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Ich hasse dich, ich liebe dich
A'ight...gue mau blog pake bahasa Indo. Deepest apology to my foreign readers. Lo tau kan gue lagi sebel sama si koko (panggilan "sayang" gue buat Andy...although bukan Chinese, dari kecil gue kebiasaan manggil temen2 cowo yg older and Chinese koko) krn sikapnya yg sok kegantengan Selasa kemarin. Tapi yah lo tau donk kalo gue juga lagi in love sama cowo blesteran Jerman and Chinese-Indo ini, so although gue udah mutusin engga ngomomong sama dia sampe beberapa lama, I practically have been crying myself to sleep saking kangennya. And guess what, di hari ke-4 "aksi diam" gue ini, gue mutusin buat ngucapin gute reise lewat SMS ke dia coz besok dia balik ke Berlin. Gue pikir just saying gute reise wouldn't hurt lah...besok2 gue mogok ngomong lagi. So I did that.
Tau ngga sih, apa yg gue alamin currently ini persis banget sama yg gue and Pi alamin 3 taon lalu, pas kita masih berstatus best mates. Cuma ini kebalik: Pipi yg kesel ama gue, trus he gave me a silent treatment. Jadi kita diem2an, and after some time ngomong lagi, eh beberapa bulan kemudian jadian deh! Lo pasti udah nebak gue mau ending yg sama buat "kasus" gue and Andy. Well...ngga salah sih. Tapi kemungkinan same ending itu kecil sekali, since Andy tuh udah cinta bgt sama temen kuliahnya di Berlin, plus dia balik ke Indo setaon sekali pula...itu pun ke Surabaya! Kan gue tinggal di Jakarta! *sighes* So I may as well get over it! But anyway, intinya gue cuma berharap everything goes back to normal. Gue ngga mau ending another friendship. Seumur-umur gue baru sekali mutusin real life friendship (yah yg sama Christina itu (baca entry di bawah yg ini)), and although dia yg salah, rasanya sakit banget. For the time being, gue pengen gini aja...sampe dia kangen! Heheheh...canda...Yah pokoknya sampe dia nyadar dia udah bikin gue kesel, doesn't matter who will break the silence nantinya.
Sunday, September 7, 2003 11:01 p.m.

I want to blog. Like, real bad. Yet here comes the Nana weakness you all know too well: wanting to blog when I've got nothing to blog about. And one thing, other people's blogs are insighful, while I, on the other hand, have meaningless babble on my weblog. That kind of puts me down.
Hey, wait a minute. I guess I DO have something to share with my audience. Listen to this, people: most good-looking people know that they're blessed with looks to die for, thus they think no matter what they do, their opposite sex will always fall at their feet. Seriously! This realization didn't come upon my having to end my friendship with a drop dead gorgeous bloke I dared call my best mate for the past 1,8 years. Another proof of my theory came when I was 15, and had a major crush on a mad cute bloke two years my senior called Budi. My so-called best mate at that time, Christina, had a crush on him as well, and he chose her over me. Hence the end of my relationship with the girl. And guess what, 1,7 years after Budi went to USA for college, Christina called me and said, "Y'know what Nana...let's end our feud about Budi. He turned out to be a total pain the bum." And I didn't need her to explain her last sentence for at that time I suddenly remembered him swearing at me under his breath on the phone, and when I asked him to repeat himself, he went back to his usual manner, all flaterring. Yet after that incident I still "clamored" for his love. So people, it's ok to make friends or be in a relationship with a gorgeous gal/bloke, but once things go wrong (i.e. he/she harrasses your worth), there's no better solution than to LEAVE. Don't let these peeps use their looks to take advantages of you. You should show 'em that even though you don't look as good as 'em, your brain is just as good, if not better.
Saturday, September 6, 2003 01:47 a.m.

A'ight. You've uttered the word. Have fun. Forget that we've ever had any encounter. Pretend we never know one another. There. Off you go. Just don't turn to me when your relationship doesn't work out, like last year.
Y'know what, I had my first Turkish minor yesterday, and I found out that of all the languages I've learnt (Deutsch, English, Zhongwen, Habla Espanyol, and Indonesian), Turkish has the queerest grammar. The structure is adverb + subject + object + verb. For example, Sindi Nana dondurma yiyor. That simply means, "Nana's eating ice cream now", but let's take a look at the meaning of each word so you can see why I think the grammar's odd. Sindi:now, dondurma:ice cream, yiyor:the present progressive form of "eat". Another odd thing about this lingo is sometimes a subject is included in a verb, making them ONE single word. For example is "kitaplarIm", which means "my books". Kitap:a book, lar:indication of plurality (as is "s" in English), Im:me. See? Tough lingo, I know. And a rarity as well, but there's no way I will take an E for this lingo at the end of the semester, so work hard! Hehehehe :) Wish me the best of luck, alrighty?

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Wednesday, September 3, 2003 09:26 a.m.

Two in the morning and I've just arrived from Singapore. First day of semester five starts eleven hours from now. I know I'm supposed to be dozing off, yet this queer urge to blog keeps me awake. Whatever. My god, is it September already? That means another year's end is around the corner, and once again I'm reminded that instead of running, time flies. As we know, time is something life can never actually catch up with, and before we realize, our time is up. The demise of one of Indonesia's top hosts, Indra Safera, right on the sixth anniversary of Princess Diana's death, proves that theory. It feels like yesterday when he showed up daily on TV, hosting the ever popular gossip show "Kiss", and the talk show "Ngobras". I've also met him in the flesh when he hosted the 50th anniversary celebration of my university's faculty of economics, of which my dad was in the committee, almost three years ago. I think Indra lived his life well, not only did he gain wealth and fame, but he was also well-educated (he was a University of Hawaii graduate) and loved by lots of people from various circles. So...I know this is crap, but NEVER take your life for granted. You never know when your time will be up, thus live your life to the max, achieve your goals, spend more time with people you love, do more benevolence to the needy. In short, invest in good memories and a bigger possibility to go to heaven!
Monday, September 1, 2003 02:54 a.m.

Take this one Jean! We might get the same result again! Hehe :)
Guess where I'm blogging in? My best mate's NTU dorm room!!! In Singapore, obviously! Tee hee! NTU campuses have some things in common with the campuses of my university! All the campuses and dorms are in one area in the suburbs (most university campuses in Jakarta are in the city), except... located in Singapore, NTU is far neater than The UI...I went to Esplanade (the main reason of my coming to Singapore) last night and saw a chamber orchestra concert. For the first half hour I could enjoy it, but for the rest of the concert I was so bored I could hardly keep still in my seat. Unfortunately I didn't doze off. Oh well...Anyway, I'm staying at Meritus Mandarin on Orchard Road and going home tomorrow by the last flight.
On a different note, I've just realized that MY ENGLISH IS GETTING WORSE! That's probably due to the three-month semester break...It's true! I forget some essential prepositions and stuff...Bleh. Gotta take an MRT ride back to the hotel. Er...I've planned to stop at Far East Plaza (I know that's low class, but who cares ah *singlish mode on*) to buy that fancy top I saw the other day...I'll see ya all on Monday.
Saturday, August 30, 2003 05:42 p.m.

Guess what, I got NINE new guestbook entries in less than a week! This is so unusual, since I normally only get ONE new entry per week! That and an old mate of mine, a Indonesian-Dutch bloke, who's after me...And a much-anticipated vacation I will embark on tomorrow! All those good things in exchange of the bad broken heart I recently suffered from. I guess life doesn't always treat me like dirt. Remember, there's always a quick revenge against all the bad things you experience...
Thursday, August 28, 2003 11:50 p.m.