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Nana. Twenty-friggin-two. Aucks and J-town. University freshman. Family includes a weekend dad, a neat freak mum, and a 20-year-old bro currently studying in Tokyo (relocating to Ibaraki in March). As straight as can be. Romanced by no one (as of October 2005.) More?

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If only you would act a bit more human, it would ease my pain.
Like, why act like a demigod when your flaws are already exposed to me...But of course you don't realize that.

Listening to: some guy talking on the phone near me...I'm at The Commons.
Thursday, January 19, 2006, 07:44 p.m.

youre so youthful...
Ok, five reasons why it's good not to hit it off with Caleb:

  • There would be no sex for the poor guy. I told him just a few days before jetting to Jakarta that I kept my virginity for my officially wedded husband.

  • He's a womanizer, whether or not he'll admit it. I mean, if he weren't one he wouldn't have told me his ex girlfriend was a back-up and that he still wanted me. Or better yet, he wouldn't have got a 'back-up' at all. Oh, and don't get me started on his many ex girlfriends...

  • He's a Christian, I'm a Muslim. Enough said.

  • He's younger than me (born February 9 1985.)

  • My parents are coming in about two weeks (NO KIDDING!) to help me move, and they 're most likely to stay for a month. My relationship with Caleb would only bring trouble...
    I still have to honest to myself, but at least you guys can see I'm trying to be wise.
    Anyway, I'm loving this song called Youthful by Anika Moa. Reminds me a lot of Johnny...He often joked that he was youthful and I wasn't just because he was 18 and I was 22. LOL. Dude's moving even further away to Ellerslie on January 27.
    Oh him. Love. I heart his puppy dog eyes. I like it when he eyed me first then said, "Get your feet off the chair, Isyana," in today's lecture...

    Listening to: Anika Moa - Youthful
    Wednesday, January 18, 2006, 09:14 p.m.

    Ich hasse Angelina Jolie. Nevermind that she's actually a good actress. It just shows what a true ho she is when she phoned Jennifer Aniston just to say that she's pregnant by Jen's ex Brad Pitt. As if Jen's broken heart isn't public enough. Oh well, I never like her anyway. I think her lips are so over the top. Oh, and God really never sleeps. I dare say that within ten years what's now happening to Julia Roberts and Danny Moder will happen to them. Julia gets her karma now because she stole Danny from his ex wife.
    Essay is done. I didn't really put a lot of work into it as we were only given ten days (as opposed to the usual 1,5 months in regular semesters) to do it and I just started on Thursday. I probably should be happy with a C-...REALLY happy indeed.
    HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY MARCEL! Omigod it's really been a year since the fun makan-makan...

    Listening to: nothing
    Monday, January 16, 2006, 08:07 a.m.

    the stressed entry
    De-stress, de-stress, de-stress. Otherwise I'll die of cancer.
    A new addition to my list of new year's resolutions: no more war with the past.
    Sometimes I laugh at people who try so hard to sound smart and/or advanced. I remember conversing with a girl who said she was born in April 1983 (therefore older than me), but then she said she enjoyed watching Braveheart when it just came out in 1995 when she Huh? I also remembered biting my tongue throughout the conversion, but then I started agonizing. I should've pointed out that she couldn't fool me, that I'd been paying attention. Oh well. I guess being nice too has started to take its toll.
    Don't sweat small things. Don't sweat small things. Don't sweat small things.
    Even if I die you guys won't feel the least bit sad. Well maybe you will, but you're more likely to be curious if I bequeath you anything.
    ON A MUCH HAPPIER NOTE: I call today Indonesia Day because well...first I saw a local (white) wearing a batik shirt. That was in the morning, and in the afternoon I saw another local (also white) wearing a batik sarong! The kind that mbok-mbok kampung wear, only with a better print! Yeepee! Hidup Indonesia! Apa sih gue...

    Listening to: nothing
    Sunday, January 15, 2006, 06:53 a.m.

    lagi bikin pr nih
    Ok, so yesterday I really was lucky. I had a private tutoring session with Graham and now I know what to do. LOL. Current word count: 180. And it's due in two days.
    Caleb is no longer mad at me but now it looks like we're closer than we were before...You know what I mean? He doesn't conceal the fact that he's back together with his ex, but he...sort of plays boyfriend-girlfriend with me (don't worry he hasn't touched me yet.) Well maybe because Irene's getting busier and I still don't have any other close mate I don't really mind. However, fear not, I've got myself a new crush and let's see if I can get him down on his knees by the end of summer school...Hahahaha :) Orchid, don't you ever dare spill the beans!!!
    Hah. Internet connection at home played up the whole night and it also played up earlier today. Internet connection, don't fail me.
    Lesson of the day: Sharing the cause of your bad good with your best bud (or someone you think is your best bud) is not a good idea sometimes. That's what a blog is for damnit!

    Listening to: Bratz Rock Angelz - So Good
    Saturday, January 14, 2006, 06:53 a.m.

    Ok, Delna wasn't as dreadful as I thought. It only took about 20 minutes and was done on computers. Also it was mandatory for all students, not just the foreign ones.
    Caleb. Everything was so beautiful between us until I ruined it. When we first when out for lunch at Albert, I watched and secretly admired yor physique as you lied down on the grass for a nap. Little did I know at the time that you were already a dream-come-true.
    Omigod. FTVMS 100 essay is due this Monday and I haven't started! This is soo unlike me because usually I have an assignment halfway done at least a week before the deadline. Talk about scary, and it's not because I've been slacking. I still don't understand the topic and I've been trying to reach no avail. Apparently with Graham you have to make an appoinment first even though he's informed you about his office hours, unlike most tutors I know that let you pop into their offices without notice. So yea, first I came to his locked office and waited for half an hour. Knowing that he really wouldn't show up because I didn't make an appoinment beforehand, I left and e-mailed him my questions. Shortly afterwards it dawned on me that he was unlikely to get the e-mail because the university is currently undergoing some changes in IT! And unfortunately not everyone realizes it. Ann was unaware of the IT changes until I sent an e-mail to one of her personal e-mail addresses saying I'd sent one to her university address and hadn't got a reply. Oh well. The only way out is to corner Graham before or after the lecture tomorrow, ask the questions, and demand answers right then and there!!! LOL. Or maybe I can get a private tutoring session if I'm lucky...

    Listening to: KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See
    Thursday, January 12, 2006, 10:28 p.m.