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Ahem. New layout from master amateur designer who never really gets the hang of Dreamweaver, or grows out of Lissa Explains. Still isn't recovered from the pink fever, with a stint of purple this time. Yeh. I tell you one secret of my layouts...Most of my layouts (including this latest one) didn't turn out the way I wanted them to do. Everytime the layout was done, I looked it over and thought, "Wouldn't it be better if..." and so I revamped the newly finished layout. As for this layout, I was bored with the clean and simple style that sort of has been my trademark these past new months. Hence this screen-filling one.
Ok, enough about layouts. Look who's back...Henny!! Yay! Henny's one of my dearest mates. Y'know, dearest mates...the 'exclusive clique' that only contains a select few. Those who still find me nice and fun despite my interrupting the time when they're supposed to study (in Jeff's case), go to bed (Orchid and Henny's), or be together with mates or partners (Jason and Yiki's). Hahahah. LOL. Anyway, there's an entry there I really can relate to. The May 28 entry about how Henny was asked to translate a medicine book and paid for it. I wanted to comment, but like Xanga and Blogger, on Mindsay you have to sign up for their service to do so. Damn. So I thought of calling her, but suddenly it struck me that it was office hour and I already called her last night when she was supposedly dozing off. Oh well.
Ah...lazy days. Love it, but when you realize that other people are busy with their jobs at the office or short semester in college (like Orchid), you sort of wish you were one of them, just so you wouldn't feel alone.
Wednesday, June 23, 2004, 02:59 p.m.

Here's what I promised ya the other day...Enjoy! LOL. Anyway, the best pic of me at the graduation is yet to be posted because it wasn't taken with my digicam, but with the camera of one of the paparazzi (you know...those street photographers that always crowd events like weddings, graduations...) and that one still isn't canned because my scanner still doesn't work! Perhaps I'm gonna get it scanned at my mate's cyber cafe tomorrow.
You know who I really miss at this moment? Koko Andy! LOL. He's got new pictures up on his Friendster, and one of them is his baby picture! So cute...A Eurasian baby with slanting eyes and red hair. He's scheduled to land on Jakarta on August 3, but if I really can go to London (but my mom has another plan...she wants to send me and my bro and maybe also my cousin Marsha on a Japan tour after my bro is finished with his state university entrance test in mid July), I can't meet up with him. Gotta miss his hearty ear-to-ear grin that's apparently only displayed in real life. LOL. Ich vermisse dich, brüder! I write this openly coz neither you nor your girlfriend reads my blog, although I put the URL on my Friendster! LOL.
Thursday, June 17, 2004, 09:38 p.m.

I'm off to my brother's high school graduation with mom in a 15 minutes. The little man is growing up! *sobs* LOL. Dad's supposed to go with her, not me, but since he's in Pontianak, West Borneo until Saturday I have to take his place. I don't mind whatsoever. I haven't seen my ex teachers in ages (my bro and I go to the same almamater), and I wanna see the choir sing the mandatory graduation hyme! LOL. Yep, it's none other than Vitamin C's 2000 megahit Graduation.
Anyway, this is the reason of my couple days' hiatus! Visit and comment, ok?
Gotta have breakfast and off I go...I'll post pictures later!
Wednesday, June 16, 2004, 07:04 a.m.

Hi all. Hahaha. I REALLY WAS on a hiatus. Without the usual announcement "I'm on a hiatus until..." that I usually break. LOL. How long have I been gone? Almost a fortnight? Amazing, eh...For myself at least.
I was slaving on a few final projects in the past few weeks, two of which gave a whole new meaning for the saying "Shit happens." Don't ask. But by the mercy of God, all my misery has come to an end, and now I'm happily 'unemployed.' LOL. Next is applying for many overseas scholarship and a visa to the UK. Yes, I've been planning a trip to London in July or August, either with my aunt (tagging along with her...she'll be on her bimonthly visit to London to check on her son LOL) or my mom. Hopefully it is to be! I so miss London!
On to a more serious topic, motherhood. Last Friday when I was about to submit one of the projects at the department office, I met my classmate in translation class Fitri with her son Diaz. Diaz is 11 months old, but he's very skinny, and can't talk, walk, and run yet. Well actually he can walk a little know, a few steps and then he trips. LOL. Then I compared him to my other friend Stephanie's daughter Lucy. Luce is 9 months old, yet now she can run, sit, walk, and she said her first word when she was 5 or 6 months old. And she's very chubby as well, adorable. It's all thanks to Steph's exclusive breastmilk. I asked Fitri if she breastfed Diaz. She said no, and wanna know her reasons? "It hurts, y'know. And I'll lose mt shapely figure if I breastfeed." Upon hearing her reply, I was like WTF?! Girl...if you still haven't succeeded in putting your child on the top priority then DON'T BE A MOM. Just put him back in your uterus, flatten your stomach and pretend he never exists. Seriously, I don't understand moms who refuse to breastmilk their babies for a reason as selfish as being afraid to lose their figures. Breastmilk is evidently the best food for babies, and Lucy isn't the only example. My four-year-old kid cousin Mevy and three-year-old niece Aninda are also the postergirls for the benefits of breastmilk. Mevy is very good at remembering people's names and faces, even through old photographs, and as for Aninda, she had already been able to memorize symbols, movie quotes, songs, and learned high words such as "lecture" by two. I mean...come on, you can get a shapely figure anytime, but the most crucial time of your children's physique and brain development only comes once. And what mom isn't proud of her child's smartness and health?
Sunday, June 13, 2004, 12:47 a.m.