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mungkin yang terakhir kalinya...
Happy belated 52nd and 41st birthdays to my dad and aunt (July 2), two of the most beloved persons in my life. My farewell feast was a success, and of course we took lots of pictures. I'll try to post them before I'm off to Kiwiland (which is in two days *gasp.*) Oh and I got lots of presents as well.
You know what I hate to death? People saying "If I had such troubled children I wouldn't know what to do with them," in front of other people whose children are really troubled, some way or the other. That's really an unpleasant way to say "Oh thank goodness my children are better than yours." Also, it shows the inability or/and unwillingness to cope with their own children should they have problems that they can't handle on their own. I mean, it's THEIR children. They've got to be there for them no matter what stands in the way.
On a different note, play this virgin game if you're hella bored! LOL. I got 13 out of 21 correct, and it said I did better than 63% of the players.

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Sunday, July 3, 2005, 11:48 a.m.

july happy
Happy July everyone! Happy belated 21st birthday Freddy! I hope you got my card. I sent it via Gmail to your Hotmail (get a Yahoo account for god's sake.) I couldn't send it through Hotmail because you've blocked me and I couldn't send it using Yahoo either because I heard you got mad at me for some reason I can't quite comprehend. But what the hell, I hope you had a happy birthday!
When I said Happy July, I meant it would bring happiness to everyone, especially the ones at home who all seem to be in a bad mood today.
Only four days left for me to go. Hm.

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Friday, July 1, 2005, 08:21 a.m.

japan all the way
You know mum, there will never be sufficient money for us four if you don't reduce your tailor fetish.
My student visa was out a couple days ago. And it says I can work fifteen hours a week. Hello Auckland people, got a vacancy?
I have a new Japanese idol! Give it up for Ayaka Hirahara! Girl really can sing, unlike most Japanese singers who sing through their noses and therefore can only sing flat notes. I wonder if she's a Japanese Idol alumni...How I got to listen to Miss Hirahara? Well my dad bought her mini CD Eternally in his last visit to Ninjaland, and it's sooo him to buy at least a CD by a musician he's never heard of from every country he goes to. Lucky for him (and me as well), the only CD he brought from Japan, Ayaka Hirahara's, is a smashing one.
Still relating to Japan, I've just realized I know LOTS of Japanese words. But of course I don't know the grammar, structure, let alone the characters! LOL. It was funny that when I was in Japan, I would get alert whenever my brother mentioned "one-chan" or when we had someone acting as an interpreter explaining to me what the Japanese people we encountered said, I would give a nod, a faint "yes, I know" (if the interpretation matched my understanding) and the necessary reply, either in Indonesian or English, depending on where the interpreter was from. However, to learn Nihon-go for serious is...well...not in my plan for the near future.

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Thursday, June 30, 2005, 08:37 p.m.

bandung vacation on hold til next year
Yasmina, about the Nana movie, I've heard about the comic books. I read about it in a newspaper, and it said the Nana comics were a big hit in Japan as it was considered closer to reality than any other manga.
Damn...tomorrow my mum's off to Bandung with my cousins and other relatives and I've opted to stay in Jakarta to meet my mates. If I opted to come with them to Bandung, that would be my last vacation with my mum's side of the family. However, I've got plans...Strange thing is in the past month my long-lost mates have made a sudden comeback in my life and suggested we meet up, as if they know that I'm off to New Zealand very soon and I believe that they never keep up with my Friendster and blog. So while my mum and the family are holidaying in Bandung tomorrow, I'll be having a reunion with my eighth grade gang. One of them called me out of the blue yesterday and suggested we meet up with the rest of the gang...

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005, 10:05 p.m.

I've just come home from a relative's house far away from mine, the house of my uncle's mother who is cousins with my maternal grandma. Since I will be living in this uncle's house during my stay in New Zealand, it would be best for me to get to know his mother. Her house is typical of old people's homes, in which time seems to stand still. In this granny's house I found a vinyl record player, a typewriter, and Indonesian classic literature books. In my own granny's house there are trophies dating back from as long ago as 1973, and a music box that plays the old classic Feelings when you open it. Old pictures are mandatory. I wonder if my house will stay they way it is forever. But no, since my dad is a techie freak and my mum likes to change decoration. It's hard to imagine my house finally settling into "the granny house mode." In the 14 years of our occupying the house, the sofas in the living room alone have been changed three times. Not to mention the ornaments on the wall.
Still relating to my uncle, in our visit the his mother house I was shown the pictures of his family and his Indonesian food corner at a mall in Auckland called Waroeng Khansa (the granny couldn't recall the mall's name), so I have this feeling that every weekend I'll be forced to work at the food corner! LOL. Well I don't mind working there...but not as a cashier if I'll be given choices. I'd like to type the menu and work up a tagline for the food corner, combining my language and advertising skills. I would also like to design the logo and menu booklet, putting my (albeit meagre) graphic design skills to work.
On a hardly relevant note, I dreamt about some famous local actor a couple nights ago. My recollection about it is so vivid. This actor is a hottie, even though he's married with children and I never have a celebrity crush on him. But that time...well, here the story goes. I was at an art exhibition with Orchid and her mum and we were eating lunch when there were four guys coming our way, and one of them was the actor. They were said to be brothers, and I was introduced to all of them. The next thing I knew I was in bed with one of the brothers, not the actor but another guy who was just as hot and whose face I still remember to this very moment. I was lying in bed next to him fully-clothed when all of a sudden in the mirror I caught the reflection of the actor standing at the door. Then the next thing after that was me in bed with the actor, still fully-clothed while he, either bare-chested or stark naked (because he was covered in blanket from the waist down), holding and french-kissing me. It was the best french kiss ever! Oh, and before he french-kissed me I asked him about his newborn baby, and he refused to answer.
I have no idea what that dream tried to tell me. I've never been a fan of the actor, though he sure is talented and has won awards. I have met him in real life, too. The day after that dream, I mused maybe it was a precognitive dream, and maybe it was trying to tell me that one I would be...his second wife? And now this thought still lingers on my mind! Oh well..let's hope this is not my sixth sense at work again!

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Monday, June 27, 2005, 01:28 p.m.

Been licked by a smooth criminal...
Sixth sense progress report:getting stronger. It happened again twice, though one of them wasn't really precise. Today there was a surprise party for my cousin Lala (well, cousin-in-law actually...the wife of my first cousin Arya) at a cafe, and before heading to the cafe, while writing the birthday, I suddenly thought it was NECESSARY to add *throws confetti* after "happy 25th birthday." And...guess what, just as soon as my cousin-in-law appeared at the door of the cafe, a few of the guests THREW CONFETTIS. Next, also before going to the cafe, I predicted that I would hear the news of the pregnancy of my other cousin-in-law, Puja - the wife of my cousin Echa, Arya's brother - while I would be in New Zealand. However, half of me highly doubted my own prediction since Puja is an all-out career woman and I heard she and her husband would take several more years before settling with children (they've been married for almost two years.) Turned out I didn't need to wait that long, because at the surprise party Puja announced her pregnancy.
By the way, did you know that one of the juries (or is it jurors?) of the notorious Michael Jackson trial was...*drum roll please* A CHINESE-INDONESIAN WOMAN! Well if you religiously kept up with the trial you might not have been able to recognize her because she was number eight and went by the name of Katharina Carls. However, only on either Gatra or Tempo (leading news magazines in Indonesia) did I find out that this woman's maiden name is Widjaja. Amazing, eh?

Listening to: Liquid Generation's rendition of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal, in which the "Annie are you ok?" part is replaced by "Macaulay are you ok?" Hahahahah :)
Sunday, June 26, 2005, 10:45 p.m.

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