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Gee, I had no idea Delta Goodrem had just turned 18! She sure looks twenty something, and so mature I can't even imagine her dressing like a normal teenager. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against her. In fact I admire her because her music is so beyond her years, and with that and those certainly deceiving looks, there's no way people will mistake her for just another teen pop newcomer.
For Inul Daratista fans, everything there is to know about her (including the procedure of how to get her perform at an event) here. As far as I know, Inul's the first ever dangdut singer to have such a sophisticated official website. For foreigners or Indonesians living overseas, Inul Daratista is the very person who's been rocking our wonderful world of hypocrisy, Indonesia, for the past few months!
i'm 50's elvis!

Take the Which Elvis Are You? quiz, made by .
The quiz's a bad one. The creator must've thought we were Elvis himself, for he made the quiz based solely on basic Elvis facts!
Friday, May 2, 2003 10:43 p.m.

Translation class was called off because the lecturer (and other lecturers) and kids from classes of 2001 and 2000 went to the Mapres Presentations to support Aria, a member of class of 2001 who's one of the Mapres candidates. By the way Mapres stands for Mahasiswa Berprestasi or Student with Achievements in English. The select Mapres will recieve a scholarship worthy of around Rp. 1 million. Among the six candidates is the singer Saras Dewi, or formerly known as Saras Dhamantra, the founder of The Indonesian Student Alliance (API). She has a beautiful Balinese face, and she's so down to earth. She wore a simple blue shirt, a jeans skirt, flip-flops, wore her long her in a tight bun, and she had no make-up on. I didn't see her presentation because I left as soon as Aria was done with his presentation (he got the first turn), but many said Saras Dewi didn't present well. The issue she raised was the money-orientated government, and she kept repating the same pointers. Her English isn't so good either, I found out about that when she questioned Aria on his issue (legalizing pornography). Knowing those facts, it opened my eyes that no one really is perfect. Saras Dewi's been one of those super human I fancy. She's gorgeous. She got a scholarship from The Boston University when she was in secondary school. She founded API when she was only 15. She went to an international school high school. She was accepted into one of my university's undergraduate programmes (faculty of philosophy). Her first album was released just last year. And now she's one of the Mapres candidates. Yet despite all those amazing qualities she's never talked high about herself and is so down to earth. Now I know she has flaws too, but I still like to think of her as a super human!
Now time for rant. I don't understand why Mandy Moore likes to brag about her age. She's so used to saying, "I'm only (insert current age here), too young to experience this and that..." I wonder if she'll keep saying that kind of thing after she turns as old as 35!
Thursday, May 1, 2003 11:38 p.m.

Phew! So there goes my 20th birthday layout! Well it's still cheesy alright, but my 19th birthday layout (anyone remembers my 19th birthday layout?) was a lot cheesier. It only consisted of two very simple tables, an image on which I did nothing but added some text (because I was kind of Photoshop-illeterate at that time), and colored scroll bar. HAPPY 17 BIRTHDAY TO JEAN AND 21ST BIRTHDAY TO ANDY! MAY YOUR LIVES BE MORE FRUITFUL AND YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!
Thought of the day: What if he really has stopped finding me attractive?
Wednesday, April 30, 2003 12:33 p.m.

Oh well. My sacrifice went in vain. So I did skip IC class, and I went to campus at 10:00 AM, as opposed to my usual 08:45 AM. I was quite ready for the quiz. But heck, the CB lecturer didn't show up until half an hour after the time the class was supposed to start, so that meant the class was called off. Fuck.
Today I and eleven fellow English Literature students had our pictures taken at Q-tha Studio, Tebet. We went to the studio straight from campus. The picture-taking took 3,5 consecutive hours since it included applying make-up, changing costumes, and trying out a big number of poses. So damn tiring...and even more so since I didn't eat lunch. I wanted to my pearly whites to look flawless in the pictures and I didn't bring my there. As we were about to have our last picture taken, I almost fainted and one of the photographers took me to the sofa. There I drank a glass of mineral water and watched MTV Indonesia while my mates were having the last shot.
After the long photo session was eventually done, I and four of my eleven mates went to a warung in Tebet for dinner. We were so exhausted we ate numerous food, including noodles, chicken pecel with uduk rice, fried banana with milk and cheese, and fried bread stuffed with beef, poured with milk and sowed with cheese. Wow. Almost each of us had two meals. And during dinner, we shared secrets and experiences. Mein Gott, was I glad to know I wasn't the only one with crazy thoughts and experiences!
Enough about today's happenings. Y'know what, I'm glad to know there are still some people who still think of me as an angel, even after finding out that I'm not that angelic inside. I guess that's maybe because I always try to be there for them and when I help them, they know my help is sincere. Oops. I think I've just let my narcissistic alter ego take control.

Saturday, April 26, 2003 11:25 p.m.