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Tuesday, December 7, 2004, 12:58 p.m.

I...I...uh...dunno what becomes of me. I just wanna be alone. I just wanna play Liquid Generation. Or go have a drink at Scoops and cry, disregarding all those who would watch me. I don't want any of my closest people around. Please. Well actually I'd most love Henny to be here, but she's in England, so she doesn't really count.
Please hug me, total strangers. Please do coz you'll never know how I really am in real life.
Monday, December 6, 2004, 08:12 p.m.

First off, HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY CHRISTINA!!! I can't locate you on The 'Ster coz I don't know how to spell your surname. I've tried all possible spellings though. I hope you remember me...the geeky tomboy who always outshone you in English, but never in love life.
My current read is In Memoriam, Mengenang Yang Wafat (English: In Memoriam, Remembering Those Gone), by Indonesia's senior journalist Rosihan Anwar. The book's about the unheard-of stories of the country's top public figures, all of them dead of course, from politicians to poets. It's a fun read, but I'm a bit aggravated by Anwar's style of writing, which is old-school. Of course, I'm NOT among his target readers (tell you what, it was my dad who bought the book FOR HIMSELF, but he never minds me reading his books first), but it wouldn't do Mr. Anwar any harm if he goes out little bit more to find history enthusiasts in today's youngsters (me, James Wardhana, and Frederik Sheuermann to name three), so he could take them into consideration the next time he writes a book.
Ok, book talk aside, I guess my sixth sense is getting weirder, if not stronger. Not so long ago, it only revolved around things, like I'd think of a music video or play a song in my head and then not long afterwards, boom, there it was on TV or radio. Now the sixth sense has gotten to people. Here are two examples. Last friday, I was having a chat with a mate on MSN when all of a sudden I realized I was so late for French class. I cut the chat off, and immediately headed for CCF, but once I got there it dawned on me that I really was too late for the class (only 45 minutes before it was finished), so I decided to skip the class and had some kaya toast at Taman Anggrek. On the way home, I had this feeling that this mate of mine would be online again and ask me how my French class was. And it actually happened! He asked me how it was, and since he's so keen on me learning French, I dared not tell the truth so I told him the outline of what I learned in the last Tuesday class. Another example happened on the same day. I was at Oriflame to pick up my aunt's orders when I found that Sihol, the cashier I've befriended over the past few months, was absent. When I asked another cashier where Sihol was, she told me Sihol had resigned. Guess what, I previously had predicted that Sihol would call her job quits, albeit with no apparent reasons because we never talked about it. And I deem this last example special because my premonition could easily have missed, because I came at way past 06:00 PM (Oriflame opens until 07:00 PM on weekdays), so Sihol could have left earlier (not all the cashier tables were occupied at that time) or called in sick (it was the first time I didn't find her at Oriflame).
Saturday, December 4, 2004, 10:25 p.m.

lyrics overflowing...nah
Ok, so new layout's ready. No absolute position...at least not yet. Here we go!
I guess it's a trend among today's teeny boppers to shorten their nick names to just one syllable. Like my second cousin Irene, 16, currently shortens that nick name of hers to Rhend. Teen model Aisya Fadhila, 15, previously known as Dhila, has shortened her nick to Dhy (read: Dhee). And my friend's sister Karina, 18, also shortens her nick to Reenz. Funny trend. I wonder how long it will last.
Daaaammmnnnn...this month's period isn't in three weeks yet I'm already pimply :(
If you're a Corrs fan, maybe you've heard of one of their songs in the Borrowed Heaven album...the title song. I'm into its lyrics, especially this one: You gave me life, and I will give it back. But before I do, I'm gonna hold you tight. This is my prayer.... Well, Borrowed Heaven simply tells us that all the things we have in this world are borrowed from God. I have always had a weakness for poetic songs about God's glory, sans any mention of the word God, let alone any reference to a particular religion. Borrowed Heaven is just one example. Another is You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban and Secret Garden. FYI, the latter is the band who released You Raise Me Up first, not long before Josh's version came out and boomed. And theirs is longer...
Thursday, December 2, 2004, 07:41 p.m.

Nana. Twenty-freakin-one. Full name means rebelious yet wise young lioness. Clairvoyant at times. Attract mostly foreign, younger dudes. The most dwarfed Arslan at 5'8". Technologically challenged. On Friendster since June 2003, LJ since July 2001, blogging since May 2001, and online on a cable modem since March 2001. Used to minor in Turkish (passed with an A), German (failed), and advertising (one A, two C's and the rest are B's...I suck). Into history since grade 1. Written English is MUCH better than the oral. Take too many online quizzes.

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This is yet another simple table layout, since absolute position failed me. The layout features Japanese songbird Mika Nakashima, and was inspired by her song off her first album, Heaven On Earth. As for the title, The Hunted and The Untamed, it was taken from Jewel's song Kiss The Flame, off her 1998 album Spirit. Almost everything on the site was created by me, except the background image, the counter, and the cute little graphics on the membership and online quiz pages.
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