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more boys
Happy August everyone! People say this month is the peak of winter...
In three days my housemate from Saudi Arabia, Ferras, is flying home. Such a nice chap. Throughout the six weeks that he's been living with us, we've never had any complaint about him. He's just finished a summer school with ELA, an English-as-a-second-language school owned by my school and hence his homecoming...After that no doubt my uncle will look for a new lodger, and I hope it will be a girl!
Not much to say really...
Yesterday I got a 50% discount coupon from Kleins, an accesory store at a Westfield mall (the one downtown), so...guess what I bought? A tiara! Hahaha...that's right, for the sake of the little princess in me. Besides, I'd always wanted to have a tiara and don't wanna wait until I get married or win a pageant. The price was originally $79.95, but given the coupon, it was only $35.96.

Sorry it's rather blurry. I've tried all angles (except anywhere arouund my head. A tiara and a home 'do don't go well together!) and I've even tried using flash, but this is the best result yet. It was long after I'd purchased it that I realized there's a flaw in the tiara. But well, maybe because it was the cheapest.
Today at the neighborhood bus stop when I was waiting for the 267 Flyer to take me to school, a guy came from the right direction and took a place next to me. Moments later, he striked a conversation! LOL. There were only the two of us there. He introduced himself as Johnny, a fellow Lynfield resident and engineering major at The Auckland University of Technology, which located near my school. I hadn't seen him around before (I've seen faces of the neighborhood's youngsters on a regular basis at the bus stop) because he'd just returned to school after two years of working. And while working he used to drive. Oh by the way, just in case you're curious...no, we didn't exchange numbers.
Johnny is cute, and although he's not as cute as the bank guy, he's got the most gorgeous turqouise eyes ever!

Listening to: Craig David - Can't Be Messing Around
Monday, August 1, 2005, 03:45 p.m.

listen what I say...
Hey everybody! My dad's just texted me to say that mum had arrived in Indonesia safe and sound. At the airport yesterday she hugged Auntie Dina, my restorateur aunt's best mate who made a tight bond with my mum despite having known her only since she arrived in Auckland, first, and then me. Notice an odd pattern? But whatever. When we were hugging each other, mum cried, and I successfully fought my tears and said, "Don't worry, I'll return home with a degree, a good job, and some really handsome white guy," jokingly. But then in a serious tone, "I won't be a disappoinment to you, mum." Yes I may be emotional most of the time, but I always manage to keep my reputation as the family's devil-may-care first born, who won't cry when family and sappy movies are concerned, but would cry openly about academic failures and boys. It's weird, but that's me.
Ok, keeping my promise, here are pictures of my textbooks.

The three books below Film History and English 121 (which is a series of essays and poems by a variety of writers like Maxine Hong Kingston and the late Martin Luther King Jr.), are the textbooks for my English 103 class, New Zealand literature. Witi Ihimaera, author of the book with a big close-up of a woman's face on the cover, is the author of the play (or is it a book?) Whale Rider, which was made into a movie in 2003. That movie got several Academy Award nominations in 2004, including Best Actress (Keisha Castle-Hughes.) He's one of my lecturers.
But do you think I read them all? Of course not...How the hell would I manage the time man? Instead, I'm reading this book...

Anna May Wong (1905 - 1961) was one of the very few Asian American silent actors. I've been intrigued by her ever since I was in a pre-teen and was sooo overjoyed her biograhy to find her biography among FTVMS recommended books. And it was the only copy left! Hahahah. Maybe I can infuse the knowledge gained from the book (like the fact that caucasian actors who played Asian roles in the silent era was called "yellow faces") in my first FTVMS essay, due August 23.
Anyway, did you know that Maoris and Indonesians share the same word for "two"? That's right, I learned from a bilingual show (Maori and English) that two in Maori is "dua", same word and meaning in Bahasa Indonesia. Well the show was cheesy, and they had the Maori word for "cheesy" but I can't recall...

Listening to: Lenny Kravitz - American Woman
Sunday, July 31, 2005, 02:51 a.m.

Where to begin...Oh, did you know that I'm no longer as talkative as I was back in Indo? Well actually even by then I wasn't as talkative as most people thought I was. On the internet, I can have all my instant messengers on and chat with no one at all. Now in Auckland, I only talk to people whenever I feel like it, with an exception for the ones I have "instant friend chemistry" with, like Roji.
Back in Indo, I would strike a conversation with people even if I wasn't close to them mostly because I felt like it, but sometimes it was because I was afraid people would deem me a snob. Now I don't give a damn.
On to a brighter note. Remember when I told you about a blonde National Bank teller that I've been having my eyes on as well? Well today I went to the bank branch that he works at (UofA Student Commons, of course) to pick up my ATM/debit card and make a PIN number. He did my banking (it was his second time) and after I was done with my PIN he asked me whether I had a class after lunch and if I liked pink. I said no, no class but I had a screening at 02:00 PM and yes, quite obviously I liked pink. I've come to the bank sooo often and I've always been in pink. Hahaha...I guess it made me glow, radiant. Yes I know it wasn't that he asked me out or anything, but so far he was always all business and at the making of my PIN he stepped on a private boundary...kinda. Oh, and by the way, he got a new haircut and was cleanly shaved and it made him look even hotter...like a young Brad Pitt! Hahahaha :) I don't care if he does it to millions of other girls because he successfully made my day!

Listening to: Sheila On 7 - Seberapa Pantas
Friday, July 29, 2005, 03:09 p.m.

from bali to cali...
Yasmina, I reckon it depends on how um...big your circumstance is. Back at The UI I used to whore my site to anyone I encountered, and to date I can only name two persons off the school who are cognizant of it. At the UofA I've never told anyone I have a blog, and judging from the amount of students attending the same lectures, screenings and tutorials as me, I think it's safe to be brutally open about Casey...or bitch about any psycho that crosses paths with me here. LOL.
Jeanette Hadi! I miss you! Knowing you, I bet you've got a secret blog up and running now. Hahaha...
Anyway, I've caught cold. It's not even been a month since I arrived! Damn. And everybody's curious about my cold, like when and how I caught it. Oh gawd. I have no idea New Zealanders are so healthy.
Mum's packing now, she's leaving in a couple of days. Well half of me is happy, and the other half isn't. I'll be lost...um...but I hope I wom't be THAT lost. So far my mum is the planner of all our outings and she does all my laundry. Oh well. But on the bright side as soon as she's gone I'll be able take pictures of SUPER PINKY room. Muahahahaha. Pink haters beware.
Talking of pink rooms, my room back at home in Jakarta is also full of magenta nuance, but it's got a kiddy atmosphere. Maybe it's because of the shelves of dolls and a very corny picture of me at age 12 that my mum always insists it be hung on the wall. Thus I like my current pink room better, because it's a typical university student room. LOL. After my momma's gone I'll post not only a photo of my room but also one of my textbooks. Most of them are exciting I can't wait to show you guys! LOL.
I can't believe Boris has just let me in on his FTP this morning, and oh my, was I surprised to find LOTS and I do mean LOTS of Indonesian MP3's in it! And they include the song by one hit wonder band Jingga and some obsecure songs by Ronny Sianturi. Wow. The German guy did live in Indo for several years alright but since his Indonesian is very limited I wonder how he can enjoy those songs by Sheila on 7, Andien, and all those Indo musicians on his list...Well same question applies to me anyway, since I listen to world music (by that I mean songs sung in lingos other than Bahasa and English), albeit I've never been an expat.

Listening to: Enya - Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)
Thursday, July 28, 2005, 09:43 p.m.

walk all over you...
Well...I guess now there are people calling me Prep Princess behind my back on campus. I'm ALWAYS in pink, wearing the girliest earrings...oh, and not forgetting my adorable pink Kipling backpack. LOL. I remember I was in The Student Commons, UofA's own "mall", there were a group of white students, mostly guys, talking about an Asian girl dressed in pink who was ascending the steps. Then I came close behind, and I overheard them saying, "Here comes another one! And those pink shoes! What is it with Asian girls and pink?" LOL.
Anyway, I guess my power really is getting stronger here. Today was my day off, and so I spent most of the day with my mum at my auntie's restaurant. Almost all the time I thought about Haikal and Hapsha, children of close family friends The Napiantos. I missed those babies and was a bit sad because we didn't have a plan to go to their house. However, somehow, as I was waking up from a nap, my mum told me we were to have dinner at the Napianto house. Mr. Napianto and his three-year-old son Haikal picked us up some fifteen minutes later. I also wore my pink boots today and as I was putting them on I remembered how painful it was to walk down in them in the Rangitoto excursion and got the feeling I would walk down in them again. The Napianto family resides in the hilly side of Morningside and so to get to their house we have to climb a bit. Yea...you get the idea...but it wasn't as painful to descend from the hill of the family's house as descending from the Rangitoto mountain.
I miss John! Ok, I was just paranoid when I though Steph was actually reading my blog. The pin/pen story turns out to be common with newbies to New Zealand. Ok, John is no more a mystery man here, let's reveal his identity...His name is actually Casey, from The US of A (not England.) From Austin, Texas, to be more precise. He's 25 and a master's student in philosophy. He belongs to the drama club. Well that's all I know about him so far. See, I don't even know his surname! So pathetic...
Still on Casey, I met him as I was walking out of the tutorial room of Films 101! Or someone that I thought was him (I have the tendency of not really remembering the faces of the guys I have a crush on.) But believe it was him anyway, because his voice was familiar and he and the other guy were talking about philosophy. I looked at him, and I swear he noticed me looking at him, but...he didn't say hi?! Has he forgotten my name? Oh well, doesn't matter. At least I didn't directly go up to him and say, "Hi there Casey! What's up?" I pretended to forget his name and I hope when I looked at him I gave the this-guy-looks-familiar-but-I-forgot-his-name look.
Angie, my first films minor subject FTVMS 101 is all about old movies...We discuess a bit of techniques and a bit of social backgrounds. I love old movies anyway and have watched classics like The Wizard of Oz and Gone With The Wind by thirteen. Also when I was a kid I grew up on a series of Disney classics, namely Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, and Cinderella. So yea, this paper is really for me.

Listening to: Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking
Wednesday, July 27, 2005, 04:30 p.m.

boo yah
Ok...I'm tired of this layout already. Got in mind a very simple layout with a girly touch that is soo me. Heheh. If I have the time today I'll execute it.
I think the Davenport excursion is called off? I haven't heard from Irene or any other Ispacer about it. Or was last week's overnight hiking the one? Atsushi told me he was to participate in an excursion that would involve staying overnight in the island last week, but when I asked him if the island was Davenport, he said no. Oh well. I'm not that enthusiastic about it myself.
I finally fessed up to Irene about John. I just disclosed his real name and she already knew who he was. She told me John was really genuinely nice and that he was a good catch but then she said, "I hope you don't get so down...," after which I said, "Why? Is he really taken?" She didn't answer my question. Instead she asked me how the school was coming. However, I didn't wanna push her about John either. I didn't wanna give her the impression that I was so desperately in love with the guy.
I got the feeling that Irene is my other Henny, although my first impression of her wasn't really good since she left me alone in the Rangitoto excursion and didn't come to help me when I slipped. That's why I comfortably confided in her about that bitch in Films 101 lecture, and later about John. She's not a new kid like me, as I thought before. She's a fresh graduate in commerce who's having her job interview today. Best of luck, girlfriend!
My high school mate Mike Mohede is IN THE BIG THREE OF INDONESIAN IDOL!!!!! WOO HOO! Come on people, make him your new Indonesian Idol! You know right from the start he deserves it!

Listening to: Girls Aloud - When Life Got Cold
Tuesday, July 26, 2005, 03:12 a.m.