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happiest bunny on earth
Hey you guys! Hahaha happy August...Woo lotsa things to look forward to this month. First up, I've just had my first Shakespeare test. It was on Dr. Faustus (which by the way is by Christopher Marlowe but I've no idea why they put it in a Shakespeare class anyway) and it was EASY PEASY! I was sooo nervous before the test since I've only watched the flick (made in 1967 starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Kinda gothic. Me likey) and still haven't finished the book. But well, the nervousness proved unnecassary.
Secondly, three of my first essays are due this month. Two on the 25th and one on the 18th. I was wrong about about FTVMS 200 response paper being due this week. It's due anytime before the mid-semester break and I've booked August 9 as the date I'll hand in my paper.
Next Friday there's a dessert night held by UMSA at The Metropolis Podium!!! The tickets are already sold out and since I don't really know where the venue is I'm going there with a few UMSA guys from campus. Omigod I'm sooo burning with excitement! Well that's gonna gain me more weight...but who cares la.
UMSA's also holding a ball on August 27th at The Crowne Plaza Hotel. I'm sooo going. I've got my eyes on this black vintage dress and I'm having it made tomorrow as I'm about to pay the down payment. Actually I'm torn between two dresses...the afore-mentioned one and another one, black and white. The latter's much cheaper and in some ways more gorgeous, but thing is apparently it's available at every Farmers branch. Omigod. I soo don't want to run into another girl wearing the same item, or worse still, have girls giggling at me for wearing 'that Farmers dress'. On second thought though, I might buy the black and white dress for my Uniguide graduation night, which will take place sometime near the ball. We'll see. I'm not sure whether the Uniguide night will be formal.
And the training for the courses and careers day (for which I'll work and get paid) is on August 19 and the big day itself is on August 26. The training hasn't even started but I'm already dreaming of my first paycheck in years. What am I gonna put the money towards? More clothes?
With lots and lots of stuff to watch out for this month, it's likely that I'll blog less. Oh and...did I mention that the mid-semester break starts on August 28?

Listening to: Stacie Orrico - I'm Not Missing You
Wednesday, August 2, 2006, 10:48 p.m.

I've just seen Confetti, a British comedy flick about a wedding magazine holding a competition where couples who are to tie the knot have to come up with original wedding ideas. The couples are chosen: one musical, one nudist, one tennis. Which couple will win? Hahahaha the movie's hilarious I tell you, but not in a Hollywood kind of way. I mean, the flick doesn't have the in-your-face, slapstick humor a la Eurotrip, Scary Movie, and American Pie. The humor's more personal and realistic as it pertains to everyday life. And since not all members of the audience laughed when I was in the cinema watching it, I guess only people with an open mind and a broad sense of humor can get the jokes. Also, I feel sorry that my mates in Indo can't enjoy the flick as it contains a lot of nudity. Matter-of-factly, there are lots of stark naked extras walking around since Michael and Joanna, the nudist couple, spend most of their time in a 'naturalist village'.
Last but certainly never least, I love it that Confetti looks more realist than most movies I've seen. It's got a documentary style with angles that seem to be shot with a handycam (I know...I'm a crap films student) and the cast is avarage-looking. All this makes you forget that you're watching a flick.

Listening to: nothing
Sunday, July 30, 2006, 10:07 a.m.

insert whatever title here
Hey people! Now you can see my pictures on Flickr! I haven't got time to upload the Ispace pictures as I'm still the world's best procrastinator and I really am busy lately. I've just got the tuition fee payment issue sussed out (Bank of New Zealand got my name wrong AND didn't put my student ID number), handed in a Uniguide report...And I still have to prepare the documents needed to renew my visa, study for next week's Shakespeare test, write a response paper for FTVMS 200 which is due next week...AAAARRRGGGHH. But I can manage.
This is for those who, like me, are old enough to remember the '80s. Don't you guys miss Small Wonder? I absolutely do, and when I was little (and the show aired on a local TV channel) I always referred to the show as 'the Vicky show' since I spoke no English. It wasn't until I was 15 and Small Wonder aired again on Star TV that I finally knew what the Vicky show's real title was. Hahahaah...anyway, here's a little something for you to gush over.

Lesson of the day: when it comes to electronics, always rely on famous brands.

Listening to: nothing
Friday, July 28, 2006, 06:25 p.m.

just an update
Hey guys! Been missing me? School's been going on for almost two weeks now and I can hardly keep up with the classes! Still having the holiday hangover...
You know what tops my wishlist? For the members the Islam Defender Front (Front Pembela Islam/FPI) to catch testicular cancer, have their testicles removed, and grow huge-ass tits. If you're not in the know of what these people are up to, they're still suing the Indonesia Playboy, which has just released their third issue, and they're also suing the celebs (boys and girls alike) who appear in every single page of mag, including the ads! Perverts. Their suing the mag means they ACTUALLY read it, right? But we can shut them up. You see, most FPI men are poor and uneducated, and there's only thing that violent, poor, and uneducated men want more than anything else on earth: protection money.
Anyway, I've just realized I have a Flickr. Signed up for it last year but never used it. I'll put the Ispace and Uniguide pictures there.

Listening to: Mylene Farmer - Comme J'ai Mal
Wednesday, July 26, 2006, 09:08 a.m.