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dum dee duh
HAPPY 43RD BIRTHDAY MUM! It's too bad the dorkbutt and I are not there to have our usual birthday dinner. And maybe it will be like that for the next 2-4 years, but it's all for the best...
I heart Caleb. Yesterday at in the learning room he went into trouble looking for the Mildred Pierce part in one of the books he borrowed from the school library, without me asking for it! Isn't that nice! And all the nice guys are taken. If they're not officially taken, then they're kind of taken...It's complicated to explain. Caleb is the latter. He's been dating a MUSLIM MALAYSIAN girl. LOL. Oh by the way Mildred Pierce is the movie I'm discussing in my FTVMS 101 second essay. Caleb, Gabrielle, and I are in the same paper, but they're doing other movies for the assignment.
This is for some hard core Muslims in Indo...Hey guys, it doesn't hurt to keep an open mind. Respecting other people's belief doesn't mean you have to conform to it. And as long as those people don't sacrifice human beings like Satan and Kali worshippers, they should be alright and you should mind your own business.
You know what my current fave drink is? Primo's lime-flavored milk!
EDIT: My heart goes out to those affected by the 10/1 Bali bombing. For Jamaah Islamiyah people, if you hate America and its allies go bomb The White House or The Buckingham Palace. Taking your anger out on your very own innocent countrymen or neighbours sooo doesn't cut it. Or best, go fuck yourselves. declare yourselves good Muslims yet you did the first thing Allah condemns when Ramadan is about to start. Good way to purify yourselves, eh?
Online from the ground level learning room of the Student Commons again with no one I know around. This place is addictive and that's a good thing since Caleb and his hot fellow hapa Dafydd are here studying and doing essays at hectic times like this. They also come as it opens and leaves as it closes, late at night. So this room is like their second home. I can see myself doing the same...
I can hardly believe Richard Lubis is almost 25! That dude sure looks 19, even by Indonesian standard! Oh and speaking of looking younger than your age, when I have to pay for the bus fare by cash instead of monthly card, the driver always tells me it's $2.60. Just recently I found out that $2.60 is the fare for children and people under 18, and the adult fare is $3.60! It's funny how those drivers never bother to ask how old I am. They must assume I'm 16!
There's a Pakistani guy going after me and I don't like him at all. Sure, he's nice and he was there when I had one of my worst breakdowns, but I want us to be nothing more than casual mates who say hi when we bump into each other but don't stop to chat because we're busy with our own lives. He's been giving me texts, missed calls and voice messages but I usually just reply the texts saying I'm at the library studying. I feel guilty but it's best thing I can do. I hope he'll either get sick of me like I've got sick of Casey or pick up the signs fast. And by the way, I never thought I'd be in Casey's position this fast.
New Zealand is more ahead of the rest of the world than it already is. The time is an hour ahead of the usual. They call it "Daylight Saving Time" and I don't know the heck it's supposed to mean but as summer is getting closer I'll soon find out.

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Sunday, October 2, 2005, 07:18 a.m.

Ok, so yesterday was fun. After FTVMS 101 lecture I ate lunch with cousins Gabrielle Tiahia and Caleb Matafeo at Albert Park. It was so much fun hanging out with them, and I didn't even have to beg. They asked me to come along. LOL. Then the screening was Albert Hitchcock's Psycho, and I'm still sorry Caleb missed it. It was partially my fault he missed it, but he's forgiven me anyway.
Aaaand the poetry-reading. I sat with Casey and Polish couple Carolina and Flavius, just like the last time. I couldn't take my eyes off Casey during the event (but I did pay attention to a couple funny poems.) I stared right at his eyes it freaked him out. LOL. Those eyes are bluer than I thought, a little bit droopy and rather cold. I also gave him once-overs. He's skinny and certainly doesn't pay attention to his appearance. The sole of one of his shoes was gaping. Plus he's started balding despite being only 25! Then it hit me that he needed a makeover, and from then on I've been wondering if I'm still madly in love with him. I want my guy to look good, and although I wouldn't mind giving him a makeover, I'd prefer he does it because he wants to. That and the fact that Casey REALLY is taken (his girl's called Jess, and probably thanks to me, she sat somewhere in the back couches instead of in the front with us.)
Off the topic, I REALLY AM stumped with the three assignments...Liv got back to me with my second draft last night, and she practically said my essay was fucked-up in terms of content and structure! So I kind of have to start all over...But what the hell. Ain't gonna let that ruin my weekend. I'll get around to it but let me enjoy the weekend...
EDIT: I'm blogging from the one of Student Commons' learning rooms FOR THE FIRST TIME! Hahahaa I know I'm such a dork...Caleb and his hot seemingly hapa mate (Caleb is a hapa himself. Half Samoan and half European) are on the PC's behind me.
My bro asked me for my home address this morning because he said he wanted to send over a package...What will it contain? Takeshi Kaneshiro? Eugene Nomura? LOL.
Happy October everyone!

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Saturday, October 1, 2005, 06:43 a.m.

my new-found nomura craze and more...
I'm glad I'm spending Ramadan overseas so I won't be hearing news about The Islam Defender Front people forcefully closing night clubs and churches. Bah I detest them. They're the posterkids of the fact that just because you're religious doesn't mean you're a good person.
Sometimes I love my ambiguity. I love it when people can't tell what nationality, age, and religion I am.
God I wish there were more info on Eugene Nomura on the net! Memory and Desire was released in 1997, and Eugene was 25. I so wanna see what he looks like now as a 33-year-old...And I wonder if he was educated abroad. His English is so good he doesn't even have a Japanese accent when speaking the lingo. But I guess he's not an overseas Japanese since Memory and Desire and The Yakuza Way are his only English movies and he was born in Tokyo.
I also have the feeling that he's yet to become a star even in his native Japan. However, since he played in Azumi II alongside Aya Ueto, a houshold name in Japan (this 20-year-old girl has also garnered fans in Indo), hopefully he'll get more attention...
You know what, as I was fixing breakfast just moments ago, it hit me that I know a guy who looks kind like Eugene. Auntie Anna's younger bro. But he's married.

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Friday, September 30, 2005, 01:52 a.m.

Eugene Nomura is HOT!!! He's some Japanese heartthrob whose biggest break is probably the movie Memory and Desire, which was played in the 1998 Cannes (if I'm not mistaken...or some other international movie festival.) That movie is based on a novella by NZ writer Peter Wells by the same title, and I'm discussing the story in my third English 103 assignment. Lately the class has been discussing the novella as well, so we got to see the movie...Anyway there's not much info on him around - not even his pictures - just his birthdate and up-to-date filmography on IMBD. He's exactly eleven years my senior and therefore a fellow Taurean...I hope he's single and will notice my blog! LOL. You know, when he googles his name my blog will undoutedly appear on either the first or second page...
Met Casey at Strata today while I was having a talk on my second FTVMS 101 essay with my tutor, Liv. We said shouted hi and while he was walking past me to the door he said, "I'll be right back," which meant, "I'll hide in the dunny until you're gone, no matter how long it takes." So yea, as Liv had to go to attend a seminar, I headed home, and I didn't encounter Casey again on the way.
I don't read Harry Potter and The Da Vinci Code because I AM SIMPLY NOT INTERESTED. Oh, that and my tendency of disliking what other people like.
When I'm being inarticulate, people think I'm Indian. I mean, I love it when people think I'm Indian because of my look, but hate it when it's thanks to my speeches.
Bah. Must get back to work. Research, research, research.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005, 02:19 p.m.

If the the header image isn't self-explanatory enough, this blog is mine and therefore I'm entitled to do anything I please with it. If you don't like me as a person or don't like what you see, then why on earth are you here, of all places? If you can't say anything nice, go get yourself an online space to rant in. Don't do it in other people's. Maturity is key, folks.

Twenty-two. Taurus. Indonesian passport, New Zealand residence. The UI grad, UofA freshman. English literature major, films and media studies minor. Budding psychic (?). In the midst of quarter life crisis. Spoilled brat, but not rich nor rotten. Always color-cordinated. Mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia. Travels include Japan, France, Singapore, England, Australia, Malaysia, China, and USA. Usually knows more than she lets on. Single and looking. Blogging since 18. Graphic design, poetry, and photography are pastimes. Quirky. DA. LJ. More?

agatha christie edgar allan poe the 1920's jackie's strength//tori amos beautiful couple...they should hook up again!

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