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what to listen to when you and your partner are having moist palms
I'm listening to Let's Make Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Not my type of song. I downloaded it by accident, I thought it was Bosson's One in A Million because the file name says so. Oh well. That's what happens when you download MP3's illegally. LOL.
You know there are songs meant to help shy couples communicate, right? Let's Make Love is certainly one of them. And this song leaves nothing to subtlety either. The lyrics go, 'Let's make love, all night long, until the sun comes up...' Hahahaha. Fancy a couple getting it on when the song is playing.
Well I swear I've heard some other songs of similar kind. You know, the 'you look a million bucks tonight baby, let's have sex' kinda songs. I think Spice Girls' Holler makes the list. The lyrics are a bit subtler than those in Let's Make Love (bah even the title itself can't be more obvious), which makes the song classier. Hm. There should really be a compilation album called 'The Bedroom Collection: Songs to Get You in The Mood' in stores.
Adult content out, kiddy stuff in. Have a look at my latest paperdoll! It's Mischa Barton this time :)

Mischa Barton

Listening to: Olivia Newton-John - Physical (I wanna get physical, physical...Let me hear your body talk...)
Sunday, June 3, 2007, 11:39 a.m.

need a kleenex
Oh god. You and that thing you've been dragging along really make me wanna spend inter-semester break home. My feelings tell me it's nothing, but why the heck are my instincts so off this time? Anyway.
If Singapore Airline has discounted tickets like the last time I left on a jet plane homeward I sure will grab one. If not then, well, what can I say...I guess I'd have to take an aspirin a day to make it through the break in A-town.
Times like these, I cry and no one to give a comforting hug, I close my eyes and travel back in time. That music. Dad's. And later mine. Our Honda Accord. Barbies. Baby Marsha. Piano practice. The big kids talking about Beverly Hills 90210. And you, a runny-nosed little boy who can never keep up with me.
I can go on and on. I can be gone. But I do want to come back.
Oh, and how could I be so stupid. Oh well, then again I was on PMS when I whipped out those entries. Hahahah PMS is the best scapegoat ever, and only girls are entitled to it. Amazing eh.

Listening to: Mandy Moore - All Good Things
Thursday, May 31, 2007, 09:43 p.m.

meh, people really should step outta their comfort zones...
Bah. I really should've known better. How long have I known this girl? Six years? Yeh six years and she's still the same utterly negative person, refusing to believe things beyond her comprehension do exist. Oh god should there be the most revolting thing on earth, it would be people like her. Those who believe the world is keeping still, if not already on its way to hell. And I should've known better that talking to her would only ruin my mood.
People. If you're financially well-off, go abroad. Send your offspring abroad for school. Your kids won't really come of age unless they have OE's. Unless they come to acknowledge and love the exotic, possibly incomprehensible other, they will never be somebody.
Cast off all your fears, you shall be fine. Make 'what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger' your mantra.

Listening to: nothing
Monday, May 28, 2007, 07:35 p.m.

No. No. I'm not buying it. And don't give me that 'I have a terribly short memory' shit. Why do you have to give everyone that anyway? So they can't confront you further? That's, like, the oldest trick in the book man. Everyone's so over it. I know your memory's just as good as mine. You sure remember what was happening around the first time we met. How old were you at the time? Twenty, right?
Jeannie poo, I swear to god I did add you back on MSN! I even deleted your e-mail and re-added it so my new MSN (bloody thing) could recognize you. Or how about Yahoo instead? Bug bug me hun.
Happy 23rd birthday to Alex! Many happy returns sweetie :)

Listening to: nothing
Sunday, May 27, 2007, 11:09 p.m.

catching up again...
How's everyone doing? I have lots to tell.
But let's not make it long.
But I will make it long. You know me and my verbosity.
I've just handed in my Films essay, one of the three 3,000-words long essays I have to do this semester. The English one was actually due the same day, but I was offered a one-week extension (woohoo I wuv you Eluned!). As for my Asian 302 essay, well I got myself an extension as well, but this time it wasn't offered to me on a tray. LOL. I had to ask, and granted! Hahahahaha...
This is odd, but lately I feel like I've found my one. Oh, I told you that apparently. Only this time it's stronger. A lot stronger. So strong that the sight of hot guys no longer excites me. So strong that when a really cute first year AUT student doing neurology (or is it? Something to do with the brain...) hit on me not long ago I didn't feel anything. I didn't even feel flattered! LOL. So strong that he's the center of my universe now. Sounds corny, but he's the only one I really think of, and I have a feeling this will last long - if not forever. I don't know...he seems to be growing up the same way I do. He told me he was no longer into casual relationships, neither am I...uh, I can't tell you the rest. He's reading this. I wish I could tell him he was the one - my one - but he wouldn't believe me. He thinks I'm a player. The biggest player on campus, as he put it. Well he's a player too, whether or not he wants to admit it. But, on second thought, even if I could tell him I wouldn't want to. I'd let him be a man and tell it.
And I want you to know you're not a choice. Never. It was you who set me wandering, but I have come back. I have come home. And you will never make me leave again.
I don't know, but since I've found my one man I seem to be able to tell if a couple is destined for one another. Well maybe this is cliche for sometimes it's very obvious which couple will last and which couple is headed for doom, but I'm nonetheless excited about my new 'ability'. Naim and Hanum, for example. Both are my besties. Both have been in love for about four years. Both have been in denial just as long. But both have made a promise to wed if by the age of 35 they're still single. I'd say they'll have tied the knot before age 35. My ex boyfriend Ricky and Chrismaya, the girl he cheated on me with. Well you know, at first I was pissed with their union. How could I not be? He not only cheated on me with her, but kept comparing me to the girl almost throughout our relationship. And stupid me, I stayed on. LOL. More than five years after Ricky and I broke up, almost seven years after Rick and Chrissy first met, and I don't know if they're still officially together now, but recently Rick left a message on her Friendster asking her out to the movies and Chrissy replied saying yes she'd love to and would find time. Hahahahaha yip I check people's Mypsace/Friendster/Bebo/Facebook/whatever. I'm still the world's number one stalker. They have my blessing. You can contradict me by saying they're probably going out as mates but my feeling tells me nah, more than that. And I trust my feelings.
Love stuff aside, I'm currently completely enchanted by this song released sometime in the 1970s called Porque Te Vas by Jeanette. Check out the video dudes. Isn't she stunning? LOL. Click here to find an article on Jeanette, and other best kept secrets of pop music from the past and present, all around the world.

Listening to: Jeanette - Soy Rebelde
Saturday, May 26, 2007, 09:28 a.m.
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