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Nana. 20 on May 14. Proud owner of a vagina. College junior. UI, faculty of humanities, English major. Militant feminist at heart. Devilish at times. Up for grabs. A wee bit crazier than most people her age. Supposedly multi-lingual since she speaks fluent Indonesian (mother tongue), English, and basic Spanish, Chinese, and German. Has trouble with gluttony and excessive hatred for teeny boppers. Into Eurasian blokes. Hobbies include reading, watching the telly, surfing the net, blogging, traveling, chatting, and eating.

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I'm Roxie Hart
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Reading her blog makes me wanna marry young too! Caroline, thanks for adding me to your LJ friend list! I'll sure add you back very soon! Ok, back to marrying young, I still can hardly believe some people do tie the knot at very young ages (late teens and early 20's) at this peak of the digital age, just like most people did way back in the past. And I mean well-educated people in metropoitan cities, as opposed to the uneducated ones in villages! My high school mate Milla (got married at 18), J-pop singer Utada Hikaru (got married at 19), a mate of my mate's whose name I forget (got married at 18), my elemetary school mate Cherry (got married at 19), just to name a few...And they didn't get married by accident, mind you. One of them even has an arranged marriage. I wonder if those young married couples ever regret marrying at an age where most people enjoy independence and freedom. Y'know what I mean, right...For instance, single young people hang out with their buddies after work or classes while the married ones have to go straight home since they have a spouse to tend. Yes I see many virtues in early marriages, they even have more pluses than minuses. As for me, getting married isn't in my agenda until maybe 5 years from now, maybe even more. I mean, how can I swear before God that I'll always be by the bloke's side in sickness and in health, comfort him, blah de blah if I have trouble trusting any member of the opposite sex? Other than that, I still have a plethora of things I need to accomplish before settling down.
Oh great. I sure did turn him off. He didn't look forward to a relationship, did he? Oh well. Why should I care anyway. We don't know one another well enough to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I should continue to treat blokes exactly the way I treat them eye candies.
Y'know what, I always want to type something insightful, but I always end up typing my feelings/thoughts, which are nowhere near insightful most of the time. Trying to look on the bright side, maybe if I always typed insightful entries, my readers would think I was trying to preach 'em...
It's been ages since anyone left me a flattering note in my guestbook...
Wednesday, May 7, 2003 10:58 a.m.

My top 5 Eurasian male eye candies:
1. Ramon Fadli (Malay-Irish), 21, model
2. Billy Crawford (Filipino-American), 21, singer
3. Sean Lennon (Japanese-British), 28, musician
4. Keanu Reeves (Chinese-American), 39, actor
5. Dean Cain (Japanese-American), 37, actor and Ripley's Believe It or Not host
Brandon Lee would make the list too if he was still alive, and Sean Lennon would be at the #1 spot as a teen...Y'know, he was mad cute when he was in his teens.

Final projects:
1. Tourism catalog on whatever subject as long as it includes hotels and night live entertainment. Deadline: June 6.
2. Print ad of any of these products: Lipstick or energy drink. I've chosen lipstick. Deadline: June 9.
3. Print ad (A Mild, Sunsilk, or Mandiri Bank, you get to pick one) analysis. Deadline: June 9.
Those are just the beginning...I believe there are more to come. Note to self: Don't stress out. Don't procrastinate.
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What pocky flavor are you?

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Tuesday, May 6, 2003 09:10 a.m.

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Ok, the elementary school reunion went not as well as I thought. It was put off for like two hours because only four persons who showed up right on time (me included) so we had to wait for more people from class of 1995 to come. Talk about the most notorious Indonesian habit...Afterwards we discussed about having a great reunion in a villa in Puncak in which we had our farewell party. All agreed, and one of us, Erginia, came with an idea of having one feast or two in Martino's house (because he's the only one who lives only two blocks away from school) before the great reunion. All agreed with Erginia, and we fixed the feast on May 14. As we were discussing about who would provide the food and drinks, one person suddenly spoke aloud that he knew my birthday was on May 14, so everybody started making me promise I'd provide all the food and drinks. I surrendered, but I also made them promise they'd get me presents in return! So that's it, I'm going to celebrate my 20th birthday with my elementary school mates, for the very first time.
And about the reunion with my junior high school gank at PIM...Well, only two of my four gals showed up. The gals and I acted like total teeny boppers, all giggly and spoke in a wacky kind of way! We had great fun, and hanging out with them made me feel completely like a junior high school student all over again. The day were brighter when Tuning tried on a pair of green contact lens in a Freshlook promo and then won a pair of green contact lens (the color just came by chance) in a lottery! And one thing that we never miss whenever we hang out at malls, picture-taking! Below is one of the pictures taken in a photobooth between Bakmi Gajah Mada and Pronto

Clockwise from top right: Tendri (Trisakti University, majoring in architecture), Tuning (Tarakanita Secretarial College), and me.
Monday, May 5, 2003 09:45 a.m.

Sweet memories...NOT!
20 years ago, I was this eager beaver baby itching to see the world before her time. Y'know, I was supposedly born in July...
15 years ago, I was a 5-year-old brat, loathed by the entire school except some super duper patient teachers and some boys who, fortunately, found me cool.
10 years ago, I was 10 and trying too hard to be a tomboy because the gals in my gank were tomboyish, which I succeeded in and stayed that way until I was 16. Also at this age, I shocked everyone at school by saying I'd convert into into either Christian or Catholicism, which in reality I didn't!
7 years ago, I was 13, and at this time I was a rich teen who would wear only designer stuff. I had a crush on a much older bloke too, a tour guide for my Australian Tour called Andy.
6 years ago, fourteen. So damn obsessed with Taylor Hanson. Changed my surname from Arslan into Hanson, told everyone I'd marry Taylor, collected Hanson official merchandise, and wrote him (also Zac and Isaac) a plethora of letters which they never replied.
5 years ago, fifteen. I was a rebel WITH a cause. I thought school totally sucked and I wanted to quit high school so I could go to an elite conservatory in Britain to major in violin (by this time I'd been learning violin for a year). But I soon realized that my world was actually in school (read: academic stuff) and that I wasn't that talented in violin, and started to do better at school.
2 years ago, eighteen. I had my A level tests, and worried whether or not I'd be accepted into The UI, either the undergraduate programme or the diploma one. In fact, I was accepted into the diploma programmes of The Faculty of Communication Science (public relation department), and The Faculty of Humanities (French and English departments). I opted the English department.
1 year ago, I was 18 going on 19, already in my comfort zone of sophomore year in The Faculty of Humanities at UI, and dated Jamie. I also started designing my own layouts.
Yesterday, Consumer Behavior quiz was called off (but not the class), played unusually well during violin lesson despite the fact that I didn't practice throughout the fortnight (I didn't have a violin class last week), and had a family outing at Plaza Indonesia.
Today, I have a elementary school reunion at 09:00 AM, and a girls' day out with my junior high school gank (a.k.a the very people I bored to the core with my endless Taylor Hanson talks) at PIM at 01:00 PM.
Sunday, May 4, 2003 08:29 a.m.