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I've just got back from Miyuki's wedding in Kumeu. During the speeches, Miyu's Finnish mum-in-law sang something in Finnish and her Japanese mum sang a song in Japanese and did that bring tears to my eyes. It reminded me of my mum.
I can't recall my mum ever singing to me as a kid. But it's always heart-breaking to remember she was a mere 20-year-old when she had me. She was quite a head-turner, fair skin, spotless face, thick raven hair (which I inherit thank God hahahaha). She was a shy girl but my aunt told me many a boy had their eyes on her. I didn't know how many male hearts she broke when she married my dad, but I guess even my old man was probably a little broken-hearted when I came along. Hahaha. The little baby, about two weeks early, was the girl's sole center of universe. Twenty-year-olds think about the latest fashion hype, how to score a hottie, and uni. But not 20-year-old Dana Arslan. She was too busy mapping her baby daughter's future. Her mates were out partying, drinking themselves stupid. She tried to catch up on her sleep in between changing the baby's nappies.
Fast forward 24 years, the baby has become, well, me. I don't push for the world. I don't change nappies. 'Husband' is a word in a foreign lingo I don't speak. I study, blog, think about how I can make money work for me so I can retire by 40 (and no, I want a business of my own not MLM), wonder what that guy's up to, wait for the next sale for my fave labels, blog, do assignments, chill at Starbucks, blog, socialize...oh, and blog. What a deep contrast to my mum, who, by the time she was my age had already got her hands full with the daughter, who was now four and had a penchant for loud music, and her baby brother. Don't give me that 'it was then, this is now' shit. Miyuki's 20 and it's possible that she'll end up like my ma, two kids by 24. And she's not the only one. But that's beside the point. I mean, when I was 20 I was what you'd call a proper 20-year-old. I loved it that way and even now despite my constant talks about a family of my own I don't think I'm really ready for that. I haven't really travelled, I haven't got my master's, I haven't made my first million (in $ mind you! LOL).
My mama is my motivation to be different, although she would object to this. She likes things to be conventional, but I think there's nothing conventional about a 19-year-old girl choosing a skinny 29-year-old nerd over hot hunks around her age (one of her admirers was this half Oz half Indo guy David Smith, who made a picture of her face over a rose before he moved to Perth from Singapore (my ma and he attended an Indo school there) and guess what we still have the drawing AND his picture at home in Indo! Apparently I take after her in this department...) and a 20-year-old who'd rather tend to her infant daughter than go to the movies.

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Sunday, July 1, 2007, 01:50 a.m.

academia update
Hokay. I passed FTVMS 320. With a big fat C-. Fuck if I care. And man weren't my hands so shaky when Ndeva was loading.
The results for my two other papers aren't out yet, and I desperately need to pass these two. As I said earlier, I would be so lucky if I pass my three papers with a C-...

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Saturday, June 30, 2007, 12:11 a.m.

the x...
Hey guys.
The exhibition went sooo well. I had loads of fun. I should say the OPENING NIGHT of the exhibition because actually the X is still running until July 6. I thought it was only for that one night June 26. So go ahead and check out the photographs! The Te Karanga Gallery, 208 K Road. I don't know when the gallery is closed, so you'd better come before 6 just in case.
Aaaand this is a picture of me pointing at my only photograph. Note, ONLY. Those two next to it aren't by me.

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Friday, June 29, 2007, 01:08 a.m.

head to head: id vs nz
I have no idea why I'm sooo lovey dovey towards New Zealand nowadays. It's all 'I love you New Zealand and I don't wanna leave.' Hahahaha. Yea the landscapes are breath-taking, the scenery is gorgeous beyond words. But what entices me the most is its diversity. My best mates are Jess (Pakeha (that's Maori for 'Caucasian')), Naim (Jordanian), the Buni sisters (Indonesian), Irene (Chinese Indonesian), Renee (Pakeha), Vivian (Hongkie) and there are lots of guys I hang out with on occasion who are of various ethnicities. Foreign cuisines are part of everyday life here unlike in Indonesia where they're a luxury. And I also dig New Zealand's laid-back attitude. In Indonesia everyone tries to keep up with the latest cellphone and car releases and if you haven't been to the newest club or mall you're a major weirdo.
And funny I used to think Indo was multicultural just because we have a gazillion international schools. Meh, we probably have the smallest number of overseas Indians in the world. The international schools and the Chinese Indonesians are the closest we can get to multiculturalism.
But I still want to carry on with my plan of moving somewhere else for pastgrad studies, and my choices remain USA and Singapore. I need to get out for a while. But I WILL return to NZ if not after I get my master's, then at some point in my life. And I wanna stay. I don't wanna come back to NZ as a tourist reminiscing about my student days at Auckland Uni.
Indo remains my first love, by the way. Hahahaha. Nothing beats Indo fashion and music...and yea speaking about Indo music take a look at this:

The song is called Anak Mama (Indo for Mummy's Boy), a song released in 1994 by this girlband whose name I can't recall, but I do remember one of its members Nia Lavenia because she was the most beautiful. Hahahaha. When I first saw video I was sooo convinced it really was a video from the late '80s. I even went 'Gosh, I didn't know Anak Mama by Nia Lavenia and her gals was a remake of a late '80s song!' Then I read the video description and realized it was a video made by some college kids in Indo and meant to look like a typical Indo music video from the late '80s and early '90s you could find on Kamera Ria. Sooo convincing. Good job guys! I salute you! LOL.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007, 11:24 a.m.

speak no evil...
I love it when people choke on their food or drink when I tell them I'm 24.
Oh mein gott I can't be more evil.
EDIT (11.47 AM): Woohoo! Guess what, one of my fave Indonesian authors signed my comment book! Zara Zettira ZR commented one of my mid 2004 entries about one of my all time fave books by her, Rasta dan Bella, and the comment dates back to November 25 2005. Zara if you're reading this I'm sooo sorry I didn't get back sooner because bloody Halo Scan doesn't e-mail its costumers about new comments. But yes, still awaiting Rasta dan Bella's big comeback...

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007, 02:12 a.m.

i had to fight the lazy bum in me to deliver this boring update...
Hey there.
Too lazy to blog nowadays.
Just got this awesome thing to track my visitors. Nice to know that some of them stumbled here through funny Google keywords such as 'MSN, giant bitch' and 'hot Samoans on Bebo.'
Alright...I'm having my first ever photo exhibition tomorrow courtesy of the ass-kicking guys of Photosoc. I'm not gonna be on my own of course. Well just come along and you'll be able to pick out my picture...the least professional-looking of the bunch. Oh, there will be loads of sweet treats as well as it's held in association with The Dessert Club, of which I'm also a member. Tomorrow, 7 PM at The Te Karanga Gallery, K Road. Free of charge. Be there.
I love the hols...they just happen to be eventful, as opposed to last year's mid-year hols that were so boring I tried so hard to make it eventful. Got myself a one-off job at uni, and I wasn't even looking! Parties...Miyuki's wedding on the 30th and just got back from watching a movie (an old Bruce Willis flick) with Viv and the guys at the theatre room in the Beach Road building. The latter was supposed to be a potluck party, but um...yeah. The exhibition. And, of course, Ispace and Uniguides.

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Monday, June 25, 2007, 11:30 p.m.
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