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Banana chips for you...
CHEAP JAPAN TIPS (By Carlos Wikarsa. Arigato gozaimasu, bro!):

  • Never take a taxi, especially Narita Express.

  • Avoid riding an MRT at rush hours.

  • Pack instant noodles and mineral water from home, eat at yoshinayas (fast food restos) or McDonald's.

  • It's better to buy drinks from vending machines

  • Read up on discounted transporation fares for tourists here

  • Note to Muslims: Tonkatsu contains pork, nikus are mostly made of beef.

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    Friday, March 25, 2005, 10:42 a.m.

    S Club, is gonna show you how...
    I won TWO awards on the same day! Yeepee!
    I don't know if I really will be off to Japan next week. Until yesterday the visa still wasn't issued (but the tickets are paid for already), and it's supposed to be today, but my mum hasn't told me about it. Oh well. Just when I begun to get excited about my trip to Japan because I'll most likely to meet Jeff, my far away bro who currently lives in Nagoya, my mum told me it couldn't be confirmed yet because we hadn't got the visa. But anyway...if I'm really off to Japan in five days, you guys won't hear from me for TEN days. That's right, ten fuckin' days without cellphone and the internet. I'm unlikely to get a Japanese number, because a Jap number can only operate in a Jap cellphone, which naturally comes in kanji. And no internet because we'll be staying in an apartment instead of a hotel, because...y'know EVERYTHING IS JAPAN IS SO MOTHER-FUCKING PRICEY DAMNIT! Renting an apartment is half the price of staying even at a three-star hotel, my parents said. Oh well...from March 29 to April 9 I'll live a simple yet no simple life. Simple because there will be no internet, cellphone, and I'll only have very little money (I'll only shop for CD's by Ayumi Hamasaki and Diana Yukawa and leg warmers for Orchid), not so simple because everything involving Asian alphabet characters (sanskrit, kanji...ya name it) is never simple.
    By the way, do ya know who I miss at the moment? S Club 7, another "five-years-or-less-only" band from the late '90s. I saw two of their videos earlier today and I couldn't help thinking how the heck this band had SEVEN members while there's only one lead singer, Jo O'Meara (with the exception for Natural, with Rachel Stevens singing the lead, and their first single (can't remember the name) in which every member sang a part). They really should've had only four members so each could've got a good share of the payment.

    Listening to: S Club Party - S Club Seven
    Thursday, March 24, 2005, 10:50 a.m.

    I've just added a new quiz page. Avin, I'm more into online quizzes than fanlistings! LOL. And take a look at Runaway-Star.net! I just absolutely love the fairy tale feel (or is it Disney movie? LOL) of the site, complimented by the "fairy dance" song. It flies me to my childhood dream of a land of fairies, butterflies (more than Mariah Carey has on her clothes, body, or album jacket design), beautiful foggy mountains...I've always been fascinated by mountains and winter wonderlands, perhaps because I've spent my life dwelling in a tropical city. Don't human beings always want what they can't or don't have? Hehehhehe. This also explains why I seem to be able to stand still only before pictures of European castles covered in snow. I can't wait to go to Japan next week, or move to New Zealand in June, but most of all, I can't wait to settle in IRELAND for my master's degree! Finally I'm out of my nutshell, see the world...
    Oh, just a forewarning, if you take me to a beach and think I should be thankful, you're wrong. I don't like beaches. I hate the hot sand that's hard to remove from my body, the salty sea with the rocks everywhere that are ready to shatter your body to pieces, not to mention the people with as little clothing as possible...they remind me of prehistoric humans I studied in high school. What am I missing...Oh, and the heat too.
    You see, sometimes I wonder if good looks are all you need to survive in life. Or at least to make it through your first term of adulthood, until you hit the middle age. It's just not fair that good-looking people get everything without the hard work. How many times do you see people credit a gorgeous gal/guy for THE LEAST act of thoughfulness just because well...s/he is gorgeous? How many times do you see people paying attention to what someone has to say despite the fact that it's pure crap just because the person saying it is easy on the eyes? Well, the moral of this writing is looks DO count. I'm not saying that you should focus solely on your looks and sod other aspects of your being, like your brain. But think about it, isn't everything that is well-rounded appealing? And the appeal is timeless. This writing is inspired by the younger sister of a good mate of mine. She does really well at school, is religous, and of all her siblings, she's the one that truly cares about her parents (her big sis, my good mate, shops a little too much and her younger bro has extreme wanderlust). However, she never pays attention to her appearance. She doesn't bother to change if she wants to go out, and I doubt she ever brushes her hair. If she stays this way, people will still only regard her whenever they need academic favors.
    EDIT: Happy 22nd birthday to Lia!!! I love tons and tons dorkbutt!
    Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 12:14 a.m.

    so baby this is me
    Still nothing to blog about. A couple of weeks ago during the recess of my IELTS test, I went to a mall just across the stree from the building, Setiabudi One, to buy Britney Spears' greatest hits album. As observation has always been one of my strongest suits, I know that Britney's album covers are always plain, with the exception of her third album Britney. There are not many colors in the covers, let alone brushes, and the only editing proof is the text. Just take a look at the cover of her "the best of" album
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    Britney, part human, part raven.

    Y'know...everyone's certainly got their own oddities, but only a few will dare admit it. Most people have no idea that oddities can actually be turned into strengths, thus with this condition those daring to admit their oddities will make a big fortune, and not only in terms of money. Take trendsetters for example. Gwen Stefani for instance. Before she started sporting bindhis in mid '90s, people thought only married Indian women could wear bindhis. After Stefani started donning them, people must have found it weird at first. Then they started thinking it was cute, and followed suit.
    For those with a good sense of humor, click here...and laugh your ass off!
    Oh, and before I forget, happy belated 22nd birthday to Aradea and happy 26th birthday to Jason! LOL. Too bad I remember your age, huh? Hahahahah :) It's time to celebrate!

    Listening to: This Is Me - Dream (wonder what's happened to the girlband? Their last album dates back to 2003 and I heard their last single wasn't quite a success...)
    Tuesday, March 22, 2005, 12:50 a.m.

    attempt nummer eins at finding myself
    Ok, my strong points:

  • I can memorize names, faces, happenings...and in the next 10+ years I'll recall them as they happened in details. Regular readers of my blog have no doubt about this ability of mine.

  • I prefer reads with no illustrations, so my imagination can roam free.

  • I'm good at marketing and promoting. How else do you think I can make considerably big money by selling Oriflame stuff? To get a better idea, take a look at my aunt's patchwork display page. So far, that website has gotten my aunt students and orders, and the site was purely my own idea. I didn't tell her about it until it was up and running. I need a bit of a training, however.

  • I have unique tastes in almost everything. How often do you find a Jakartan gal who listens to Turkish music, let alone actually speaks the lingo, albeit not much? And there are not many youngsters who feature historical figures on their blogs, aren't there?

  • Once I'm intrigued by someone (girls and boys alike), I'll do my best to stick my nose in his/her life, without his/her knowing of course. I may never meet you, but I know A LOT about you. I make people spy for me, and then there's the internet...*evil cackle* How do you think I could unfold the mystery of the girls my second ex cheated on me with? Ya scared yet?

  • I'm liberal, free-spirited, but that doesn't make me off limits.

  • I remember trivial stuff about important people/events that are usually forgotten. For example, Suha Arafat, Yasser Aarafat's widow, is a Catholic, and as a baby their daughter wore two necklaces, one bearing a calligraphy of Allah and the other the Virgin Mary.

  • And loads of others...I don't know, lots of my older mates advised me to "find myself" first before finding a job, starting with listing my plusses that will be helpful to the company that will employ me. Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that I don't know what the bloody hell I'm gonna do with my life. When I was a teen I thought I could make a living by making music, but now I think I can make money through writing. Just recently I thought I'd found a job that would fit me perfectly, but just a few moments ago I changed my mind. However, I'll just go and send the application anyway...just so you guys won't think of me as a loser.
    Ok, on a mucho mucho irrelevant note...Avin and I are talking about That '70s Show at the moment, and it makes me wonder, does Pamela Burkhart, Jackie's mum, become a professional girlfriend for a living? She definitely knows how to turn men into vegetables at a wink and a smile...And kudos for her good but none too cheap looks!
    Undertaker...I think I know who you are. Unfortunately though, I can't prove my guess because the IP view on Tagboard.com is only available in paid accounts. :(
    Sunday, March 20, 2005, 01:04 a.m.

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    Nana. 21. Recent college grad. Technically mixed, Indonesian passport. Speak fluent English and Indonesian, and bits and pieces of German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish. Nocturnal. Pioneer spirit. Knowledge is power. Friendster. LJ. More?

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