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Alright people. I passed both my summer school papers. Got a C+ for English 357 which, honestly, I'm happy about. But you've no idea how bloody disappointed I am with my FTVMS 110 mark. I mean, I did pretty well in the paper, scored a B- and a B for both assignments respectively without really trying, and I reckon I did pretty good in the exam. This is a stage one paper after all, and I got my first A in a stage two paper. But anyway there was a point before the marks came out that I was so terrified of failing one or both papers (which, had it happened, would have resulted in the further postponing of my graduation) that I said to God in many of my prayers that I wouldn't mind a C- for each. Well, I got better than a bloody C- so I can't complain.
Which brings us to the up-coming semester, starting this Monday, MY LAST! That's right. My. Last. So expect another picture of yours truly in the graduation regalia in a few months' time! Hang on a sec, did I ever take, let alone post, any picture of me in my UI graduation get-up? Well honestly, I didn't take any picture. If you've been my reader for at least three years, chances are you remember what happened.
This is March already and I haven't heard from the international student info center, where I applied for a part-time job. All I know is that the officer responsible for recruiting part-timers has started postgrad studies and that means she now works part-time. I'll send her an e-mail.
Speaking of work, my wages for Course Advice Day and Enrolment Week are in, yet I'm...still not quite pleased. Not only were they late, they also come in parts. That's right. For now it's only the wages for January 29. I hope the rest of the wages will come next week.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008, 10:12 p.m.

I totally hate it when websites have midis! In particular those that you can't stop. Not only are they a major nuisance to the ear, but they're also very outdated. So yeah, newsflash to you bloody midi users out there, the midi heyday actually dates back around ten years ago. Even when midis were all the hype I found it disconcerting. Thus, if you still use midis you either (a)are tasteless or (b)just got back from Neptune and therefore ten years behind.
My black satin ballerina flats are slightly deformed now due to the unimpressive weather in the past couple of days. I really should've known better than to wear such fragile shoes in such unfriendly weather, but the fashionista in me (muahahahaha) didn't want to compromise. But that's ok, since I'm rather tired of the flats (flimsy as they are), I'm sooo getting a new pair of blacks once my wages are in! Woot! I might even get ankle boots since autumn's already here.
Ah, the wages...I promised to tell you about my job many entries ago didn't I? So basically it's the same old Ambassador work...only I'm doing it much more frequently now so it's kinda like a part-time job. On January 29 and 30, we helped out on The Course Advice Day, then I worked two Fridays during the Enrolment Week (some ambassadors even work the whole Week (which actually stretched to about three weeks) but I had summer school and they apparently had too many ambassadors, hence my two Fridays), and next we'll be doing the whole Orientation Week, February 25-29. We're paid $12.50/hour and Ambassador work normally runs 8-9 hours. So yeah, money money...ka-ching ka-ching! Oh, and most of the time breakfast and lunch are provided. The downside though, is ambassadors are on casual contract, meaning we don't get paid periodically, meaning we don't get paid on a weekly or monthly basis. Our wages usually arrive three weeks after the work. Yeah. Gasp. In the case of Course Advice Day and my slots in Enrolment Week, it's been more than three weeks since I worked but where the hell are my wages? Sigh. I hope it will come next week. I don't think it will be joint with the O Week because we're gonna sign a new contract on the first day.
I've also applied to the international student office at uni, and if I get in it's gonna be my first real part-time job and I'll start working in March!

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Saturday, February 23, 2008, 10:31 a.m.

rip it off, rip it off, pass it as your own...
Ok, quick recaps: I got a B for the second FTVMS essay (one that I thought I got no mark for), FTVMS exam was ok, English exam was blah. Can't wait to do Ambassadors and Ispace for the last time, and curious to see if I make it to the international student office! March is just around the corner, so I'll find out soon.
Check out this 'viral ad' (still a bit uncomfortable using the term) of Carlton Draught! It's so hilarious I laughed for a whole hour although the ad only runs for exactly a minute. Yep. So bloody hilarious I'm sure it sells a bloody big number of beer...

You know what, I'm kind of waiting for an Indonesian rip-off of the ad.
Speaking of rip-off, remember the 'snake girls' Zara tee I wrote about many entries ago? Now there's an exact rip-off of the tee by none other than Jayjays. Yikes. Ok, so check out this picture of me wearing the Zara tee, taken sometime last September at my mate Joey's graduation (yeah I know. It was one of my fashion disaster days), then go to the Jayjays website, click on 'girls' and choose 'tops'. Omigod. I should expect lots of 'I wish I had really lived in the '80s but alas I was actually born in 1992' 15-year-olds donning the evil twin of my fave tee from now on. But seriously, if only you were here you'd be able to tell straight away the 'Dolly' from the real thing. Yeah. Without looking at the labels. The Jayjays production's colors aren't as deep as my Zara one. The latter's material is also of better quality.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008, 11:29 p.m.
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