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Nana. 22 on May 14. Recent college graduate. Currently self-employed. Extemely: moody, critical, lazy (sometimes). Eldest of two. Indonesian passport. Will relocate to Auckland, New Zealand, in June. More?

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    Hokay. Now this layout is ENTIRELY by me. Images edited on Adobe Photoshop CS and HTML coded manually (I need to get my Dreamweaver back). No more borrowed background images. Don't ask me who the girl over there is...I stole her picture off some online magazine for my project in reading class, last year. As usual, it's best viewed on 1024.768 and 32 color bits. Steal and be the subject of "what goes around comes around." Select past layouts?

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    Oh crap. Actually I've typed the entry and was already halfway done when the bloody IE shut itself. This is really the worst cyber cafe I've ever been to, because not only is the connection sooo incredibly slow...But I don't have a choice because the net cafe next door is full and I don't have much time. Anyway, I'm still in Bandung, and at first the vacation went well, but after my dad arrived from Medan (or was it Pontianak?), stopped at home in Jakarta, and then went by car to Bandung, it turned into a disaster. I wonder why I CAN NEVER DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO DO. I don't care how much money my parents spend to "make me happy". I just want to do my own thing, and that doesn't involve "adults only" drinks and sex. Is that a crime? The first thing I wanna do after arriving in Auckland is have fun to my heart's content.
    Off the topic, I'm surprised at how many people thinking they're mature, but actually they're not that mature. Some are even NOWHERE NEAR MATURE AT ALL, regardless of their age. And thank God, I'm in neither category. Why be ashamed of letting the kid in you come out and play? As long as you still tell him/her to stay at home and do homework, there's nothing to worry about.
    Happy belated 26th birthday Jason!!!

    Listening to: Chinese Garden - Richard Clayderman feat. Shao Rong
    Thursday, May 5, 2005, 06:26 p.m.

    I'm off to Bandung in about seven hours from now. Just me and my mum, and we're gonna stay at Geulis, a European-style boutique hotel I've been wanting to stay at since God knows when. This is another mother-daughter bond trip, and it's high time E! considered making "Arslan Girls" to rival Gastineau Girls. LOL.
    Anyway, my documents for enrolling in UoA are completed, and there's one more step to take before applying for a student visa...the medical check-up. This is what I dread the most. I mean, just the sight of an injection needle makes me cringe and the thought of taking blood sample makes me shudder. But whatever, I'll go through it.
    I've found the bright side of the Jamie incident...Maybe because of it, my parents will consider taking me to Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore this month! Yay! Yeh they'll have to take me to Japan despite my whines during my previous trip to Animeland or else risk their only daughter partying with a bunch of wild blokes at home...LOL. I'm especially looking forward to the Singapore trip (my mum will have a medical check-up there, if it's to be), and believe it or not I spent most of my time in Tokyo missing Singapore. Singapore's definitely much more familiar than Tokyo as I've been there countless times, and even though I was often pissed with the locals' super fast Singlish, at least they spoke good English, and being a native Indonesian speaker I actually had no problem catching up with the lah's.
    Why can't I get a Lonely No More by Rob Thomas MP3 that's NOT fucked-up? I've downloaded the MP3 God knows how many times, but they either can't be played or stop in the middle. Huh.

    Listening to: Physical - Olivia Newton John
    Tuesday, May 3, 2005, 12:01 a.m.

    you know i don't belong to you...
    I thought he was nice, but he turned out to be in the same league as that other jerk.
    All they can do is expect, expect, expect. I graduated from college with flying colors, as they expected. I keep my virginity, as they expect. I sent out job applications, as they expected. I make my own money albeit from an MLM business, as they expect. They never care about what's going on inside me, and I doubt they ever will. Yes, yes, I've tried talking. Never worked.
    Maybe I should consider announcing to my immediate family that I'm a bisexual chain smoker and drug abuser who have had casual sex a number of times. Just finding out that I actually have sex drive has driven them this nuts (they also went bananas after they found out I liked boys, back in my mid-teens), so I'd love to see how far my fake confession would take them. Hahahahah :)
    Aaaaw you. So I'm "that stupid ho", eh? Good, you're THE STALE BANANA then. You may think that I'm so self-absorbed that I read nobody else's blogs but my own, and so it's safe for you to bitch about me in a public entry. Has any of your elders told you that what's in the dark ALWAYS comes to light?
    I really am falling apart. And James Wardhana, you're partly responsible for this. Sure, I won't be the only one taking all the blame *smirks*
    Happy belated 17th and 25th birthday to Audrey and Mario!

    Listening to: Don't Call Me Baby - Madison Avanue
    Sunday, May 2, 2005, 12:16 a.m.

    coz i love your smile...
    See, I don't need to be a drug junkie to have my life all fucked-up.
    I'm soo pretty damn sick of this layout. Avin, remember the simple layout idea I told you about? I decided not to execute it coz I thought I'd get bored of it in a matter of days. Now I have an idea of a complicated one, but I can't be bothered with all the slicing and cropping crap. And most of the time when I have a new layout, it boasts my improving graphic design skill, but never my web design one.
    Did I mention I'm sick of my LJ layout too?
    Uncle Reza is a family traitor. Now that he's began to bare it all to the media, I guess it won't be long until we all live in what seems like the typical plot of soap operas.
    Whee! May is here!

    Listening to: I Love Your Smile - Shanice Wilson
    Sunday, May 1, 2005, 12:13 a.m.

    sarang he yo...
    I've been undergoing some sort of emotional misery these days. Gone is the devil-may-care Nana, replaced by the poke-me-and-I-will-break-your-nose Nana (yes, yes I'm that irritable). And it's not that I PMS everyday, definitely not. I don't know how long this will go on (hopefully it's gone by the time I have to leave for NZ), but I hope it will make me a stronger person. I hear people have a turning point their respective lives in which they change personalities. But no doubt, it will get me more empathy, so I'll be able to understand people experiencing the said emotional misery and comfort them instead of telling them off in a looking-down manner.
    Anyway, happy 30th, 23rd, 22nd, and 19th birthday to James, Andreas, Havie, and Jean! Much love to my Taurean siblings.
    Whee she's got an LJ! But funny thing is it took me quite a while to realize it's friends only, without a notice. I so wanna read her LJ but obviously I don't want her to know I'm spying on her (this is also funny...our dispute dates back to four years ago and I'm sooo over the guy but she still can't forgive me). Oh what to do, what to do? I've got an idea, and I don't feel like sharing it with the world ;P

    Listening to: Our Story - Kang Ta & Boa
    Saturday, April 30, 2005, 08:06 a.m.