Hello everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! SELAMAT TAHUN BARU! GLUECKLICHES NEUES JAHR! I hope you had a cool new year's eve, coz mine was cool too! For the first time in my life I didn't celebrate a new year's eve with my family (parents, cousins...). This time I celebrated the threshold of 2003 and the eve of 2004 with my campus mates at the place of one of them, Lala. Lala's house's backyard is so vast with two gazebos, big and small. Obviously, I and about 17 other partiers (including the host) partied in the big one. And then what did we do? We had sex and got high on booze and partied like it was 1969! Huahahahahaha...GOTCHA! No, no...no naughty stuff coz we knew Lala's mum kept an eye on us even though she pretended to watch TV. LOL. So we had games, presents, BBQ...One of my mates turned out to be baloon-phobic, so it was funny how we brought a baloon to his face and watched him got all terrified! Hahaha...yea...sometimes we innocent-looking peeps can be that evil! Anyway, I left about 20 minutes after the countdown, while the other slept over. I was tired, bored, and a bit dizzy from dancing (but I didn't get drunk, mind you). Actually, more details about the party are on my newly-revamped LJ, but it's in Indonesian. Yea.
Friday, January 2, 2004 08:46 p.m.

Alter ego: Go ahead Nana...like they read your blog anyway! Just type our heart out.
Hokay. I just wanna give a big fat "fuck you" to the following:

  • Mr. "I hate those women coz they do better than me."

  • Mr. "all the other people are idiots except me and my unrealistic bigger-than-any mountain plan."

  • Yeah. And I mean burn in hell.
    I learned that blogs aren't always the reflection of their owners. People who seem snobbish at their blogs might actually be nice and fun once you get up close and personal with 'em. On the contrary, people who seem cool at their blogs can turn out to be assholes after you get to know them better. Looks are deceiving, so are blogs.
    Quotes of the day:
    Diamond isn't a girl's best friend, but gay guys are.
    Andien, in the movie Arisan! (and that quote was actually said in English!)
    Hell yea. I mean, diamonds are your best buds ONLY when you're rich. When money is really tight, you have to sell your diamonds. Most fag blokes, on the other hand, are attentive and caring regardless of your size, unlike their straight counterparts who act the same only to women they have their eyes on.
    There are lots of pricks out there, but one day you'll meet a prick that you'll wanna marry.
    Daddy! Figurative meaning or not, of course pricks or dicks or penises or whatever you wanna call it, hold no power whatsoever over me, and all of my fellow females! Pricks really don't matter to us females, unlike boobs to males. Our ideal man has to have the look, the brain, the heart, and the same religion! Right, girls?
    Thursday, December 25, 2003 08:39 p.m.

    Hello all! So my ICB test (whose difficulty was anticipated) turned out to be EASY PEASY! Yay! That must've been God's answer to my prayer! And on Sunday, I went to Bandung with my parents (sorry to my Bandung buddies for having not informed...the trip was so sudden, I was told that we were to go there only at the midnight of Saturday and we left at 05:30 AM the next day!) because they were invited to some event like Borneo Family Reunion. And while they were attending the event, I had a tour de factory outlets with my cousins, sisters Wilsa, Kiki, Nancy, and Irene, plus Wilsa's son Revan. I got myself only one item of a denim jacket because of my limited fund (LOL) and most of the other items were avarage quality goods. My parents and I left Bandung exactly 12 hours after we'd departed from Jakarta, and while we were stopping by at Puncak Pass to have supper, I met my one of my lecturers! Then I absent-mindedly introduced her to my parents, unaware of the possibility that she might tell my parents about my worsening grades. This I realized only after they started to have a talk. But even after she and parents were sitting at the same table having a chitchat, no mention of my grades ever passed my lecturer's mounth. Thank god. Otherwise I wouldn't be here typing this entry.
    My goodness, I've just seen something that really reminds me of a South Park episode called "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society." Ok fine...nevermind my sarcasm.

    When I said I had no nephew, I completely forgot that far in Bandung, there exists my adorable 17-month-old nephew Revan. Sorry sweetie, but Auntie Nana (a.k.a the coolest auntie in the world) loves ya still!
    Tuesday, December 23, 2003 01:28 p.m.

    I actually had finished typing this entry (or rather, the predecessor of this entry) and just hit the 'done' button when the electricity died out! Damn! So I guess I had to type it again...
    It's been a tense, tense week. The peak of which being today, when my group and I had to present a make-believe new Mandiri card and weren't sufficiently ready even until moments before our turn came. I broke down during the break time. Don't ask. However, the toughest is yet to come for I still have two more exams 'til Wednesday. So guyz...wish me the very best of luck like PLEAZE PLEAZE PLEAZE x 1000.
    For those of you living in Indo, have you seen the latest Head and Shoulders commercial where there's a bloke sitting in a lab and having his hair pulled and tested? That bloke is none other than my beloved 'abang ganteng' Jason! After seeing his commercial (for the second time...I wasn't sure it was him the first time I saw it), I made an international call to him only to make sure it was really him on that commercial. Turned out to be true, and my god, is he way more gorgeous in real life (or at least on screen) than in pix! He was sleeping with his girlfriend when I called, and that was the second time I interupted their quality time! But no...Ko Jason wasn't mad at me for being such a naughty lil' sis...LOL.
    Saturday, December 20, 2003 08:53 p.m.