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caleb and casey and those hypocrites
Casey broke my heart again. Don't ask. And I can't thank Caleb enough for being all ears, although in the end the latter kinda pissed me off. So, I told Caleb that I had a weakness who anyone who was willing to protect me (much thanks to the absence of my dad when I was growing up) and I fell for Casey because he took care of me when I got sick during the orientation week's museum tour. And what follows is the rest of our conversation...

Caleb: I think it's cute that you have a weakness for those who want to protect you.
Me: How about you become one? Hahaha I'm just kidding...
Caleb: Just kidding? What a shame! What happened to being subtle?
Me: I don't know! Go figure. But really I was only joking!

Omigod! Somebody please don't tell me now he thinks I have a crush on him! Well it's true that I always run to him almost whenever I'm down and out, and it's mostly about Casey and he surely can tell that I'm genuine. For goodness' sake...

OMIGOD I JUST REALIZED CALEB KNOWS ABOUT THIS BLOG! Maybe, unbeknownst to me, he never misses one single episode of this soap opera that is my life. Um, Caleb? Sorry, kay? But I did warn you that I do unapologetically mention names.
On a really irrelevant note, I sooo don't understand famous people who avoid or even despise people who sort of worship them (e.g. asking for autograph, writing fanmails) saying they either don't want or are not ready for fame, yet keep appearing in public faces (e.g. giving interviews in the media and making new movies/albums). Hypocrites. And it gets more confusing when they tell the media that they hate it when people recognize them in public places and then chase them around for autographs and/or photographs. Any sane person would only give one piece of advice and know for sure it works: STOP. ATTRACTING. ATTENTION. Don't release any more albums or movies. Don't write any more books. No more photo sessions in those glossy mags. No more interviews. It's 200% guaranteed to give you peace of mind.

Listening to: Bic Runga - Birds
Friday, January 7, 2006, 12:35 a.m.

casey casey casey casey
Oh-kay. The first Women 205 lecture was good. I gave enough class participation, I guess. Now I'm kinda mad at myself for asking Ann an utterly stupid question by e-mail and of course she doesn't reply that. LOL. I totally forgot that CECIL existed. Oh well. Gotta hit the sack for today's Media 100 lecture at 10.00 a.m!!! Omigod really have to hit the sack...
Oh, and good news! Casey has approved my Hi5 friend request and guess what, he's a Taurean too! His birthday's May 17!

Listening to: Nothing
Friday, January 6, 2006, 12:54 a.m.

simply panjang
Thank god I hit the sack at about 11.45 P.M. last night and I just woke up at 06.00 A.M. I actually set my alarm clock at 07.00 A.M but it turned out that I didn't need it.
I might have to move sooner than I thought, maybe in March or April instead of June. My aunt's seeing her lawyer in two weeks' time to ask whether or not she can bring an outsider (me) to live with her (she plans on living in Epsom.) Once she separates from my uncle (who by the way is my mum's second cousin), she'll be financially supported by the government and is not allowed to bring anyone else other than her daughter Khansa. Just in case I can't live with her my only other option is the Napianto home in St. Lukes, but I much prefer living with my aunt and cousin in Epsom because (1) I don't know Epsom and would like to get to know it and (2) The Napiantos get almost daily visits from other Indonesians and it really makes me sick...I mean, I didn't come to Auckland to meet soo many of my fellow countrymen. If I wanted to "make myself at home" while being abroad I could easily come to Perth!
Guess who I met while I was at the neighbourhood bus stop and talking to my mum on the phone? Johnny! He smiled at me as he was driving past me in his beloved Mistubishi Evo (which apparently has just undergone an accident...the front part of the car was a mess.) Oh by the way dude's turning 19 in three days.
You know...a long time ago I bought a pink cardigan at The Warehouse and recently realized it was a big mistake. Not only does the cardigan look kinda cheap, but I wore it the wrong way for a looong time until I saw an East Asian (Korean? Japanese? Chinese? You can never be sure) woman wearing the same cardigan. Oh, and I wore that piece of clothing when I met Waldo and his oh-so-posh crowd while waiting for Casey at Borders. After I told him I had been awaiting someone for about an hour and he hadn't shown up, Waldo sympathetically said, "Good luck, darling!" Just now I realized he might have felt sorry for me...He must have thought look at this girl...not only is her hair so messy but she doesn't also seem to know how to put on a buttonless cardigan with a safety pin right. Not to mention those zits! LOL. Oh more such silly things in the new year!

Listening to: Machi - I Love Stephen Chow
Thursday, January 5, 2006, 06:39 a.m.

jujurlah padaku...kalau kau tak lagi cinta
I'm still jetlagged. AND SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW. God help me.
I wish Ann weren't my tutor, so maybe she wouldn't mind my trying to get closer to her. I love Ann. I do. I loved it when she shared her ace-the-exam tips. And the fact that she so often stressed that our success was very important to her. I'm tired of people who don't give a damn about anything in the world as long as their jobs are done.
Oh wait my first lecture and tutorial this Thursday are Woman 205! Ann's class! I can't wait!!!! I'm looking forward to seeing ya Miss Pistacchi! I promise I'll do much better!
Can someone explain my current craze for Just Juice Junior and carrot cake to me?
I'm sooo glad that my Marks and Spencer denim skirt and my long-missing Contempo tanktop are found. They turned out to have been mixed with my cousin's laundry.
Omigod this is 04:06 A.M. and I still can't get even a wink of sleep! I. Must. Hit. The. Sack. Otherwise not only will wake up around 01.30 P.M and hit the road about 1,5 hours later (because I have to wash my hair) and obviously miss the bank's office hours (I need to put my money there and help Hanum with her financial misery), but I will also not to be able to see Auntie Anna from Alley Cats. Again, God please help me.

Listening to: Radja - Jujur
Wednesday, January 4, 2006, 02:19 a.m.

header baru
I soo like my new header! LOL. This is the best look this layout's ever gotten so far. Cool huh? And you boys think I hate her...*rolls eyes and laughs*
Maybe this is for the umpteenth time, but perhaps good looks are enough to survive life? I've seen many mediocre artworks and writings which get good reviews simply because their creators are very good-looking.
BREAKING NEWS. My first cousin (in-law) Puja has just given birth to a pretty baby girl at 1.30 PM (GTM+7.00) in Jakarta. She and her hubby, my first cousin Echa, name the bundle of joy Saybia Athyana. Saybia is my auntie Mien's third granddaughter, after five-year-old Namira and two-year-old Kayla.
EDIT: You can say I was (maybe still am) literarily precocious. When I was a kid I subscribed to Bobo, a prominent children's magazine, mostly to mock the childtalk. Even by the age of 11, I knew it was corny to write about - say, a singer - like this, "Oh wow, look at her, charming her audience with her song! Lalalalala..." And before I was 11 I'd been so familiar with adults' magazines such Tempo and Femina and already reading teenlit books. Sorry, maybe you're reading this writing about my literary precocity for the umpteenth time. I'm proud of it and it's one of my VERY FEW crowning glories.
Adeline is so pretty...Funny that I always have soft spots for the most random people, not necessarily the nicest ones...She's stylish and I guess she's the kind of girl who attracts guys like sugar attracts ants. I still feel sorry I was a bit rude when I showed my disinterest in her Nu Skin, but hopefully she doesn't really kick me out of her circle.
Guess what, just the night before I was due to fly back to Auckland I wrote an article for Femina. And I finished it in no time! LOL. The inspiration came just the afternoon before, and it was none other than my mum. If the article gets published I want to give my pay to mum, but she insists I have it. Well we'll see...the article itself has just been sent via snailmail!

Listening to: Richard Clayderman and James Last - Ballade Pour Adeline
Tuesday, January 3, 2006, 12:08 a.m.

your girlfriend was fun like me...
Yeah, the layout's better this way...a bit. I'll figure out more improvement.
When a mate of mine learned I've got a DA, she said people on DA put their artworks on DA so they could get comments and their ego boosted. Well let's put it simply: If ya ain't got ego ya ain't a human.

Listening to: The Pussycat Dolls - Dontcha
Monday, January 2, 2006, 11:39 a.m.