Yesterday there was a big family gathering in my house, which ended up with my Aunt Mien staying here to take care of her granddaughters, 4-year-old Namira and 9-month-old Kayla, while they're busy parents, my cousin Dana and his wife Lala, went out to the movies.
It was fun yet tiresome helping Auntie take care of the little girls, especially Namira. As are other toddlers, Namira is sooo hyperactive I had to chase after her going up and down the stairs, and try to make her take a nap. For the latter, I had to move room, let her play with my dolls and the Doraemon fan my bro brought from Japan, give her a cup of water, and run around after her, only to find that the best ways to make her nap were to settle where her grandma and baby sister were (which was in front of the TV at that time), let her watch Disney Channel, shove her milk bottle into her mouth, and...take a nap myself! Hahahahah :) It also fun to watch baby Kayla try to mime my facial expressions when I talked to her.

Pic of the sisters, taken in my house after Kayla (the baby, in case you skipped the first paragraph) had finished being fed her porridge by my Aunt Mien. The apples of Auntie Nana's eye...
On a different note, my bro and I watched Goggle V at my cousin Chrezma's place in Cinere. Chrezma is Aunt Mien's youngest son, and we stopped by her house after driving home from ours (the little chicas were already picked up by their parents before got going), hence the watching of Goggle V. Anyway, we watched it on a VCD and if you've never heard of Goggle V, then, poor you, you must have been born in or after the late 80's. But I tell ya what, Goggle V is the original, first, Japanese version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Now, in all honesty, my bro and I didn't watch Goggle V until 1990 on a beta video, but I knew the TV showe aired on TVRI when I was in my second year of kindergarten, which was way back in 1986-1987. I remember playing Goggle with my boy friends (I was a tomboy back then), and I always wanted to be Goggle Red, just because I sometimes carried a red Snoopy bag to school. LOL. Ok, back to the current past, while watching three episodes of Goggle V, my bro and cousin commented on the special effects that were so cool at the time the TV series was produced, and the fighting scenes. I, on the other hand, paid more attention to the styles (sorry, but that's just the way we girls are! LOL). Those Japs definitely looked better before they went Caucasian-ish. But we agreed about one thing: Goggle V is mighty lame. I mean, how can those Goggle guys know to use their weapons without being trained right from first day of Goggle-dom? Then again, kid shows are lame...but man, are they fun to feel nostalgic about!
But you know what surprised me? My bro and Chrezma said that some time in the late 80's, the cast of Goggle V actually CAME to Jakarta for a show, and they both went to watch it! I never knew that! They told me that the cast perfomed the martial art and gymnastic movements shown on Goggle V, so it was clear that they did their own stunts. Probably my mum kept the news from me because I was a very little girl at that time, and Goggle V was deemed violent, but boy...would I have loved to see, for Goggle Black was so cute! LOL.
Monday, September 6, 2004, 10:58 a.m.

Readers, do ya feel me? Do ya? Do ya? Huh? Of course you all don't, because you're here only to either promote your websites or return my favor of signing your guestbooks.
This is what I've been suffering from. Thank you Regi for the link, and you have to welcome me to the club. LOL.
During last semester, all I thought about and cared for was exams, assignments, projects, all the things academic. And truthfully, I actually FELT BETTER that way. Enter the three-month break, and I started thinking of anything and everything. Myself, my crushes, my vacations, disasters that might happen in them, my future, etc, etc...I swear this has never happened to me before! This is definitely the worst semester break ever! Hopefully when school starts on Monday the sixth, it's otherwise with my "overthinking trap."
Y'know what, I just read on a recent issue of Time (the Olympic edition?) an article called "Hands Off Our Gods." It's about how the West cashes in on and looks for what I call a 'culture break' in Indian Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Remember when Madonna sported a bindi and a sari and performed a Hindi song at The 1998 MTV VMA? And did you know there was an upcoming Hollywood movie called The Goddess with Tina Turner playing the title role, the goddess Shakti? Y'see, I just HATE how the West treats our (by that I mean any Eastern/Asian culture in general) cultures as an exotic gold mine and sort of pass them as its own, and if something is yours you're free to treat it however you please, right? Sure, it's good to take over our jobs to promote the cultures because everything the Westerns (particularly those Hollywoodians) do is a global hit, and it increases our income in tourism, but they also, with or withour awareness, HARASS our cultures. Ever heard of a British clothing line which released of The Om sandals, only to be pulled out of Harrods because it triggered rage among the local Hindus? That one is discussed in the article. Remember an issue of Time on Yoga with Christy Turlington on the front cover? Yes, it's widely known that the ex supermodel is good at Yoga, but since everybody knows Yoga originates from India, why not put an INDIAN YOGI on the cover instead? And since when there's an ANACONDA in KALIMANTAN/BORNEO? OI, HANDS OFF OUR PROPHET! HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE VISUALIZED YOU JACKASSES! I really suggest those Gweilos spend some time anywhere in Asia, or marry Asians if necessary instead of continuing to bask in their pride and money to save themselves from the humiliation of being a rage target and a laughing stock.
Saturday, September 4, 2004, 10:44 p.m.

Omigod I can't right click! It's been disabled! Yesterday I took a quiz on a website that didn't allow right-clicking, even for the shown HTML codes, so I used Ctrl + C. After that I pasted the codes to my quiz page, using Ctrl + V, but then when I wanted to right click to make a broken image on Shin Koyamada site show up, it didn't work! I went to great lengths such as closing my browser and even restarting my computer, to no avail. Help! I need my right-click features to save fanlisting codes (I'm a fanlisting whore as you all know. LOL) and give-away LJ icons...
I recently came across my childhood friend's Friendster, to which she hasn't logged in in eight months. The status field still said single, but just last Sunday she got married to a Dutch guy and moved to Tilberg, The Netherlands, the next day. See, how life can change in a blink of an eye! Well, not exactly a blink of an eye, but eight or so months are a pretty quick time when major steps life are concerned. Maybe, when signed up as a single girl earlier this year, my friend didn't think in the next few months she would become the wife of a foreign man (who, by the time of the wedding, she had dated for only about six months) and moved out of her home country. Major changes in life of any kind can happen to anyone, at anytime. Always be prepared and never take life for granted.
BTW, Salman (Hi! Long time no see! Still blogging? LOL) told me today that I looked like an SCTV broadcaster! Well, looks like everyone has his/her own Nana look-alike...

  • Fraulein Lily, my German lecturer, once told me I looked like a Jewish friend of hers, with specs and thick jet black hair and all...

  • My singer friend Riani Sovana said I looked like one of her Japanese friends.

  • When we first met, Pipi told me I looked like both his Aunt Lies and Scottish friend Jossie.

  • Some people say I'm a Karishma Kapoor look-alike! This is my favorite resemblence, since Karishma is famous and so gorgeous even though I don't think I look like her in the least bit.

  • Oh my freakin goodness! SEGITU PASARANKAH TAMPANG GUE!? How sad. I thought I was unique in every single way.
    Mein gott. So she reads my blog, like, on a regular basis. I'm not surprised, and good for her!
    Friday, September 3, 2004, 08:26 a.m.

    Readers...be warned. This is gonna be one long entry, mostly to make up for the one-day absence. Brace yourselves.
    Omigod! I can't wait to have kids! Especially daughters! Not only will I dress them up, but I also have a long-ass list of plans of bringing them up. They're a secret of course...I don't want you, particularly those older than me who are most likely to get married some time soon, to steal them for your offsprings. But hokay, I'll let you in on one of the plans. I'll send my kids to international schools, and for that I have to work hard from now on. Starting to map out my future and stuff. Well I have to be financially well-off myself, coz nowadays it's just not safe to depend on spouses. God help me.
    Yeah right, like you'll tie the knot in five years, says an alter ego of mine. But planning ahead is always good, says another. Hm...yeah.
    Anyone remembers Tommy Page? Well if you say no to that, I bet you were born after 1985. His most memorable single to date is his first one, released in 1988, called A Shoulder To Cry On. Your big siblings probably have it on their Winamps or Ipods or cellphones, kids. Give it a listen, you'll love it. God, just recently I realized he was only 18 when that song became a big hit, which was downright cool! Ok, enough about the single. I used to have three of his albums (all of which I bought myself when I was 7, 8, and 9), the self-titled one (his first), From The Heart, and A Friend To Rely On. The first one was borrowed by a friend in 1997 and never returned (and now I'm no longer in touch with her. Bummer), the second one is also missing and I still don't know how it disappeared, and thus it leaves the last one to be the only Tommy Page album left on my record shelf. I still listen to it and it still works perfectly. And just yesterday I browsed around his official website, and gosh, he turned out to be still as good looking as I remember him from his olden days! Then as I was signing the guestbook, something struck me. This is my childhood idol, still alive, breathing, good-looking, ready to whip out more records in the years to come. I'm not gonna take him for granted like I did to Brandon Lee.
    On to a totally different topic. Y'know what, I dreamt about Pipi last night! That was really peculiar, since I've been thinking of a crush of mine whom I had to remove from my life, instead of Pipi. So in the dream we were cuddling in front of a TV set, as if we were a couple again, when suddenly his mum interrupted us. She, having hated me perhaps since the first time she saw me, smiled at us, and asked me something like, "Isyana, who allowed you to come and sleep over?" which really got on my nerves although said in a soft tone. At first I tried to pretend to sleep, but I quickly realized it wouldn't work, so I opened my eyes again to face her, and smiled back. I didn't remember answering the question. Next thing I knew, we were cuddling again, this time in a sofa in his living room. Then I woke up. No matter how weird the dream was, I guess I know what triggered that dream. I, uh, crave love. I admit to still feeling a bit crappy for having to let go of one of the biggest crushes in my life. But there's one thing that I still don't understand. In the dream, Pi told me I was his "lover in the darkness." What was that supposed to mean? Our relationship was very public. Does that mean we'll hook up again some time in the future? Never in a million years.
    Ken! Thank you for commenting! I can't believe I only had two commentators last week, you and Diti! And I still have no one signing my guestbook! It's been nearly two months...
    Wednesday, September 1, 2004, 10:28 p.m.

    Nana. 21 (as of May 14, 2004). Spring baby. Avid reader. On-off clairvoyance. Arab-White-Indonesian by ethnicity, Indonesian by nationality. Senior year at Universitas Indonesia (a.k.a The School of Hard Knocks). Pioneer spirit. Been on Friendster since June 2003, LJ since July 2001, blogging since May 2001, and online since July 1997. Proud member of The Single Circuit. Baby blue and baby pink. Brandon Lee (RIP). Shin Koyamada. Makes all-around nice layouts (though not highly skilled). Online quizzes. Sign her guestbook or check out her archives.



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