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I've been at this URL since April 2003, but overall I've been on Pitas since January of the same year (I'ved changed URL twice). As for the layout, this is my third birthday layout (the first one dates back to April-May 2002), and was made using Abode Photoshop 7.0 and manual HTML (yep, coz I've never really got the hang of Dreamweaver). Best viewed on IE 5.0 and above with resolution 1024x768. All images are created by me and therefore copyrighted to me. Stealing is strictly prohabited. Layout archive?

Hey all! Have you seen Emma Bunton's latest video Maybe? So 60's, both the song and the video. Groovy baby! LOL. I'm glad she's back on the music market after 3 years. She's my fave Spice Girl, ya know! Hehehe :) I like her more than the rest of the Spice squad probably because she's the one I can relate to the most. People consider us cute no matter our age, and we were once the baby of the group (I was the baby in the levels 9 and 10 at EEC).
I'm supposed to study for grammar quiz tomorrow. This semester's grammar is far more difficult than the previous semesters'. I still don't understand verbal, adjective clause, and all that junk. Heheh. I should study first thing in the morning.
Anyway, mom's surgery went well. She went home on Monday the 17th at about 11.00 AM. She's not fully recovered though, still can't bend. And dad just got back from Europe tonight, save and sound and bringing "the special present" he promised me on my birthday. It was something I never thought he'd get me, and I don't know where he got it...Italy, maybe? My bro was just off to Bandung by train today, with a cousin and 3 friends. They're gonna have big boys' nights out! I'm jealoussss. Well, looks like I'm the only one who is NOT mobile in my family!
Tuesday, May 18, 2004, 11:32 p.m.

God, when will Get Fresh update? It's still the Christmas issue on the site, and X-mas's been long since over. Yep, I like checking out that mag although it's a Christian teen mag and I'm a Muslim. I just like how Christian (and Catholic) teens "treat" God like a friend, unlike Muslims (of all age catogories) who "treat" God as if it's some Tang dynasty china.
Monday, May 17, 2004, 11:28 p.m.


This year's birthday was different from the previous years'. First of all, NONE of my visitors realized my birthday was coming up despite the layout. In the previous two years, birthday wishes just flocked to my guestbook once the birthday layout was up. Secondly, I received most of my presents BEFORE my birthday. Thirdly, there's not gonna be the family tradition of birthday feast. There wasn't even a family gathering! The last one is all thanks to my mom and dad.
Actually, I can't blame my parents on the absence of family feast. My dad's in Europe right now, and God knows when he's gonna be home. But he did text me on my birthday, saying he'd look for "a speacial present" for me in either Spain or The Netherlands. Aww. Bless his heart. As for my mom...well...guess what, I spent the night of my birthday at the hospital where I was born with my mom and bro. Right in the midnight, my mom complained she had a stomachache, and it was so bad she needed to go to a hospital. At first my bro and I thought we'd go to Graha Medika, the hospital we've been regulars at. But no, it turned out to be Bunda, the maternity hospital in which my bro and I were born. I didn't wonder why my mom went to this hospital until I heard her mention to the emergency unit nurses and doctor about being "late" and "positive". OMIGOD! My 41-year-old mom is EXPECTING again after 19 years! But we're not at all happy about mom's pregnancy because this is TOTALLY ABNORMAL. The laboratory observation conducted just this morning showed that THE FETUS IS OUTSIDE MY MOM'S UTERUS! My goodness! I swear this my worst birthday present ever...even worse than the big riot and massacre that happened in my city right on my 15th birthday. I can only wish my mom all the best, and I'm ready to sue the doctors should the surgery that's gonna be performed today fail.
Saturday, May 15, 2004, 08:38 a.m.