Hi all! It's been ages since I last updated, right? The cliche answer (which also serves as the truth) would be that I've busy as hell with all these freakin' assignments and final exams. Worse was when all of a sudden I remembered that I had four translations to catch up on and were due tomorrow just last Sunday. By far I've done two of them, the other two will be done tomorrow before 12.15 PM (before I hit the road for the campus). My consumer behavior paper (due this Saturday) is still half done, my print ad proposal's still half done (and I have yet to design the fuckin' print ad), and I still haven't got my hands on the Bank Mandiri print ad analysis. Also, I haven't typed application letters and CV's to be sent to Gadis and Cita Cinta. I promised the advertising officers of both mags to send them TOMORROW. Hell. Good torture.
Y'know what, Pi rang my cellphone on the way home from campus yesterday. I was surprised to know he actually remembers most of the things (or is it all?) I told him when were still an item. I talked this over with one of my best mates and he concluded that Pi wants me back. Does he? What if he really does? Yes, I love him and think of him most of the time, but I'm not stupid enough to repeat the same mistake for THE FOURTH TIME! What should I do? Oh well. He hasn't told me he really wants me back, right?

What Dream Angels Fragrance R U ?
Wednesday, June 4, 2003 11:03 a.m.

Guess what, I've written another article for Eurasian Nation! Nope, it's not about personal experiences like my first article. It's about...well, you'd better read it yourself when Carmen Van Kerchove's had it up, coz I'm afraid you lot might steal my idea...Hehehehe just kidding. But problem is, Carmen hasn't got back to me, which means she hasn't told me whether or not she's gonna put my second article up and if she is, in what issue. I'm quite sure she likes my second article, because she liked my hyper cheesy first one and promised to put it up in the June issue (which I believe will be July, because the Van Kerchove sisters haven't updated their website to the May issue and it's already June!). My second article is a lot better, so I suggest that Carmen put that instead of my first one...
Ok, enough about my article. I've got loads of belated birthday presents. A Casio Exilim Zoom digicam, and a 18-carat gold bracelet that a colleague of my dad's got me in Austria...just to name two. About the digicam, in all honesty it's not really a dream-come-true to me because what I wanted was actually a WEBCAM. However, since my mind was somewhere else when my mom asked me which kind of camera I wanted, I said it was digicam (at that time I suddenly couldn't differentiate a DIGICAM from a WEBCAM. Yeah I know, silly me...) and so she bought it for me. But it's ok though. A digicam will do just as nicely. I'm still awaiting Pi's present! He said he'd get me either a box of chocolates (like he did on my 18th birthday) or something blue (yes, he's one of the few people who know me the best). I hope he was serious about that, so we can meet up (for the first time in 1,5 years and after we broke up) once I'm done with finals.
Speaking of finals, they start tomorrow and I'll be done in two weeks. Afterward I have an apprenticeship at Femina in probably mid-June and it will go on for two or three months. Year 2003 really isn't my year *sighes*
Sunday, June 1, 2003 09:51 a.m.

Well, I've just finished reading Sophie Kinsella's "Confessions of A Shopaholic". I highly recommend the book! It's a great read, hard to put down, witty and zany at the same time. I think the funniest thing about the novel is Becky Bloomwood's physical features are never mentioned in the novel, so the only description about the heroine is that she's a shopaholic (of course!), rather immature in thinking, and knows how to dress smartly.
I like British novels better than its American counterparts because the heroes/heroines are more human. They often do ridiculous yet still sensical things, whereas the American ones are almost without any flaw (for instance, it always says in American novels that all the characters have perfect looks). American novels also concentrate more on the romance and sex than the conflicts/climax/whatever it's called, which makes them a lil' less classy than the British ones.
Wednesday, May 28, 2003 09:29 a.m.

THE CITY TOUR VIDEO FILMING IS OVEEEEEERRRRRRR!!! Yay!!! Well if truth be told, we haven't edited the video...However, we leave the editing to Yoga the computer whiz! Anyway, the first place we visited isn't popular among Indonesians, but well-known among foreign tourists. It's called Rumah Tanah Baru (translation: The New Ground House), and it's located on the outskirts of Jakarta (Beji, Depok), precisely in a complex consisting of he main house (the owner's weekend house which double-functions as a gallery), a restaurant, a souvenir shop, a ceramics studio, and two cottages for hire (one costs Rp. 750 thou/night, the other Rp. 350/night) which are just perfect for honeymoon! Rumah Tanah Baru offers not only a guided tour of the ground (at weekends only), but also ceramic-making classes!
Ok, enough about Rumah Tanah Baru. Our next spots were The National Museum, Jalan Jaksa (one of the most favourite hangouts of foreign tourists), and Senayan. We took turns filming the tours (I filmed the Rumah Tanah Baru tour), and "guiding" them. I "guided" the Jaksa Street tour, and interviewed a really nice middle-aged Welsh man called Peter (damn I forgot to ask what his surname was!). Turned out he's been going back and forth from Singapore (where he works as computer engineer) to Jakarta (where he has a monthly rent of an apartment in Menteng) for eight years.
Well, I'm not gonna bore you all with the details on our city tour filming. Bottomline is, it was dead tiring yet fun...
Monday, May 26, 2003 12:07 a.m.

Oh well, there's AN ADDITION to my bunch of final projects: Consumer behavior paper, due June 7. Thankyouberrymuch! Helllppppp!!!----->squeals.

Sepasang lesung pipi yang menggemaskan itu, sepasang alis yang seperti semut berbaris itu, akan selalu menjadi milik saya...Meskipun saya nggak bisa melihatnya sekarang dan nggak tau kapan saya bisa melihatnya lagi...Tapi akan tetap menjadi milik saya...

Thank you God for the opportunity to experience love, although it was more painful than joyful. Thank you God for my family. Thank you God for my best friends. Thank you God for everything else I've got. Thank you God for me. Gosh, there are actually people who would be willing to swap places with me...
I wonder if they still visit this blog, even though they claim they loathe me.
English: the more I learn, the more confused I become. I can't seem to get my grammar right anymore.
Sunday, May 25, 2003 07:46 a.m.

I first stumbled upon Girl Mom exactly a couple of years ago, and I remember visiting the website several times afterwards but I don't remember the last time I visited it. Just last night I paid it a visit, and boy was I amazed! The layout's still the exact same, and there's no other new feature apart from new articles and new topics in the forum. I wonder if Allison Crews, the editor, ever thinks of changing the layout...

Final project progress
  • Narration (writing class): Done-handed in yesterday

  • Listening class presentation: Done yesterday

  • City tour video (ICT class): will be done by Sunday the 25th

  • Print ad (advertising comm. class): proposal's half done

  • Print ad analysis (advertising comm. class): haven't been done...

  • Paper on advertising agency survey (basic advertising class): done-handed in last week

  • Saturday, May 24, 2003 08:37 a.m.

    Well hello. My name's Nana. If you already know my full name, good for you. If you don't, you'll know if you happen to see my exam papers or absence list on campus. I'm your typical 20-year-old who's definetely much more a girl than a woman. I'm also your avarage big city gal: loves chilling out at malls (especially on weekdays), blog, chat, dig designer stuff, check out Eurasian blokes, cherish freedom in thinking and expressing, and go ballistic when those nasty (at times) creatures with adam apples degrade my sex. My mother tongue is Indonesian, but I speak the lingo of the people from Land of The Anglos just as fluent (well, almost...) and a smattering of Deutsch, Habla Espanol, and Zhong Wen. Since I'm not good at profiling myself, I'd better stop before I send you to the land of nods. Oh, one more thing: I'm a junior at some state university in West Java and am an English major.

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