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oh simple things, where have you gone...
Happy belated 20th birthday Angela!!! *throws confetti* I hope you like the e-card I sent! You usually go back blogging every mid-year, just around the time of your birthday. Why is this year an execption? Oh no, your domain's expired already! You really have to fix that. You have no idea how many fans you've got out there girl..The very talented Chow twins, to name two. One of the American guys I hung out with at The Shinjuku Gyoen was an Asian music freak like me and it turned out that he used to frequent
I'm surprised that mum still keeps my exam results from...GRADE ONE. She keeps it along with my certificates and report cards in a folder. Why she keeps only the top results and only from grade one I have no clue. Maybe they're like the epitome of her hope that I would be a straight A student throughout my K-12 years. It was not to be, but I was pretty much a straight A student in my early years of primary school.
My sixth sense is getting stronger of late. For instance, couple days ago when I was shopping for t-shirts at Taman Anggrek's Galleria with my mum I pictured myself in a fitting room of the mall's Next boutique, trying on a clothing item. All of a sudden my mum had the initiative to go to Next, and once there she asked me to try on a white top! So there I was, in a Next fitting room trying on a clothing item, in reality. Also, not a long time ago I was in a ride past the hotel Banian Boulevard on the way to my education agency. The hotel is deserted most of the time so I pictured a family with kids and a car in the parking lot. The next time I was riding past the hotel, I saw with my own eyes a couple standing behind a family wagon with two or three kids and their nanny on the steps to the lobby. EXACTLY WHAT I HAD IN MIND! And mind you, I was fully awake at that time. Wow. If this keeps getting stronger I can join the FBI of help the cops or the armed forces, which is cool.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005, 08:41 a.m.

When I was sweet fifteen...
Yasmina, no it wasn't directed at you. Someone else. Ah, long story...If you wanna know the story, you know what to do...Poke me on Yahoo! LOL.
Nothing else to blog about. Will add more later.
I just watched an Indonesian Idol live concert on TV and I'm soooo happy that my high school buddy Mike Mohede didn't get eliminated and that means he's now in the big seven. Whoa way to go. Keep rocking the vote people!

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Friday, June 24, 2005, 08:16 a.m.

singing herself to sleep...
My ex lecturer's written a book! Intan Paramadhita was a lecturer in the faculty of humanities at The University of Indonesia, her almamater and also mine, and a journalist at Female Indonesia before heading off to San Diego to work on her master's degree, but currently she has a book published. I can recall the tite, but the front and back cover is blood red and it's a bunch of ghost stories. Grab it at your nearest bookstore. LOL.
I've just gotten back from Taman Anggrek's Gramedia, and that's how I found out about the book. Upon finding the book I looked around for my mum, itching to hold up the book to her and say, "Look, it's my former lecturer!" but she was nowhere to be found. Hehehhe :) Anyway, she used to teach me in IC Tourism class back in semester three, but her teaching was hella boring. Ma'am Intan, if you by any chance come across this site: I'm just being honest, but I'm proud of you for releasing a critically-acclaimed book and your career at Female! And you know what, I wish I were in her class with the rest of the guys no matter how boring it would be, rather than being in the uncertainty of unemployment...
Well yes I have school coming up in front of me in New Zealand, but I still have no clue as to what I want to do once I get to Kiwiland, besides school of course. All I know is that I must study hard, get a part-time job after six months so my dad won't have to send money over for my living cost, get a PR after two years, graduate a year later, get a full-time job, and after a few years fly to Turkey to improve my Turkish for a year. Then find a job again either in NZ or Indonesia or maybe Singapore for a few years and then fly to Ireland to get my master's degree. Yeh, sounds like a plan. But the question remains: What job?
You know, maybe I'm very late, nonetheless I was really surprised to find there are actually some people who never seem to have guilt, at least to you.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005, 09:18 p.m.

deodoran pun tak mampu...menahan baumu....
Talk to me with the slightest of patronizing air and I'll crush your bones. I'm serious.
You see, you'd better believe me when I say A LOT of people don't really know who I am, despite the fact that they've known me for years. My best mate Orchid for example. She totally freaked out when I said on the blog that I "wanted to slit her throat" for her take on my Jamie issue. I DID NOT mean that. Of course I don't wanna spend the rest of my life in jail for murdering my best mate. It's just metaphors. Same thing as when kids in America say their parents will kill them when they're in trouble. Do you think their parents will actually kill them? Absolutely not! The point I'm trying to make is even the girl who's been my other half for six years never seemed to realize that I use metaphors time and again. And she's NEVER even seen me fly off the handle. Just because you've known me for two years and I seem to be wearing my feelings on my sleeve doesn't mean you know me through and through.
Off the topic, I hate it when people send me files through Yahoo, messenger or mail. I hate going through the trouble of downloading it and then unzipping it, and even after that sometimes I have to go to ACDSee to see what file it is. Why not use Gmail or MSN messenger for Pete's sake? It only takes a click!
On another note, I have a new cellphone. It's Nokia 6630. And and a new iRiver. LOL. My parents aren't like any other...instead of buying me clothes or bags they buy me electronics!

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005, 09:18 a.m.

why not marry earlier?
Lots of friends of mine have declared that they will enjoy single life until they turn 35, or any age above 30. True, it's their choice, and single life is almost worry-free, but I must voice my disagreement, and here's why.

  • The gap. The bigger the age or generation gap between parents and their children, the harder it is for the parents to understand their kids. This is no bullshit. Two of my grandma's younger siblings have children aged 23 and 21 respectively, which means that they tied the knot in their forties, and these kids grew up totally rebelling against their parents. They still rebel to date, sometimes. My aunt Inez, the 21-year-old one, didn't get her first cellphone until she was 19 or 20 because his dad, her single parent who's in his sixties, thought kids who still went to school and didn't make any money had no need for cellphones. My uncle Reza always has an argument with her mum, also in her sixties, because she insists that everyday he be home by 10:30 PM at the latest, despite the fact that he's done with university, and now works at a prominent bank. Reza is now saving money to buy a flat and Inez is currently working on her thesis and trying to get an overseas scholarship, efforts to get out of their respective parents' houses.

  • The money. Suppose you get married at 35, as planned. By the time you're 55 your kid will have been 19, and even though 19-year-olds tend to have part time jobs, the money they make sure as hell is not enough to cover their tuition fee in college. And what do 55-year-olds do? That's it, R-E-T-I-R-E. Sure, you'll get pension money, but it's only enough to support your life, and yours alone. I can hear you say, "Oh no sweat, I can save as much money as possible when my kids are itty bitty little things, so by the time they're 18 they'll have enough college fund." Yep, but we never know what the future holds, right? Better be prepared for the worst.
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    Tuesday, June 21, 2005, 02:47 p.m.

    the star's so bright fernando...
    Ok. My medical check-up drama has come to the end, and the least painful shot of all was the last one! LOL. It was all thanks to my counsellor who especially came to the clinic to encourage me to undergo the shots! Hahahaha...she and I were talking about guys when I got my last shot, and it was done before I knew it! It left almost no pain! She should've come with me to the clinic since the time I took my first shot...
    Apparently the family of one of my guy friend doesn't like me. I've only met his mum, and she was nice to me at that time, but whenever I call his home it's usually his sister who picks up the phone, and her voice is always icy. I thought it was just her nature, until one day when I hung out with a girl, our mutual friend, I found out that my guy friend's sister's attitude towards her was always friendly. How can she dislike me when we've never even seen eye to eye? I'm always polite to her. Is it because I used to call her bro a little too often?

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    Friday, June 17, 2005, 10:50 p.m.

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