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my role models and I
I did the dumbest thing ever. In today's tutorial when Ann told us she was a school geek, I asked spontaneously, "You're a school geek?" Nobody seemed to notice, or more likely they actually did but thought I was trying to be funny, which I really didn't.
School geeks. I'm like Ann, a school geek. When people ask me what I plan to do after leaving school, my answer is always to go to another school. Get an MA at Yale and a Ph.D at Oxford. It's just kind of hard to see myself having a job. If you've known me for so long it must be hard to believe this is the same person who, just several years ago, said school sucked and even thought of dropping out of high school.
That explains my love for Ann. She smiles a lot. She keeps her natural dark Italian look. She's married. She's smartly dressed most of the time and she doesn't get carried away with the boho chic craze, which makes her a living proof that it really doesn't hurt dressing your age (she's in her late 30s.) That's another thing I have in common with her, other than being a self-proclaimed school geek.
I want to be like Ann. I want to study, travel (Ann's from USA but living in NZ), and work at the same time. A husband is a bonus. LOL. Oh, Ann is also like Cheryl Tan, my other role model, too! She's a travelling school geek as well, and judging from her pictures, she's fashionable without completely losing herself to the current trend. I already have these two amazing women's qualities and am developing them!
Bah. What am I doing. I must start working on the Women 205 essay NOW!

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Thursday, February 2, 2006, 10:25 p.m.

Guys, don't accuse us of not having "good souls" just becase we demand you be all ears when we grumble and cry about life. We're just on heavy PMS. When faced with a situation like this, there's only one easy thing you ought to do: be all ears. Don't worry, the PMS lasts usually a week...well two if you're jinxed. Just play along and you'll reap the rewards.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006, 04:51 p.m.

capek and ngantuk tapi happy
WOO HOO! JOY TO THE WORLD! The second FTVMS essay is DONE AND SUBMITTED, online and in real life, and guess what I wrote more than I set out to...I really did have time to develop my ideas man! yea it turned out that I was marked down due to a MAJOR underlength in the first essay, so I could've got at least a B-!!! Aaaarghh I certainly I didn't let that happen again.
Omigosh I'm being overexcited in the written world...just the writing style I soo despise.
Anyway, the Woman 205 journal is due on Thursday, and instead of printing out the blog (not this blog for sure) and bind it I'll copy and paste the entries (no worries, there are only nine or ten...) on MS Word. Then I'll make a new design for the entries and also for the cover. Hahaha I'm unleashing the artist in me!
Online from you-know-where, and I'm heading home now. See ya!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006, 06:44 p.m.

This is what Patricia Grace calls undark dark. A typical summer evening. 08.25 p.m. yet the sun hasn't fully set.
Okaaaayyy...I'm just sooo happy because the first Craccum issue this year is out sooner than I expected! Yeehaw! And I just love their fashion pages although it's not much...just two pages but I really LURVE the photography. They didn't have fashion pages last year.
Craccum aside, I've finally started the FTVMS essay. I've switched to question 3 from question 2 because I realized the latter was too heavy. Current word count: 114, days before deadline: 3. God help me.
Guess what, I've started to love Patricia Grace. I've no idea what's taking over me, but I'm not gonna change my Grace rant in my Woman 205 journal. I'm thinking of discussing Cousins alongside Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar and the movie Orlando for the essay, due February 9...

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Saturday, January 28, 2006, 08:25 p.m.

masih stress
Yasmina, yea I'd love to brainstorm with fellow students, but knowing the Kiwis that's unlikely. Oh yea, I guess most students consult tutors (the ones in the departments and/or SLC) and Tuakana mentors. I mean, that's what these people are paid for...How about YOU GUYS, my readers, help me brainstorm? What comes to your mind when you hear the words "social and technological determinism brought to people on the development of film in the contexts of identity and social myths"? Anyone?
I can't have a private session with Graham today but he promised to reply my e-mails ASAP (hopefully by tonight I'll have got a reply.) Stallone hasn't gotten back to me either. Maybe after this I'll go upstairs and sign up for SLC.
But even if I don't get any help I'll do the essay. I've got any other choice.
EDIT: Yay! Graham's replied my mail! Hahahah...And it's sooo long I get dizzy just looking at it. Ok, time to delve into the topic (and that means the textbook...yikes!) and start the essay! Later peeps.

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Friday, January 27, 2006, 12:15 p.m.

stress berat euy
AAAARRGGHHHH! It's been a struggle keeping on top of summer school. FTVMS 100's second essay is due in five days and I haven't started and Graham's been no help (I don't know if he's got the e-mail...I reckon he does, since the IT problems with the school online system have been overcome), so now I'm e-mailing my Tuakana mentor Stallone. However, even if Stallone gives me a quick reply and helps me brainstorm like when I was about to have my FTVMS 101 exam, I still need to corner Graham tomorrow in the lecture and demand for an emergency private tutoring session like two weeks ago. Oh well. Maybe I'll sign up for SLC tomorrow and use their services straight away. Whatever. I'll do anything to get at least a B-...I got a C for the first assignment and that was better than my expectation but still. Aaand don't get me started on my Woman 205 essay!
On Woman 205, I haven't read one of the textbooks, Dirty Weekend. It sounds interesting aye...I wonder what it's about...Something cliche like someone having an adulterous affair on weekends? Not likely. LOL.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006, 03:26 p.m.