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Isyana (Nana to Indo peeps). 23. Taurean. Auckland, Aotearoa. Second year (starting July 2006) BA at UofA. Dip. Arts holder from UI. Naturally hot-tempered but she manages. Color-coordinated most of the time. Usually knows more than she lets on. Prefers writing to talking. Good books (she doesn't read what you call chicklit and teenlit), photography, graphic design, travels, the internet. Lives in her Giordano jeans and mostly pink-hued Polo tees. Went solo to her high school prom. More?

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the guy entry...and some other stuff
Hahaha this is funny...A good mate and I admitted to one another that we liked the same guy, a mutual mate from uni. And then we went, 'You won't tell him I like him, right?' to each other. Hahahah...Then we joked a lot about it too, saying he was a bloody lucky guy. But really, even though I've told myself not to worry if she gets the guy since there are plenty of fish in the sea, I can't help but fear the Isyana-Budi-Christina saga of seven years ago will repeat. You know, two good girlfriends torn apart because of a guy.
Wait a minute...I already got Tom! Guess what, last Wednesday he asked me for my...e-mail address. He hasn't e-mailed me just yet. It makes me wonder though...if it took him four months just to ask me for my e-mail address, maybe it will take him another good four months to e-mail me. Then four more months to ask me for my number, four months to ask me out on a date, four months to ask me be his girlfriend...and finally (and hopefully) four months to pop the big question. Wow. That would be a total of two years since we first met. If this prediction comes true, two aspects of my future are secured. By mid 2008 I'll have got a BA AND a husband...LOL. In the mean time, I let Tom take his time and check out other guys :)
I had a sleepover at Diana's place last night and we watched this Japanese TV series on DVD prior to hitting the sack. It's called Long Vacation, kinda old since it dates waaayyyy back to 1996 and it's one of Takuya Kimura's ealiest works. It's very sweet, it's about an aging model whose boyfriend walked out on her on their wedding day living with a young pianist (Kimura's character). How many episodes did we watch Di? We were too tired to finish it...Hahahah let's have another sleepover and finish the whole dorama!
Oh, and at the beginning of every episode I got to listen the original version of La La La Love Song, made famous by Boa and Soul d'Out in 2005. Gosh, was I surprised to know it was an old song! I like the Boa/Soul d'Out version better though.

Listening to: nothing!
Sunday, September 3, 2006, 05:06 p.m.

to syifa
Happy belated 3rd birthday Syifa darling... Be a good girl ya...Make mum proud, and boy, are you not the only one who feels her smiling down from heaven...
Right on my 21st birthday, I found out my mum was pregnant. She was about six weeks along, but since the baby was outside the womb she had to get it out. And it could cost her life. I stayed by her bed at the hospital that night, but I couldn't stay for long since I had an exam the next day. I remember thinking this was the worst birthday present ever on my way to campus, my mum fighting for her life. Worse than the riots that rocked the nation right on my 15th birthday, and certainly much worse than the exams...
But you, little one, a mere three-year-old. A three-year-old who wants to see your mum first thing in the morning, once you open your eyes. Your helpless arms flinging in need of mum's loving embrace. You love wondering what mum will cook for you, what stories she will tell you at bedtime...And all of a sudden it has to end. Before you can realize what's going on around you, let alone in the world.
I was twenty-one. You're three. My mum made it. Yours didn't. The difference can't be any starker. The birthday present can't be any worse.
But fear not, little one. God will take care of you. The people who are now praying for dear mummy will take care of you. You'll grow up a good girl. That I can promise you.

To mama. We never know what lurks around, but I want you to know that I love you. For always. Don't be fooled by my cold exterior. And you can always count on me.

Listening to: nothing
Saturday, September 2, 2006, 03:34 a.m.

death of a blogger
One of my fave bloggers has just passed away.

Anna 'Inong' Harris (32), an Indonesian residing in Singapore, reportedly passed out on Tuesday (8/29), and then she was in a coma. Today at 07:00 AM Singapore time (11:00 AM in New Zealand) she kissed life goodbye, leaving behind her two kids (three-year-old Syifa and five-year-old Zidan) and husband.

Man oh man...I'll miss her writing. It's lots of fun reading about her two oh-so-adorable kids, her social life, and her cooking. Hahaha she loooved cooking, sort made a living by it, and I still wish she lived in Auckland so I could easily order whatever I'd want to eat...You know Auckland lacks REALLY good food. But that wish will forever be a mere wish.
My thoughts are with those she left behind, especially Syifa who just turned three yesterday. I feel sorry for her. One so young, suddenly deprived of a mother's loving embrace. I wish I could extend my arms all the way to Singapore to reach out to her.
Bunda Inong, rest in peace ya. Do rest in peace. Thank you for sharing your love and joy with the world. You know, I regret never leaving my mark on your blog but you probably remember me as the mysterious visitor from New Zealand. Goodbye. Selamat jalan. Allahais marladik. Au revoir. Auf wiedersehen. Adios. Say hi to Allah for me...

Listening to: nothing
Friday, September 1, 2006, 04:43 p.m.

mush and da phone and other stuff
Ok, ok. Just had a phone conversation (very short one) with Caleb and it reminded me of my cuz Marsha. I don't was the first time in ages that we talked on the phone, and it was me who ended the convo. Last time it was him. And we always hang up at the same time, I guess. Mush, I don't know if she still does it, but when she was younger when she was on the phone she would wait for the other person to hang up first, didn't matter who ended the convo. She'd say, 'Hey, get off the phone la...I still can hear you breathing!' if that person was still on the other end. Hahahaha...Miss ya cuzzie!
Ok, ok, forget about what I wrote earlier. I was just brooding.

Listening to: nothing
Thursday, August 31, 2006, 12:15 a.m.

theres always a genie to grant us wishes
Ok, let's see. This is nearly the end of August and so far I have...

  • Got an A

  • Lost weight (6 kilos in about a month baby!)

  • Got a job

  • Looking back at my archives, to lose weight was my only new year's resolution. And guess what, I made it! Plus I got some added bonuses too! Soo lovin' 2006...What's gonna my new year's resolution for 2007? A boyfriend! Nah...make that a hubby-to-be. Nah...I'm just kidding. You can never ask for such things.
    Maybe it's true that you should be careful what you wish for? In the beginning of 2006 I got what I'd been secretly wanting, on and off, ever since I was a teen: to have a halfer guy fall in love with me. And a very hot one too. But things between us went horribly wrong and there's been too much drama. Before that, I got one thing I'd always wanted to know: how it felt to date a Pakeha. I did have a white boyfriend, back in October, and I dumped him after only five days. I loathed every second of those five days. So yea, you really have to think about ten times before you make a wish. On the flip side though, keep on wishing. You WILL get it. You just never know when.

    Listening to: nothing
    Wednesday, August 30, 2006, 09:09 a.m.