the Glassons clothing item, I tried it on. But as I was trying it on I realized I still wanted the Glassons jacket so bad because it would look good with my Next pink cotton trousers and my pink Indian princess-inspired beaded shoes. Oh I can't wait to wear them in the coming spring! To sum it up, I ended up purchasing both of them, and although both were discounted (the Glassons one cost $19.95 and the Hot Line one cost $34.95) I can't help feeling guilty. Ok, no more shopping until next month. Promise! Pictures of the jackets later, ok folks?
FENINA FAINE!!!! Damn I wish I could've been at PS that Monday with you and Andreas! What do you think of him? He's such a hunk, is he not? LOL.
There's a two-week mid-semester break at the end of the month. I wanna go back to Indo for the holidays...mainly to see Andreas. He's gonna be there until October. But he's in Surabaya now so I'd purchase a return ticket to Surabaya instead of Jakarta. LOL. No way mate. My parents would stop sending me money if I did go to Indo for the mid-semester holidays.
I'm sooo addicted to my LJ's friends-only and private entry feature. But feareth not, I don't bitch. Just a way to vent my most intimate thoughts.

Listening to: Usher - Caught Up

Friday, August 5, 2005, 12:55 p.m.

Hokay, so I bought a furry bright pink handbag (waves to Yasmina) at Jay-jays for only $10, and today when I wanted to use it for the first time in the bag I found...a pair of bright pink furry slippers! They didn't even mention it in the shop! All for only 10 bucks! Good bargain aye!

Buy the furry bag and surprise! You get furry slippers for free.
Anyway, my housemate Feras is really more than meets the eye! LOL. He's such a daring guy who would say no to any challenge. In his recent Rotorua vacation he tried bungee-jumping, and he was awarded a certificate that reads "This certificate is presented to Feras Dahhas. Being of sound mind and body, jumped from a 43 metre (142 feet) tower at The Rotorua Agrodome site, New Zealand, on July 24 2005. This willing daredivil defied gravitational and personal anxieties in this amazing feat of human bravado. We salute and honor you into our Bungee Hall of Fame." Hahahahah :) Funny aye...

Listening to: The Corrs - Along With The Girls

Wednesday, August 3, 2005, 03:19 p.m.

oh my!
Craccum is perhaps the craziest school zine on the planet. Why, check out this week's issue!

This is the "frat issue", but as you may well notice what they really mean is actually orgy...There's a full coverage on a recent outdoor drinking party where some of the guests went topless or even stark naked, and some other articles concerning sex with really suggestive pictures...Well not everyone at UofA is legal. Joshua Iskandar for example, a commerce freshman, isn't turning eighteen until December.
I wonder how long the tagboard will be down. It makes my blog take eons to load.
I didn't meet Johnny again today at the bus station as he had his first class at 08:00 and I at 10:00.
I've been listening to a lot of '80s songs and damn...almost everything about that decade transports me back to my childhood, when that guy was still alive.
My Indo Idol mate Michael Mohede is one of the last two standing!!! Woo hoo! I can't be happier. And it won't matter should he not become the winner since both the winner and the runner up will get record deals and soaring fame!

Listening to: Julius Sitanggang - Maria

Tuesday, August 2, 2005, 03:31 p.m.