Isyana Adriani Arslan was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on May 14 1983, making her a Taurean by Western constellation and a Miss Piggy by Chinese. She has a younger brother, Muhammad Rifqi, whom she has been teasing the hell out of since his day one on earth. Isyana is currently embarking on her third year at The University of Auckland, working her ass off on a BA in English Literature and Films, Television, and Media Studies. She is an alumna of The University of Indonesia, from which she earned a diploma in ESL in February 2005. Her passions include writing, photography, web design, graphic design, history, travels, and the list goes on...and no she does not wish to have a nine-to-five job. A fan of hers already?

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ta. oh, and me being slightly more normal than usual
Right. I don't know you.
Whatever mate. Whatever. Talk all you want. Do what you want.
This blog will be the only thing I have left. And fuck if I care.
EDIT: Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. The three of you. I don't like sneaky stuff.
Is there anyone actually reading my blog crap, I often find myself wondering. The answer: yes. And they try to figure out what I'm saying too. Apparently I'm already on my way to fame.
EDIT II (03:30 PM): Ok, so I was falling apart. I mean, man...that made me feel like I'm eight years old again, getting bullied at school and ignored at home unless I brought straight A's. But I've pulled myself together. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm still learning the ropes.
And I actually, seriously considered blogging in Indonesian. Then I realized, shock horror (dum dum), that I didn't grow up speaking Indonesian. Not really. I grew up speaking...Indoglish. It also recently dawned on me that I haven't really written anything in Indonesian in almost seven freaking years since I started at The UI and thanks to my couple of years in Auckland I now have difficulty keeping my conversation entirely in my mother tongue. Hahahaha when I was out at Gloria Jean's with Jared I told Audi that I was with this guy I knew from uni and we just bumped into each other in Indonesian. That was quite a struggle. When we moved to another topic I spoke Indoglish, which was easier. And when we talked about Tom I talked entirely in English. Not to mention that when I was last in the country, everyone commented on how awkward my grasp of the language had become. So yeah. Whatever mate, I'll continue blogging in English.
But Indo. Gue tetep cinta Indo okeh. LOL. It's my home. Forever and always.
To Jess. What a relief! I love you girlie! I should've given you a bear hug! LOL. Yes I'll spill the dirrrtttyy beans later. You'd better be free all day because it's gonna be long! PS: Yes guys are weird, no matter what they do.

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Thursday, April 5, 2007, 12:27 a.m.

happy. period.
Oh man. I'm so very content with life - and myself - at the moment. I hope it lasts forever. I just stopped comparing myself to others. I mean, what's the point anyway. Everyone's unique. You crave what other people have. They crave what you have. It's gonna be like that forever and if you allow that to happen you're never gonna be happy.
My life. It's awesome and it's mine. I've always been doing what I want and I'm thankful that my parents totally support it. My flat with the pink mess and my freedom. The fact that I was sent to live on my own overseas at 22. Had I gone at 18 I guess I wouldn't be the me I know and love. My refined fashion sense. I've learned the basic rules, stopped thinking everyone else but me was stylish (even if they were dressed in rags), and quit dressing like a little girl. Now I cringe when I look at old pictures of myself. LOL. And I've figured out what works and what doesn't with boys. Hahaha talk about overdue with that one.
Oooh baby. Agony aunt is here. LOL. Man problem hey. All men are dicks aren't they. LOL. I know that feeling. Been there done that. Here's the best piece of advice ever given to me regarding dating: learn to hold out. Don't ask a guy out. Don't call him. Don't ask him for his digits. Don't ask him if he's taken (well ok you can do this one...but save it til waaaaayyy later). Don't really open up. Don't devote to him. Or at least don't let him know you devote to him. And most importantly: shop around. This is the best thing to do if you find holding out gruelling (coz all you wanna do is let the whole world know you've found the man of your dreams). Remember, guys love challenges. If your chosen man doesn't, then he probably doesn't have a dick. And we don't want dickless men do we? What's next? Work your charm goddamnit. Look within yourself and be happy with what you've got. Yeah that Mariana Renata chick is gorgeous, but here's the good news hear hear: so are you. Happiness makes you more beautiful, trust me. Last but least: keep that hymen intact. It drives men bananas. Tell you what, it's the first thing I learned early on, thanks to my Asian upbringing. I learned that waaay long before I even heard of the term 'holding out'. LOL.
To Viv, a fellow hot and unusual 23-year-old virgin in an unwelcoming (well, kinda) foreign land: I love you precious! LOL. Every morning I wake up to the happy thought that we share a building. Hahahha. My Auckland boyfriend will be jealous of you the way my Indo boyfriend was jealous of my Indo best bud. LOL. Here's to a long-lasting friendship.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007, 08:22 a.m.

so many boys, so little time...hahah kiddd
So. All is well in the world of Isyana.
Tom's got a girlfriend. Yes I'm crushed, but apart from that I couldn't care less. I mean, I saw 'em doing couply stuff with my own very eyes yet he (1)didn't introduce his girlfriend to me and (2)flirted with me in front of her. Never in a million years would I wanna have a beau like that.
Besides, I've got myself two new toys. And Leo's back in Auckland. His twin told me. On holiday maybe, and I might not meet him but I'm glad knowing he's back in town. And an old fling whom I still kinda have feelings for has been flirting with me...again. LOL. Plus I've been meeting up with Naim every weekend since probably three weeks ago. Ok, ok. That should be enough.
In other news. I had my first FTVMS 320 essay due on Friday at 04:00 PM. I just started the night before, and early in the morning the next day my laptop crashed! And dreary me, I lost my flashdisk. LOL. Thus I rushed to school and started over...and actually got it done on time! That was the first time - ever - in my whole life I did an essay right on the day it was due. It was a short one, only 1500 words long, but still...

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Monday, April 2, 2007, 09:55 a.m.