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Nana. 14051983 (do the math). Nuclear family (businessman dad, homemaker mum, a younger bro currently studying in Japan). Recent college graduate. Current residence is Indonesia, but relocating to New Zealand in early July. University of Indonesia and University of Auckland represent. Moody, outgoing, hyper, spoiled (but not rotten), analytical. DA, LJ. FS. More?

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    This version features a good friend of mine, Rosemary Cleave, and this picture was taken from her Deviant Art stock page. The title Mawar Penuh Kecantikan simply means "A Rose Full of Beauty" in my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia, and Rose was chosen to be featured in the layout because she's so gorgeous, as her name suggests. All graphics were made on Adobe Photoshop 7.0, except the divider which I got from Twisted Reality, and HTML tags were done by hand (I've bought a Dreamweaver CD, but am too lazy to install it). Best viewed on IE 5.0 or higher with 1024.768 resolution. Steal and die. Past layouts? Meet people who think my site is cool. LOL.

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    over and under...
    Hokay. Picture time. Here are some photos from my dad's recent trip to Beijing, China (funny some people actually think Beijing is in TAIWAN) and Tokyo, Japan, taken in front of my bro's school in the Shinjuku district.
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    Dad with Frederick Lasmana, my bro's school friend whose parents are close family friends and sister is the best friend of one of my ex boyfriends' sister (ok that's complicated). Omigosh, dude's got the WHITEST legs I've ever seen in my life!
    Wait...if Fred's wearing shorts and tee in the great outdoors then it must be summer...But why the heck is my bro wearing trousers and a jacket, like in this pic.
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    Oh I remember that back in Indo he wore jackets and trousers most of the time, even in broad daylight. Dorkbutts will always be dorkbutts.

    Listening to: Be - Jessica Simpson
    Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 10:58 p.m.

    Itu rahasia sang pencipta...
    Ok, medical check-up is six days from now, and I dread it. Not only will be I injected, but I'm also askedx to bring...sample of my own shit. Youh hear me right. God knows how will chunk my own shit down the toilet and put it in a tube. I feel like a prisoner waiting to be executed.
    Plus, I might fly to Pontianak, East Borneo, next week, to say goodbye to the relatives on my dad's side there. I did say no, but mum would have none of it saying I didn't really care about my dad, only wanting his money and dissing his homeland/family/job/whatever. To be really honest I don't really like Pontianak for, well, many reasons. The only cool thing about it is it's the residence of my dentist aunt with her hubby and three little kids and of course I'd love to see my kid cousins. But oh man...I hope the stay won't exceed two days because of course neither my parents nor relatives would bother driving me to a salon to get my hair washed. The bathrooms in our house there don't have showers and since my hair is long and VERY thick, it's a nuisance to wash my hair the traditional way. I do hope, however, that the house has flush toilets, otherwise I'd have to insist on not going regardless of what mum would say.

    Listening to: Jodoh - Manis Manja Group
    Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 10:36 p.m.

    Contohnya aku, mau mencintaimu...
    Yesterday my mum and I went to a wedding to which the former governor of East Java (?) Basofi Sudirman was invited, and dude performed a jazz song instead of his hit dangdut song Tidak Semua Laki-laki (Indonesian: Not Every Man). A governor having a hit, ya think. Was he a singer before becoming a governor? No no...I can't recall the purpose of his releasing that single, and it happened during his term of office. I was too young at that time, but the song is timeless.
    That was the second time in a row last week that I ran into a celeb. The night before at Plaza EX I met Dewi Rezer, model/actress/ex MTV Indonesia VJ. She was having a gathering with her posse at a pizza place where I and my kid cousins were eating ice cream. She was gorgeous in real life as well as on TV or the big screen, wearing a blue cheong sam-inspired tankini, with black mini skirt and black heels but her Gucci bag didn't match the whole outfit. Still she was cute, however.
    Anyway, I went to a French restaurant called Le Petit Paris last night and my, it has the coolest ladies' room I've ever come across! I'll take a picture of myself in it and put the pic on my Deviant Art.

    Listening to: Tidak Semua Laki-laki - Basofi Sudirman
    Monday, June 6, 2005, 01:35 p.m.

    R is for Ranting
    I hate you mum. Yea yea, thanks for taking care of everything for me, but I can't help wondering...since you were the one who gave birth to me, why can't you feel me? You expect, expect, and expect me to be as "normal" as possible. You don't understand me. No. Rephrase. You DON'T WANNA understand me. Or maybe it's true that a mother-child spiritual bond is broken once the child is old enough to make his/her own decisions. And no, this has nothing to do with my being unemployed
    And I hate you too. I thought you were different.
    Anyway, it's exactly a month before I leave (I figured July 8th wouldn't be convenient since orientation begins on July 11, so July 4th then, official!) and I can't be happier, although in all honesty I'm terrified of the changes it's gonna bring. I can start anew. New atmospheres always bring changes, and I guess since I'll also be concentrating fully on my courses and part-time job (I plan on getting one after six months), no one will know what I'm really like. I'll try my best to reduce my hyperactivity and not to get too close with anyone, boys and girls alike. And whenever I crave affection, I'll just call Jeff or Henny or Orchid and no one else.
    I plan on skipping violin lesson and going to a cinema to see Lazarus Child tonight, on my own. Why give me those weird looks? Back in high school I used to go see movies on my own...
    I got this from Yasmina.
    total volume of music files on my computer: idea. You see, I'm slow techie-wise. Andreas once taught me how to measure my music files but I can't recall...

    the last CD i bought was:
    a CD of Ayumi Hamasaki's Ayu-mix series back in Japan.

    song playing right now:
    Lee Hyori's Only One

    five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
    1. Losing My Religion - R.E.M
    2. Lonely No More - Rob Thomas
    3. White Houses - Vanessa Carlton
    4. Nighthawk's Dream - Keiko Matsui
    5. Gitti Gideli - Tarkan

    iíll go ahead and pass the baton to:
    Orchid, Kenneth, Fenina.

    Listening to: Only One - Lee Hyori
    Saturday, June 4, 2005, 07:57 a.m.

    just random blabberings
    Aaaaw you. You must be so impoverished you can't afford even the cheapest toy at Toys R Us so you make one out of my heart. Poor you indeed.
    You know, there is NO MAN who is ever man enough. Otherwise there would never be "what he says vs. what he means" articles or books.
    Ok, on a much happier note, my 9-year-old cuz Ailsa is smarter than I thought she already was! LOL. Her mum told me that yesterday on the way home from picking Ailsa up at her school she complained about her husband, my uncle. And the little chick, while listening attentively and munching on cookies, snapped, "Then why did you marry him, mum?" Hahahahahhaha that couldn't have been funnier. My aunt continued to tell me that upon her youngest daughter's remark she got mixed feelings: Bemused, surprised, and pissed. However, she overcame those mixed reactions by saying slowly, "Well if I hadn't married your dad you wouldn't be here in the first place!"

    Listening to: Liar - Ayumi Hamasaki
    Friday, June 3, 2005, 12:00 p.m.

    Hot guys galore day!
    Yep, the title explains itself. The first hunky dude to grace my day was Dedy, an employee of Bank Niaga's Preferred Circle who helped me get a bank draft in order to pay for my annual tuition fee at Univ. of Auckland. Actually he only only looked cute when he smiled, but his...ahem, neat appearance added a plus. Then on the way home I came across a guy who looked a lot like Usamah Roehner, the Eurasian bloke who's one of the winners of The 2005 Cleo Malaysia Most Eligible Bachelor Search. Sooo hot that I hurt my neck just to get a closer, better look at him and screamed, "OI CUTIE!" on top of my lungs. Don't worry...he was on the street, I was in my car, so he couldn't possibly have heard me. I haven't lost my mind. The third guy was also unknown. I met him also on the way home from the bank. He was riding in the black Suzuki Katana next to my Nissan X-traile when were stopped at a traffic light. He seemed to be of Chinese and Caucasian mix. Surely, I hope for more days like this to come...
    Hokay, to-do list:
    - Take a picture of the new interior of our second floor to show my bro how home's changed since he's been gone.
    - E-mail Samantha the draft of my Shin Koyamada biography.
    - Study the documents from my new uni to avoid any more confusion in the future.

    Listening to: Insatiable - Darren Hayes
    Wednesday, June 1, 2005, 08:55 p.m.