so. you're here. eh.

More! List of the people that I so despise:

  • People over 18 who say, "According to my mum/dad..." when arguing. I mean, come on! You're old enough to think for yourself.

  • People who think language/literature students don't need researches. My advice: Go out more.

  • People who think a cellphone is just another gadget. Call me one-sided, because as an Asian who got her first cellphone at the tender age of 14, I'm practically married to my Nokia 6630. But imagine you have to wait for someone who you're supposed to meet at the spot you agree on. An hour has passed and s/he hasn't turned up. You might be free all day but if only you had a cellphone you would easily find out why you ought to wait longer than you should and you could do something else while waiting for the person to show up or cancel the meet-up altogether. Does that sound familiar? Another case. Suppose you're a parent of a 17-year-old and your kid's whereabouts have been unknown for days. If you give the kid a cellphone, you won't need to toss and turn in bed worrying about him/her. There are lots more examples that are just as close to home, and I'm sure you cellphone skeptics have experienced each and every one of them.

  • You might want to confront me later, Dowh. It will hurt my phone budget if we argue now! LOL. I'm almost rust broke as I only have $345 in my bank account now, and I still haven't paid for this week's rent, so I shouldn't recharge my phone until my mum sends in the money...which is not in another two weeks. The Sky City people won't get back to me until next week and if I do nail the job it won't start until November. Looks like tough luck in love ain't enough...
    I can't wait for my mum's care package to arrive! On September 20 she shipped me clothes she bought in Singapore and Bandung (whee!) and my whole earring collection that I left behind in Indo plus some new ones. There might be some food too. There's no greater bliss than getting free clothes and food when you're broke.

    Listening to: Rachael Yamagata - I'll Find A Way
    Thursday, September 22, 2005, 02:12 a.m.

    could you look me in the eye...
    My voice is almost gone. I'm not the only one having flu. Yesterday a fellow student brought her teenaged daughter to English 103 tutorial because the girl got her exam cancelled. What was the cause? The whole class got cold! Damn damn damn I hate early spring...This is my second spring in 2005. My first was back in March and April in Japan. Amazing eh? I've experienced two springs in a year baby! LOL.
    Anyone misses Michelle Branch? I do, because I've been downloading my all-time fave songs like mad of late, and among them are four MB songs. She's now a proud and beaming mummy of baby girl, Owen, who arrived on August 3. Many people seem to deem the name weird for a girl, but I guess it's not. The daughter of The Mamas and The Papas singer Cass Eliott is also called Owen. And back when I was in high school I knew a gal named Owen. It was back in Indo and it really was her real name! So yea, I agree with Ms. Branch (or should I address her Mrs. Landau? LOL), the name Owen is tomboyish, not weird.
    You know, I'd predicted my latest encounter with Casey beforehand. Starting from early last week, I kept telling myself that I'd meet him within this week, and voila, my prediction materialized. I don't think this is my power, however. I'm in doubt. My so-called power has been working only around Casey lately. Oh-kay, power talk aside, there's gonna be a poetry-reading Friday next week and I'm wondering if Casey will come again!
    EDIT: I met Casey again after a session with Mike, my English 121 tutor. As usual, he was in a hurry to work. However, I was happy to have met him three days in a row! This is sooo unusual. Oh, and before the session I ran into Bede. He was in a class break and snacking on a...carrot. That's right, a raw carrot like the ones you see clutched by Bugs Bunny! Never in my entire life had I seen a grown human being eating a carrot like a rabbit...
    I finally got Johnny's number. LOL. Orchid thought I kind of had to beg for it but naaah...J and I have been sort of close in the past couple of months and it's always him who greets me first whenever we meet.

    Listening to: Michelle Branch - Are You Happy Now?
    Wednesday, September 21, 2005, 08:22 a.m.

    I am everything I am...
    You know what I have in mind right now? A splash page! I don't care if it will be corny because it looks like splash pages are only cool on domains and I (still) can't use FTP. However, I've already gotten two kinds of enter sign design on my mind and when my creativity are teased, I can never resist. So yep, I guess I'll sign up on another free blog server to put my splash page at..but it definitely won't be Pitas.
    I'm too lazy to iron my clothes lately, but I've been washing more and more clothes each week. So usually when I get bored of my neat and tidy clothes in the wardrobe I just pull clothing items out of my laundry baskets. I don't care if it looks totally crumpled. I mean, we have no maid here! And no, I don't miss my maid back in Indo...yet.
    Tuesday is tutorial day. All the subjects I take have tutorials on this day...I can't wait to discuss film noir in FTVMS...
    EDIT: I finally got his number! Casey's. I met him at The Quad at lunch time. I was walking to the Singaporean food counter and he was hurrying to his office to have a meeting. We had a little chit chat and all of a sudden the question shot through my mouth. LOL. Yay! Congratulate me people! When I asked him about his facial hair, he said he grew it because he missed the beard he had two years ago. Nooooo! I like my man clean and smelling of after shave cream...
    A couple days ago my mum told me that a neighbour, childhood mate of mine, passed away of drug overdose last Friday. He was always a troubled kid ever since he was very young, so when he finished elementary school he was sent to a Muslim convent in a remote village. However, as he got older, somehow he got involved in drugs and returned to the neighborhood around last year, worse than ever. His family disowned him and put him in a cottage nearby, but his mum still kind of took care of him. I was sad. My childhood memories with him flashed before me upon the news. I remember his voice as a kid. I recall letting him borrow my Snow White beta video but can't recall whether he returned it or not. Hahaha. Rest in peace, buddy.

    Listening to: Celine Dion - Because You Love Me
    Tuesday, September 20, 2005, 08:06 a.m.

    boys, wind, and rain
    Hokay. First up, I met Casey today. Yayness! LOL. But oh. My. God. Dude's grown some serious facial hair. I bet he hasn't shaven since the last time we met (which was exactly a fortnight ago), maybe even longer. At that he was still pretty much clean-shaven...But whatever, it's not because of his look that I have a crush on him. Oh, and I saw him from the bus and he didn't see me, so no greetings exchanged.
    More good news about boys, now I know the name of that FTVMS hottie! We were waiting to have an audience (oh, the language) with our tutor Liv when I asked him his name. I came first and, seeing that he went straight to Liv's office, I rushed to tell him that she had another student inside. His name's Russel. Next stop, his number. Hahahaha...I know I sound so desperate...
    More on boys, I was accompanying Hanum and her sister Shyra grocery-shopping in Takapuna when a Eurasian-looking boy in a middle school uniform flirted with me. This boy just smiled at me and actually dropped the stuff in his hands! Omigod! LOL.
    You know what, the weather has been sooo totally yucky in the past week. This is early spring, and up to about nine days ago everyone was out wearing shorts and tees. Now thanks to the crazy wind and rain, we have to put on our warmest winter clothes. I wonder when this will end...
    Angie, I love the name Brangelina. Hahahaha...It reminds me of when I was in high school, couples would match their names, like when my mates Liza and Rizali were dating in grade 11, they became RizaLiza. LOL. Bennifers are so boring...
    Omigod. I'm almost rust broke. Thanks to the four-course dinner at an Italian resto with Hanum which I paid $24 for, now I have only about $400 left in my bank account. Plus I still have to pay for the rent at the end of this week (my rent is $150/week.) And another rent next week. What makes the situation even more worse is that my 'rents back in good ole Indo won't send any money until probably October 5. That's more than two weeks from now! HEEEEEELLLLPPPPP!
    Oh, and you. Just because you've been living abroad A LITTLE BIT longer than me, doesn't mean you're all more mature now. Instead, since you moved to Germany you've been getting more irritating.

    Listening to: Amber Claire - Loves Forgotten Bride
    Monday, September 19, 2005, 11:42 p.m.

    If the the header image isn't self-explanatory enough, this blog is mine and therefore I'm entitled to do anything I please with it. If you don't like me as a person or don't like what you see, then why on earth are you here, of all places? If you can't say anything nice, go get yourself an online space to rant in. Don't do it in other people's. Maturity is key, folks.

    Twenty-two. Taurus. Indonesian passport, New Zealand residence. The UI grad, UofA freshman. English literature major, films and media studies minor. Budding psychic (?). In the midst of quarter life crisis. Spoilled brat, but not rich nor rotten. Always color-cordinated. Mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia. Travels include Japan, France, Singapore, England, Australia, Malaysia, China, and USA. Usually knows more than she lets on. Single and looking. Blogging since 18. Graphic design, poetry, and photography are pastimes. Quirky. DA. LJ. More?

    agatha christie edgar allan poe the 1920's jackie's strength//tori amos beautiful couple...they should hook up again!

    The rest?

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