apparently marrying a guy you hardly know never goes out of worn with 17th century-inspired clothes
Just got news that my second cousin Nurul is getting hitched in either July or a guy she's been dating for about a couple of months. Honestly I'm not too impressed.
A long time ago I wrote about another cousin of mine who married her boyfriend of only one month. The daughter of my mother's mate who was getting married off to a guy she barely knew. A friend of mine who married a guy she knew for only around three months.
And these girls are beautiful, well-educated, come from well-off families, and have good careers. The bad news is, like most (or is it every?), they most likely felt life wasn't worth living just because they didn't get a wedding band for their 21st birthday.
My personal take on it is, obviously and simply, just because you're 25 and single doesn't mean the doomsday is near. I'm turning 25 in 13 days, I'm single, I'm enjoying my last days at uni, I'm embarking on what seems to be a promising career (at long last!), I'm loving life in the breath-taking Aotearoa/New Zealand/Novelle Zelande/Selandia Baru/What-have-you, did I mention I'm single...And single it is. I'm excited about the prospect of being thoroughly independent pretty soon, and yes after 25 years of bowing down to my parents I'm happy to finally be able to bow down to myself. Be my own master. I'm not gonna bow down to someone else (namely husband) anytime soon.
And you, 20-something singletons, should feel the same. I mean, isn't funny that after 20+ years of depending on your parents, now you should depend on a husband?
And to Indonesians, yes I WILL stay in New Zealand for good and yes I WILL pursue a Kiwi guy. My mind is made up and my parents have given me the green light.
To you love, I love you...Yes I say the sacred sentence to everyone including my nephews and nieces that I have yet to see, and you're not the only one thinking this way. But I love you still. I love baring my feelings to you, although it's like talking to the wall, a wall with beautiful eyes that watch me with a smile. I love every inch of you. I love having my head in the clouds, with you on the seventh tier. I love it that you follow every change on my Facebook. I love it that you read my blog (and the way you attempt to hide it from me). I love thinking that you might know what I did to that best friend of yours...I love your signature brown hoodie. I love your hair - present, future, near past, distant past (I still wanna see it!) I just love you...I wanna wrap you in my arms and never never never never ever let go!
I'll prove that I'm not what you think I am.

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Thursday, May 1, 2008, 03:58 p.m.

the second of the many partings in 2008, I guess...
So my little scarecrow Josh (hahahahaha) had his last day at the Victoria St. Starbucks last night. I told him beforehand to tell time what time he'd be working and I said I'd be there to savor what might be our last talk over coffee (he used to join me at my table when he was on a break - good times!).
Then it was over. His shift finished, he walked to the storage room and took off his apron at the same time, some of the other barristas following him to the room, and they no doubt had a little farewell in there. It was so sad.
After he changed, he came to me, and we hugged (aaaawww...). And the next thing I knew, he was downstairs and there were squeals from the female barristas. No tears shed, but still I hate farewells.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008, 04:20 p.m.

jessi malay, coming to stores near you soon...maybe.
A friend of mine told me that a friend of his, Jessie Malay, was launching a singing career. I googled the girl and read a bit about her.

21 years old, and of Filipina/European descent (gosh isn't this mix sooo everywhere?). Whoa easy on the accesories there girl...

Turned out this Jessi Malay (Malay? Why Malay? Why not Pinay?) girl has been in the biz for a while. Back in 2000/2001, she was in a girl group called No Secrets, using her real name Jessica Fried. Oh yeah, back in the day. Post-Spice Girls girl groups flourishing, many didn't stay for long. Remember Dream, Cleopatra, and PYT? They were the kiddie ones, which include Sugababes, and as we know the Babes are the only one with enduring fame. On the scantily clad adult side there was Eden's Crush, of which Nicole Scherzinger was a member.
Anyhoo, here's a video of No Secrets. There's an introductory sequence so don't worry about picking Jessie out.

Oh, and that fashion too. Has it really been SEVEN years? Cringe.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008, 12:39 a.m.

bah la...
Henny love! Omigod actually I was thinking of texting you the whole day yesterday (which I was reluctant to do since I was almost out of credit. Still am!) and at night when I got home I saw your message! Omigod!
Also last night when I was waiting for a Link bus in Ponsonby, I saw someone that I thought was my mate Dallas dining at Saffron. The bus arrived, I got on, and guess who I bumped into! Dallas, that's who. Hahahahaha.
Nah, I won't call this another proof of my 'sixth sense.' Apparently everyone's got this thing going on.
My contract ends right on my birthday, and I'm hoping the guys at Auckland International will keep me...Job-hunting isn't an activity I enjoy doing.

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Friday, April 25, 2008, 09:39 a.m.

and all hell breaks loose...
Hey love.
Let's take a journey back to late 2004.
You were twenty years old, so proud of your first job. Did I ever make fun of how poorly paid you were? Non. Did I ever make any scathing remark of how unfit you were for the job? Nein.
And continue to make an ass of yourself in front of me. In front of those unfortunate enough to cross paths with you. With that air of pomp, you're superior only in your head. Outside those six inches between your ears, you're nothing but an ass.
I'm itching to sever ties with you. Forget that I once thought we were soulmates.

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Monday, April 21, 2008, 04:14 p.m.

check this out

Hahaha what a work of genious...

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Thursday, April 17, 2008, 12:20 a.m.

contemplating a fairy tale...
I was eating a chicken with plum sauce panini for breakfast at one of the school cafes when a girl carrying a Disney Princesses backpack arrived at one of the seats before me. My eyes fell on one of the Princesses, Cinderella.
You see, we might grow up with fairy tales, but as we got older, we grew older believing those fairy tales bore nothing but ill advice. I guess you'd agree with me that fairy tales teach girls to let other people treat them like crap until a knight in shining armour on a galloping Arab stallion come to their rescue.
But wait a minute...Let's have a look at Cinderella. As we all know, Cinderella does nothing to prevent her evil stepmum and sisters from stealing her heirlooms and lowering her status from heiress to servant. When she's not doing household chores under the watchful evil glare of her stepmum and sisters she weeps until the Fairy Godmother, and then the Prince Charming, save the damsel in distress. However, there's one thing that we overlook. And it's something really modern. More modern than a tale originally written in 1729 could ever get.
Let me give you a hint.
Name an iconic part of the story.
The glass slipper.
What's the first thing Cindy does with it?
Leave it at the Prince's ball.
Forget that Cindy (seemingly) leaves the shoe in a hurry. Think about how the shoe is practically tossed at the prince who's chasing after her. Well, young ladies today still do this. Except it's not a glass slipper they throw at whatever man they hook, number.
And you guys know what happens next, right? Prince Charming roams around the country looking for a girl that can fit into the slipper. Transport the same scene to 2008 and the Prince Charming would roam around the air on his phone trying to match his schedule with Cinderella's so they can meet up. If the girl doesn't give in so easily as has been taught to young girls for generations, and also implied by Cinderella with her unavailability, the modern-day Prince Charming would be able to relate to the long trip his 18th century fictional counterpart has to endure to find his princess.
Moral of the story is never diss old stuff as irrelevant to the present day. Don't diss fairy tales as merely having moral values only girls in the past should abide by, and today's girls should totally ignore. Take a cue from Cinderella. Work your charm, leave your number, and let him do the rest. Repeat as necessary. Well, isn't this the very thing the likes of Dolly, Girlfriend, and Teen Vogue are all about?
Methinks you should try the Cinderella trick if you haven't already. At a party where your crush is, wear shoes with your number written on a piece of paper attached to one of them. Leave the said shoe just before you're off (would be a tad bit hilarious if you deliberately toss the shoe at the poor guy as you mysteriously run to the door using your hand), and have a spare pair ready just so you won't end up with an itch and sore soles!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008, 09:08 p.m.

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