A 21-year-old immature-looking girl. She's technically mixed, but Indonesian by birth and nationality. Many deem her hyperactive, but she doesn't give a damn. She's scheduled to graduate from The UI in February 2005, and fly to New Zealand for more of higher learning in June. Her favorite past times are taking online quizzes, reading, and surfing on the net. Other than being a wacky bespectacled blogger, she's also a clique and fanlisting whore.

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ngga boleh aneh titlenya
Bandung pictures are here...Actually the holiday didn't get disasterous until the very end, after Apank and Bear were dropped off in the areas where they live and there were just Lia, Jasmine, my chaffeur, and me in the car on the way to Lia's area of residence, Tebet.
Happy belated 21st birthday to Maya, and happy 21st and 22nd birthday to Arum (how are you doing? Can't locate you on Friendster...) and Cempy!
I'm wondering...Should I subscribe to Dibz? For those not in the know, Dibz is an indie tabloid circulated mainly in Bandung. It's teen-oriented (hence the annoying lingo), but there are lots of discount coupons for distros and factory outlets enclosed. How's that for a reason? I'll subscribe! LOL.

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Monday, January 31, 2005, 05:26 p.m.

so much for the healthiest Arslan kid
Today is such a milestone coz for the first time in God knows how many years I vomitted. So much that it took several people to clean the mess. It's all thanks to my disasterous so-called holiday in Bandung.
Sunday, January 30, 2005, 10:00 a.m.

na na na na na na...
I've been in love with Tarkan's music since 1999 and of course would love to join his fanlisting. Currently there are two on the www, but both have been neglected by their respective owners since several months ago, and therefore not joinable. Maybe I should set up one myself, but since I'm still FTP-illiterate I'm not gonna execute it anytime soon. Won't be cool to have a fanlisting on a free server.
Anyway, my current read is Bule Gila: Tales of A Dutch Barman in Jakarta by Bartele Santema. It's a compilation of true stories that were experienced by the author, who is also the owner of a bar called Bugils (an abbreviation of Bule Gila (Indonesian for crazy caucasian person), and the s just serves the English purpose of plurality indication). People...I recommend you grab the book immediately! It's hilarious...I was already laughing my ass off really hard when I was barely on page 15! LOL. This book is truly a relief from my last read, Agatha Christie's Passenger to Frankfurt, which requires you to think damn hard just in order to understand the plot. Good thing I could finish the book...
Design birthday cards and send 'em to Dona and Ramon
To do:

  • Look for new Shin Koyamada pictures

  • Make a new layout my Shin Koyamada fansite

  • Design birthday cards for Cempaka, Maya, and Mandy)
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    Friday, January 28, 2005, 08:27 a.m.

    humbug! LOL.
    Really, absolutely nothing to blog about, except I have to start making a new layout for my Shin Koyamada fansite to celebrate its first anniversary! Plus I have to look for his Martial Arts Expo pix. In all honesty, my interest in him has decreased significantly, but the need to be of service to his other fans is still there.
    I also have to design a birthday card for Ramon and Dona, who are turning 23 and 21 tomorrow. LOL.
    I'm ff to Bandung with Novar, Lia, Jasmine, and Frans tomorrow. We're gonna have one whole day of pure blast! We'll be shopping and eating like there's no tomorrow! LOL. Can't wait! And my family's also bound for Pontianak, West Borneo, this Saturday for a relative's wedding. And truthfully, I'm a bit worried about my mum. I'm already accustomed to my dad travelling by plane a lot because he's been doing it since I was a baby, so there's no worry about it. But not my mum. I can't help thinking there's always a big possibility that the plane might crash! Orchid and her family are flying to Bali on vacation today...Everybody leaves this week.
    On an irrelevant note, the hunk in my IELTS class is taken...*wipes tears*

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    Thursday, January 27, 2005, 08:33 a.m.

    Jean, hahahaha funny how you replied the flamer...I haven't had a flame in...how long? LOL. But I understand. When you get a flame, one side of you wants to ignore it, to show that you're not affected. But another side of you wants to show the flamer just how retarded s/he is. This is one of the many things in which humans are contradictive. And speaking of contradiction, I loathe Aidil Adha because I feel sorry for the goats, sheeps, and buffalos, yet I still enjoy their meat. LOL.
    I miss you, my lovely Dietrich :P People say you're not worthy of my feelings and thoughts and since you're shorter and younger than me it should be easy to kick your ass, but to hell with them. I wouldn't have the heart.
    And this is official. I've begun my IELTS training on Monday the 24th, and it takes weekdays from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM until March 1. Therefore, I should put off my plan of applying for a job after graduation, and honestly, I don't know how I should feel about it...But anyway, I'll tell ya a funny story pertaining to it.
    Mom: Granted, you must be the only one majoring in English in the IELTS class.
    Me: Um...not really. There's this journalist who plans on majoring in the history of arts in The Netherlands. That's even more obscure isn't it?
    Tuesday, January 25, 2005, 10:11 p.m.

    buncha things
    I've just gotten back from a 2-day spiritual quotient training at Wisma Sapta Pesona. Couldn't say I was enlightened until the very last minutes. LOL. And I was probably the most daring participant! LOL. I walked out on the depressing sessions (where the trainer forced us to cry. Don't ask), and even slept through the whole second session in the second day on the couch outside the room! LOL. Allah bless whoever it was named me Isyana. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun. Made lots of mates, and took pictures as well, but the latter will come later.
    This is for Aiko: You know the teen soap opera star Zaskia Adya Mecca? She's in Senandung Masa Puber (Song of Puberty) and Cinta SMU (High School Love). She's in the training with her boyfriend Ridwan (who by the way is like the Arab version of Fred!), and at first I was attracted to him and even thought of taking his picture, but it was no sooner than I realized Zaskia and him are an item, even though they never declare it (actions ALWAYS do speak louder than words! LOL). And BTW Zaskia is a quarter German! Plus, I also became friends with a lady from the committee who turned out to have gone to my university and guess what she majored in? GERMAN literature! OMIGOD CAN SOMEBODY SAVE ME FROM ALL THE THINGS GERMAN?
    On another note, last Thursday I went to some cafe at Citos to hung out with Orchid, Marcel, Fred, and their other mates (they're all luk kreungs!), and yes, I have the mandatory pictures here, in the January 20 entry.
    HAPPY BELATED 22ND BIRTHDAY HENNY! *throws a confetti*
    This is just a reminiscence...I was sitting on a chair next to his desk in his room and he was kneeling before me.
    Me: *shyly* In my class, I was the only one who didn't pass German.
    Him: You suck *then got up to his feet to kiss me*

    Listening to: Change - Tina Arena.
    Monday, January 24, 2005, 08:42 a.m.