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I've been at this URL since April 2003, but overall I've been on Pitas since January of the same year (I'ved changed URL twice). As for the layout, this is my third birthday layout (the first one dates back to April-May 2002), and was made using Abode Photoshop 7.0 and manual HTML (yep, coz I've never really got the hang of Dreamweaver). Best viewed on IE 5.0 and above with resolution 1024x768. All images are created by me and therefore copyrighted to me. Stealing is strictly prohabited. Layout archive?

OMIGOD! Y'know what, ANOTHER FRIEND OF MINE IS ON HER WAY TO FAME AND FORTUNE! Click here! Riani (full name Hartina Indriani Sovana Soedjais) was my best mate in grades 4 and 5 in our elementary school. Both of us, together with Anya Dwinow (soap opera star and game show host) and a few other mates set up this Sherlock Holmes-wannabe gang (to Riani if you ever stumble on this page: I still remember the name, but too embarassed to mention it! LOL). Hahaha...funny memories. And I still have the grade 4 class picture with little me, little Riani, and little Anya in it.
God, I can go on and on through the list of my famous mates...Have I ever told you that I was classmates with Dinna Olivia (if you're Indonesian and don't know who she is, you're dead meat!) in kindergarten? And did you know that Sesa Nasution (Prambors Radio broadcaster, for those who live outside Jakarta) was my classmate in second grade? Not to mention my two first cousins (they're brothers) who are in a soaring new rock band called Nakal (in Indonesian simply means "naughty"). They've just got an album out, produced by Sonic Records, and just last Thursday they held a promo concert at a unique (because of the building) new mall Plaza Ex. Last but not least, two (or more?) of the founders of Indonesia's popular teen cyber hangout Males Banget (In Indonesian means "so lazy"), Aryo and Gerry (they're under aliases on the website), are my high school mates. And the website is on its way to international fame. Actually, the list doesn't end there...I just don't want to bore you. LOL.
You probably want to vomit on me going through the list of my famous mates. Just like you did on me going through the list of my Eurasian mates. Hehehe. But then again, this MY blog hokay? I'm free to speak whatever it is on my mind, and if you don't like it, simply leave it. And, as an aspiring biographer, I gotta keep these peeps (except Sesa, Anya, and Dinna...I'm no longer in touch with them and it will be hard to get back in touch, due to their schedule) in my circle.
BTW, this is off the topic...I'm on the rag and this is my second day. Thus, I still have PMS leftovers. Steer clear. I bite. Yes, period is one of the (very few, mind you) reasons why it sucks to be a female.
Monday, May 3, 2004, 08:46 a.m.

Hey you guys! Y'know what, I didn't know that Avi's Eurasian! For foreigners, Avi (female name is Jeanny Stavia, male name Joko Suwito) is a she-male best known for his (yeah, because of the protruding adam's apple) appearance in the band Naif's Posesif video. Recently he's been sentenced to one year in prison due to drug abuse. And here's a pic of him and his mom in the court's hearing.

Look at his mom! What a typical Dutch woman! I mean the look...If Avi weren't a she-male, I would besot him! LOL. Yes I still have a thing for Eurasian blokes, but just not as much.
Friday, April 30, 2004, 10:19 a.m.

Hi. All. How are ya today? LOL. Anyway, sorry if I keep talking about hatred these days, but there's one thing that's been getting on my nerves on and off since I don't remember when. If you're Indonesian, you sure have heard of Mariana Renata, and most of you only know her from the latest Lux commercials. Well, actually the Indonesian-Frech beauty has been in the supermodel realm since 1998. Remember the Pond's commercial where a girl flattered a guy in an elevator by complimenting his tie? That girl was her, and I was mesmerized by her appearance in the commercial...that's how I became a fan (DO NOT get me wrong! I'm 100% straight but I do adore my stunning sisters, and it shows that I have less jealousy than most girls do for I let them be more beautiful than me! LOL). However, I didn't know the Pond's girl's name until about a year later (late 1999 to be precise) when she was profiled in Hai mag.
Ok, back to what pisses me off, and this has something to do Miss Renata. Y'know, way long before her Lux commercials began airing, I found her on Friendster. Sure, there are lots of people masquerading as celebs, and last time I checked, there were two Mariana Renatas on Friendster, but I know which one is the REAL one. The one whose profile can only be seen by those in her personal network. And once I found her page (there was ONLY one Mariana Renata back then and there was a goofy picture of her that magazines wouldn't have wanted to put up as a primary picture), I sent her a message saying I'd been a fan since her first (?) commercial and asking if I could add her as a friend. Not getting a reply, I decided to add her, and my request was...rejected. I was (still am actually, just not as huge) a loyal fan and shouldn't she be thankful for that? And more importantly, I'm not harmful, not like those "Hi darling, you're so beautiful and famous can I be your friend?" guys, and how many times do I have to say I'm straight? *sigh* Famous people are like that...They let fame get to their heads and see people outside their circles the way the see beggars. And who am I to try to change that?
Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 07:48 a.m.

Hey! This entry is just for testing the new layout. The table won't seem to be right underneath the header image! *sigh*
Tuesday, April 27, 2004, 08:24 a.m.