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casey casey casey part II
It's been a couple of months since I left Indo and arrived in Baa-baa Land. Time flies.
I didn't meet Johnny yesterday but guess who I met? CASEY! LOL. We met just outside Student Commons, when we were about to cross the road in opposite direction. He spotted me first! I didn't smile at him when he walked toward me and waved because...I couldn't believe my eyes! LOL. He remembered my name too, but we didn't talk much because he was running late to work and I still didn't have the guts to ask for his number. However, I ALMOST did ask him for his number though...It was after I nearly got to the other side of the road when I suddenly thought I must get his number, no matter what. Who knew when I would meet him again, right? So I turned around, called out his name - it must have been loud enough because he turned around right away - and ran toward him, but instead of, "Can I have your number?" what came off my mouth was, "Are you busy?" to which he replied, "Yes Isyana, I'm running." It just shot out before I knew it! So we said goodbye once again and I was a bit miffed but it didn't stop me from smiling the whole day! LOL.
There are a lot souvenir shops downtown run by Japanese immigrants and predictably all the stuff there are expensive. There's one next to building in which my aunt has her restaurant, and I've been eyeing a very cool black woolen jacket displayed there. However, I didn't check the price until yesterday, and guess how much it costs? 5. That's right, 5. How outrageous! Yea yea people know it's a fine quality jacket because it's warm and soft to the touch and it's made in New Zealand (even before the thought of going to school here crossed my mind I've heard that a fine Kiwi jacket costs more than a car), but hello, it's not by Louis Vuitton or Burberry! I still want the jacket, however...I'm sure no one's gonna purchase it because of the crazy price and it's been there probably before I arrived. I'll buy it after I get that job at Sky City. Gah I still haven't heard from them...

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005, 02:13 a.m.

no title
This was a chatting session between my brother and I that happened last night on YIM.
Him: Will you please tell mum that the annual cost of university here is 1,5 million yens?
Me: Why not tell her yourself?
Him: I haven't recharged my phone.
Me: Alright. But I'll send it later. Mum's in the flight home to Jakarta from Pontianak right now. She phoned me around ten minutes ago, just before boarding the plane, so she won't be getting the text in 1,5 hours.
Him: Oh. I didn't know she went to Pontianak.
Me: What, she didn't tell you? BTW, is that how much Waseda costs?
Him: No, not Waseda. This is Jyohou Tokyo University, some second class school. Waseda costs five million yens per year, but the fee can be a lot cheaper if I pass the exams with really good marks.
Me: Get a scholarship!
Him: Don't worry. I'm working towards it. Oh, and also tell mum that I'm thinking of registering for two exams at Jyohou, one for the national degree, the other international. Each costs 30,000 yens.
Me: *fainted*
Seriously, dude needs to get a scholarship AND a job. I was more than happy when my mum planned to transfer him to New Zealand should he be unable to cope with his studies in Japan. I guess mum will also transfer him here if dad no longer can financially support him in Tokyo. I mean, the living cost there is SO RIDICULOUSLY HIGH. Low class clothes in Harajuku can cost up to 5,000 yens (around Rp. 500,000 in Indo currency) for example. In Indo you can get a designer clothing item or even two with that amount of money. Not to mention the fact that Japan, totally living to its reputation of leader of the electronic world, has its own electricity system that any electronic bought outside the country won't work there. I'm glad at the thought of having my bro here. I can make fun of him again (hahaahaha) and he can drive so we'll have a car and those speedy joyrides! LOL. Wouldn't you believe it, cars are really cheap here...that's why sport cars and limos are common.
On a different note, I've applied for a part time job at Sky City. I can't wait for them to get back to me so I can start working (if I'm accepted...)! I need money to buy the spiffy pink chair in a furniture shop in Mt. Roskill that I've been eyeing, and a CD shelf because mum sent over quite a lot of my CD's from Indo! LOL. I can't stand seeing them lie on my book box because that's the only space available.

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Monday, September 5, 2005, 02:22 a.m.

Tell me anything I can't discover, and I'll prove you wrong.
People in general mostly know I mean well, except the extremely retarded ones.
Just a little something that I forgot to add in the previous entry. Tonight in downtown as I was heading for a bust stop to catch a bus home, I ran into that FTVMS hottie (hah! Still don't know his name). It looked like he was heading for Sky City Metro. As always whenever we meet, our eyes met, but we didn't stop to say hi to each other. And he saw me in that horrible eye make-up! Yuck! The luck couldn't have been more bitter. of the hottie's best mates Jordan has warmed to me! If you're an avid reader then yep, he's the Maori/Samoan one. LOL. I had a good time talking in whispers with him during the screening of Joan Crawford's Midlred Pierce, just before the break. I guess it won't be long before I can get to know the guy. And no worries about Casey...before we met again last week I almost got over him. That means I can get over him again...
Anyway, here's a pic of the adorable Napianto siblings, three-year-old Haikal and one-year-old Hapsha. Haikal looks kinda effeminate in the picture but I don't think anyone really cares. The still was taken at their Morningside, St. Lukes home.

They could pas for Japanese, don't you think?
You know, I can't wait for tomorrow! I can't wait to meet Johnny at the bus stop and tell him about the Casey incident and the audition and all. He's got funny takes on things and I like that!

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Saturday, September 4, 2005, 06:54 a.m.

stuff, stuff, stuff
Well hello! Audition was fun, and to my surprise there were very few hopefuls. I arrived earlier (my audition was at 01:40 PM) and before me there were only about two girls who had auditioned. Even until the audition wrapped at around 04:30 PM, the number of would be movie-stars was approximately no more than ten. Oh well, probably in tomorrow's audition the studio will be more packed.
I played Amelia, a girl whose personality is closest to mine. She's quiet, shy, diligent, caring, and a homebody. To those who know me from Indo, haven't I ALWAYS been caring and diligent? LOL. As for the other three traits, my NZ self. My audition lasted only about five minutes, and I really should've tried other characters (there are four girls in the flick). Well this is my first audition to begin with, and I'm not really interested in playing in the flick. But now I'm equipped with brand new knowledge relating to film production and I'm ready to unleash it in future film studies!
After the audition I had a photoshoot (this is a means of fund-raising for the movie) which I paid for. Exclusively for me crew member Ellis had her make-up artist in training mate Meimei (she goes to a school for make-up artists whose name I can't recall) to do my make-up. Initially I thought I would have soft, natural-looking pink-hued make-up since I liked her own make-up. Wouldn't ya know it, at the end from the nose down I looked fine, but from the nose up I looked just freaking ridiculous. And it took me long to realize this because there's no mirror in the studio and the loo is pretty far. By the time I'd been freaked out by my own look, Meimei was already gone. Quite a lot of people say I look good without make-up and better with natural-looking one (pink or earthy tones that are softened. Light lipstick, eye shadow, blush on...) and I couldn't agree more. However, all of the professional make-up artists that have done my face seem to think otherwise. Some of them actually think smoky eye make-up accentuates my Arabesque face. Yikes! I gotta make sure I don't have racoon eyes on my wedding day!
I wonder if the characters in Benang Kusut are insipired by or even named after real life persons. For example, there's an uncanny coincidence between a character named Intan and a crew member by the same name...
Ok, enough about the movie. Say goodbye to Oriflame, hello to Dove! LOL. Well, welcome back more like. I used to treat my face with Dove facial wash when I was younger and my face was zitless back then, so coming back to the habit won't hurt...I guess. Basically I just love trying out skin care brands. So far I've tried The Body Shop, Dove, Oriflame, even Indonesian local brands like Belia. LOL. I don't care that they cause me pimples and I had to resort to my dermatologist's products back in Indo. Man I hate dermatologist skin care because I know right away they're 100% made of chemicals, and sometimes it smells awful and is less creamy! So yea right now I have Dove facial scrub, toner, facial foam, shampoo, conditioner, and hair cream. I just love it that Dove here has a wider range of products than the Indo Dove (well I don't know about it now...before I left they only had facial wash, soap bar, shampoo, and conditioner).
You know...yesterday it struck me that so-called sixth sense isn't really mine after all. My preditions happen by the will of God. Like today, most things happened as I foresaw. However, something holds me from rejoicing at it.
I had a talk with Marcel about how Kiwis hardly ever replid my texts and he said Westerners were detached from their phones, very much unlike their Asian counterparts. At first I thought he was kidding. I mean, yea it's true that unlike Asians, Westerners are pretty much behind when it comes to cellphone technology. Can you believe camphones here are SCARCE? But then again, why else did they buy cellphones at all? However, only tonight that I started to to think maybe he was right. I called Roji on the way home, but answering machine was all I got. Then it hit me. Suddenly I was reminded of Liv and Hans, the Danish couple who survived their first few weeks in Auckland without cellphones. There's also Steven, the American dude who spent eight months in his native Kentucky with no cellphone. During my only fortnight in Japan, I was driven bananas just because my cellphone couldn't synchronize with the local system...But no, Marcel couldn't be completely right. Sophie and David always reply my texts!

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Saturday, September 3, 2005, 03:56 p.m.

If the the header image isn't self-explanatory enough, this blog is mine and therefore I'm entitled to do anything I please with it. If you don't like me as a person or don't like what you see, then why on earth are you here, of all places? If you can't say anything nice, go get yourself an online space to rant in. Don't do it in other people's. Maturity is key, folks.

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