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pms-stricken. back out.
Sick and tired of this layout already, despite the fact that it's only been up for barely a month. I'll start working on a new layout prolly tomorrow....Or if the queen of procrastination in me successfully takes over myself I'll start working on it someday next week then. A little hint, this one's gonna be an ode to my all-time girl crush, a classic performer long gone.
Moving on, can I be totally honest here? Well of course I can, this is my blog, and people don't read it anyway no matter how much I whore it. There have always been people I want so much to be a part of my life, males and females alike, and even though in my late teens I learned to stop trying to impress these peeps, somehow I go out of my way despite myself, and this results in their bitching about me, right in my face or behind my back. Of course I want it to stop. I've tried convincing myself that they're not my betters, and perhaps to some people I'm like the said kind of people...but it went in waste. Maybe I should stop adoring anything that is breathing, thinking, and speaking at all. Do you get me? Won't be surprising if you don't.
I love you. But sometimes you're like a glass shard in my arm. So self-indulgent. So oblivious. What I told you the other day was a truth. Something that I've kept for years, albeit in one simple sentence. Funny thing is, I've never made use of the private feature of my Blurty and LJ to make one big fat bithcy page about you or more. But I will, pretty soon. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.
Sunday, March 6, 2005, 05:54 p.m.

fat dog walking...
When I was stuck in a crazy traffic jam tonight I got an inspiration for an entry. But I've no idea where it is now.

This was a conversation between me and my six-year-old kid cousin Harsha, which took place at my aunt's apartement in Kuningan.
Harsha: You've been here before I was born, right? You're so big.
Me: Oh yes! *chuckles*
Harsha: *suddenly hugged me* You're cuddly!
Me: Why? Is it because I'm fat?
Harsha: Well...yes.

I'm having IELTS test first thing in the morning tomorrow! Everybody kneel and pray for me please!
Friday, March 4, 2005, 10:55 p.m.

trois images a day
In IELTS classes, our instructor Adrian constantly stressed that the grammatical and structural mistakes we made weren't because we were stupid. It was because we didn't care. Every so often, we know a formal sentence shouldn't begin with "and", "but", and "because", yet we let it be because we have to concentrate on other things, e.g. deadline. How true. Same philosophy applies to the sins we do. We know they're wrong, yet we do them again and again for an array of reasons. We shouldn't be that careless. But then again, talk is always cheap, eh? Aaaaw what the hell, yay for my first (kind of) insightful entry in eons!

Yasmina and I met up for the first time at Pizza Hut, Kemang, today. She was with her hubby-to-be Robert (they're to be pronounced man and wife next week). As always, at least a photo is mandatory.

The happy soon-to-be-newlyweds!

On the same day, I went to Taman Anggrek to buy Britney Spears' greatest hits album. However, instead of getting the album (it unavailable) I took a couple of stills of the human puppet at the launching of Nutrisari Hangat.

It's sooo plain obvious that he's human despite the glittery gold paint. Just wondering how much this bloke was paid to stand completely still like that...

English translation: Warm Nutrisari Exhibition. Taman Anggrek Mall, February 28-March 5 2005. Make Humanoid laugh and win cool prizes! Hurry...whilst stock lasts!
Thursday, March 3, 2005, 08:34 p.m.

Where is my prairie son?
Nothing to blog about, really. But you know me.
For those in Indoland, do you remember the case of Novi Sabrina? You know, the wannabe celeb girl who reported her own mum for selling her into prostitution back in late 2001? Well I have no idea what happened to the case, but not so long ago the thought of her came to my mind, and it set me to look for her pictures. Here's what I came up with.

That's one of three Novi Sabrina pictures I collected. Isn't she hot? LOL. If you want more, just give me a holler. I really can't tell whether the pictures are recent or not, because even when her case was the talk of the town her hair was still the same length.
So. IELTS class is over. And for the first time in five weeks I feel the strange joy of freedom. LOL. I say it's strange because I've been relieved from educational misery since semester 7 started (I only took two subjects, so there was much less homework than the previous semesters) but I didn't feel the said joy until now. BTW, IELTS class pictures are here.

Listening to: Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? - Paula Cole (for the first time in God knows how many years I saw that video again on MTV!)
Wednesday, March 2, 2005, 10:19 p.m.
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This layout features Mary Pickford, the Canadian-born America's Sweetheart. LOL. Isn't she exquisite? I've been a fan since I saw one of her movies, A Kiss From Mary Pickford (1926), when I was 15. God, do I want curls like hers...Anyway, this layout was designed by yours truly on Adobe Photoshop CS, best viewed on IE 5.0+ or Neoplanet (and maybe Mozilla...but I don't recommend using Opera) with the resolution of 1024.768. Background pattern is courtesy of Squid Fingers. You steal, karma will catch you and its punishment is far more lethal any human being's can ever be. Past layouts?

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