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Nana. 14051983 (do the math). Nuclear family (businessman dad, homemaker mum, a younger bro currently studying in Japan). Recent college graduate. Current residence is Indonesia, but relocating to New Zealand in early July. University of Indonesia and University of Auckland represent. Moody, outgoing, hyper, spoiled (but not rotten), analytical. DA, LJ. FS. More?

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    This version features a good friend of mine, Rosemary Cleave, and this picture was taken from her Deviant Art stock page. The title Mawar Penuh Kecantikan simply means "A Rose Full of Beauty" in my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia, and Rose was chosen to be featured in the layout because she's so gorgeous, as her name suggests. All graphics were made on Adobe Photoshop 7.0, except the divider which I got from Twisted Reality, and HTML tags were done by hand (I've bought a Dreamweaver CD, but am too lazy to install it). Best viewed on IE 5.0 or higher with 1024.768 resolution. Steal and die. Past layouts? Meet people who think my site is cool. LOL.

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    Friendster ranting
    To whomever this may concern,

    Please, please stop forwarding that uber stupid "Friendster is closing soon!!!" message. As I've been on Friendster for almost two years (since June 2003), I know this is NOT the first time someone went mischievous by spreading a rumor that Friendster's going to close. As we all know to this very moment Friendster is still up and running and getting bigger each day. Also, I believe that I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE GETTING ANNOYED BY THE FORWARDED RUMOR. So, always do give your actions some thoughts. Don't waste the gift of BRAIN CELLS that God has given us.

    Isyana A.

    I posted that message on Friendster's bulletin board. If you're on Friendster you know what it's about. I post it here now so that when you see someone else posting the same message signed with his/her name, you'll know who the original author is so you can all stand up for me.
    Still about Friendster, for the first time in my 23 months there I deleted someone off one of my community accounts, Taurus Rules. It was a girl who's actually a Gemini because she was born on June 3. I didn't realize it earlier until there was a birthday sign under her name, and gosh, was I surprised to see it, for I thought there was no more member in the community celebrating a birthday. Taurean birthdays are over, and now until mid-June is the Gemini heyday. Man...hari gini masih ada aja orang yang nggak tau bintangnya apa? Ck ck ck...

    Listening to: Ave Maria - Kiri Te Kanawa
    Monday, May 30, 2005, 09:14 p.m.

    Kasih, biarlah cerita yang lalu...pergi
    Ok, so tomorrow my dad's off to Beijing first on a business trip, then to Japan to see my bro. Aw lucky man. I sooo miss Japan.
    You know what pisses me off nowadays? When people think AUCKLAND IS IN AUSTRALIA. Ok...get an atlas and see the small islands next to Australia, down east? Those islands are New Zealand, and AUCKLAND IS AMONG THEM. Sheesh. Geografi dulu dapet berapa sih?
    Nowadays I revisit my old school, Al-Azhar, on my mind when I'm tired. Kind of like a meditation, but I do it with my eyes wide open. I visit the old building, before it underwent a big renovation in 1999. Amazing how my memory works full blast in this "meditation." I remember the lines of the cement in the stairs that link kindergarten building to the elementary school one. My classrooms. The cloth-covered styrofoam boards next to the classrooms to display students' artwork. The toilets. The playgrounds. The library, old one and new one. The principal's office, old and new. The benches. The parking lot. Sometimes I can even see my elementary school feet walking through the school in the Japanese-made Mary Jane shoes that I often wore in second grade. It's usually fun reminiscing about my Al-Azhar days, until last night when I was "visiting" my first grade classroom that a horrible memory long forgotten from first grade hit me hard. It was a Saturday, I don't remember what semester. The teacher told us a week prior that we were to make a simple kind of handicrafts on that Saturday, so she reminded us to bring equipments such as glue, origami papers, and scissors. Alas, I completely forgot to bring my equipments until I arrived in the classroom where everybody else was playing with their origami paper. I cried, and pitied by the sight of me crying, two girls approached and gave me a few pieces of their paper. Then they told me not to tell anyone, as there were also other kids who forgot their equipments. Our teacher somehow found out, and during the making of the handicraft she mocked those who didn't bring equipments. I remember her exact words, " for Isyana, she went around asking for spare paper..." I even remember her facial expressions. I wanted to cry again but held my tears and kept working because I didn't want the kids to mock me. That was the first of a series of bad memories I got while in Al-Azhar to resurface. Come to think of it, I was tougher as a kid than I am now as a 20-something. I used to keep my pain to myself, and as a result I appeared a tough child, but then transformed into a troublesome teen and now an adult longing for her childhood days. Lesson learnt is I'll help my kids face their childhood problems, but also remind them to enjoy every second of the childhood for as adults they'll face much bigger problems. As for my "meditation", well...maybe I really shouldn't "visit" my classrooms. LOL.

    Listening to: Kasih - Ismi Aziz
    Saturday, May 28, 2005, 01:31 p.m.

    let the music take control...
    Hm. Ok, so it's official that I'll be leaving on July 8, because orientation begins on July 11 and school on July 18. And sometime next week I'll have my medical check-up. Eeew injection and blood sample-taking! Everyone please pray for me.
    I've also got my student ID and just asked for a password, so I can begin selecting courses. Since none of my UI credits (and therefore subjects) could be transferred, I have to begin from the very beginning (and I don't mind), so I have to take three different subjects that don't relate to each other for the first year. I'm thinking English (obviously), Ancient History, and...what do you reckon? I've been considering IT, Graphic Design, Asian studies, or...wouldn't you believe it, Indonesian. LOL. Hell yea, I can take the latter so I can sort of laze around all year long! LOL. But maybe this is the oldest non-English-speaking international student trick in the book...They take a course of their respective native languages in the general course year so they can fully consentrate on the other courses but get good grades on all courses taken. Smart, eh? However, perhaps we're not allowed to take the native lingo course...Whatever.
    Happy belated 20th and 21st birthday to Annisa and Mar (May 25th) and happy 21st birthday to Alex! And I've found her secret blog...Can't be happier!

    Listening to: Let The Music Heal Your Soul - Bravo All Stars
    Friday, May 27, 2005, 10:06 a.m.

    give your actions some thoughts
    Yasmina and I had a talk on child-rearing the other night. She said she didn't care how often her kids would go clubbing and if they wore skimpy clothes as long as they didn't hurt themselves and others and were good persons inside. I've met lots of people of the same view and well...everybody has their own definition of "a good person" but "not hurting themselves as well as others"? Hm...looks like we're in need of some more thinking...Let's take a look at these two examples:

  • Smoking. Even little kids know that smoking damages your health and shortens your age. Hell, I remember when my bro and I were kids the former often drew a skeleton on a piece of paper and held it up in front of our dad, who at that time hadn't quit smoking, and said, "If you still smoke you'll be like this before you know it, dad!" And matter-of-factly, as smokers might realize that they hurt themselves but can't help it thanks to their addiction to cigarettes or cigars, MANY of them DO NOT realize that they also HURT OTHER PEOPLE. Hello, DIDN'T YOU GET THIS IN PE THEORY CLASS IN SECONDARY SCHOOL? My mum has some mates who are non-smoking women but get lung cancer anyway because of...their husbands' ciggie smoke.

  • Dressing skimpily. I hear that in western countries men won't even glance at scantily-clad women on the street. They only drool over the ones in Playboy or Penthouse. Well, that's in western countries, but you can't expect people on the other side of the world to behave like their western counterparts. We Indonesians have this idiom: Lain Padang, Lain Belalang, meaning people in different places certainly have different customs from our own. The experience of my French mate Emanuelle (salut ma cherie! Where are you now?) shows just how perfectly suited to real life our idiom is. She was roaming the streets of Kuala Lumpur in a mini skirt and a sleveless tee when all of a sudden a middle-aged man came up and told her she was so sexy. As if that wasn't enough, she also got wildly stared at by males of all kinds. And she was ANNOYED, she told me. In this case, if she had known the consequences of wearing little clothing in countries other than hers but wore it anyway, she HURT HERSELF.

  • Yasmina, I don't write this to prove that I'm right and you're wrong. It's just my opinion, and opinions really can't be judged. And it's just my habit to blog about whatever it is that lingers on my mind day and night. LOL.

    Listening to: Little Sister - Jewel
    Thursday, May 26, 2005, 07:58 a.m.

    This is one thing that got me trippin...
    Hm. Tired of this layout already. Will work on a new one tomorrow. I'm gonna have the whole day since tomorrow's a national holiday. Anyway, I didn't know one of my chaffeurs is a Boa fan! It's all thanks to my hours of feeding him with my J-pop and K-pop records. LOL. It was yesterday when I wanted to use the car, I was surprised to find Boa's My Name casette on the tape. I swear I put an Ayumi Hamasaki casette in the tape the last time I used the car. When I asked who changed the record, he didn't answer but just smiled shily. LOL.
    I'm lovin' Amerie's One Thing! I hear she's half Korean. Well she does have Asian eyes and there's a Hangul tatoo on her back.

    Listening to: One Thing - Amerie
    Monday, May 23, 2005, 10:15 p.m.