blah de blaahhh
Pipi. My man. He's so mature he made me feel like a 4-year-old as well as relieved. You see, I was having some sort of a quarrel with him until came that I love you SMS, I was intrigued (granted he'd guessed I would be), so I asked him to call me, and he gave me a missed call, but...*sigh, let me catch my breathe here* I didn't talk to him until last night, on the phone when I was at Kelts, an Irish bar at Kuningan, and he was at home doing an assignment (on a Saturday! Puh-lease!). And we talked like nothing had ever happened to us, not even the bad breakups, and as usual I did most of the yakking LOL. After I finished blabbering about my recent boy trouble, instead of saying, "See, that's what's called what goes around comes around," like I feared, he said, "You never change, eh? Still an explosive dudette!" in a teasing manner. Aaaaww. Wish he had been this mature when we were still together.
Y'know what, I never had a theme birthday all my childhood, but my bro had one: his 6th birthday at Dairy Queen in 1991, and the theme was Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. And my bro still saves some of his Ninja souvenirs from that birthday (back then it was the norm to reward birthday party guests with bags of snacks, candies, and stationaries), such as pencil sharpeners. I've known it forever but only today that I started to think where my mom got all the Ninja stuff for the birthday coz recently I just included a theme birthday party on my list of how to raise my children. Did she have them custom-made? But a wait minute, were event organizers not popular back then? Hm...gotta find out. LOL.
Now, about a theme party for my children (I prefer girls, coz, judging from my bro's behavior of late, boys are more likely to give me frequent heart attacks), I wish I hadn't given away my 50+ Barbies to...orphanages? I should've saved them for my girls, just like my mom has saved her bags, clothes, and jewelleries for me. But um...no, I'm not gonna throw a Barbie party for my daughters. I probably won't even let them have a single Barbie, for fear that they will have a negative body image. So a replacement's up on my mind now, but I'm not gonna spill it in case anyone is up to stealing my ideas. Or...what if I wait until they're a bit older, say, 13, to throw a birthday party like the one Louise Brooks was known to hold?
Oh god. I don't even have a beau yet I've already been making plans for the children I have yet to conceive!
Sunday, October 10, 2004, 10:29 a.m.

dum dee dah
Hahahahah. Omigod. I have a fan so devoted she can even recognize me from MY DESIGNS! *waves to Tasha* Scary ain't it? LOL. I thought I was the only one among my circle of friends who can recognize people from unlikely stuff such as teeth and writing styles (choices of words).
I bought a Girl Thing CD yesterday. Well, I should say THE Girl Thing CD coz that's the only record the now-defunct British girlband ever released. That was the second time I bought their CD. The first one dated back to some time in March 2001, when the girls were still fresh faces in the music industry yet they already had their days counted, and then some time later my cuz Marsha borrowed it and lost it (although she claimed to have returned it), hence the new CD. Anyway, seemed like I purchased the CD at the right time coz once my I put it in my old-fashioned Sony discman and pushed play, I felt a relief from a hard day with my uni's admin peeps, thanks to the happy-go-lucky tunes and lyrics. Thus, not only did I have my longing for the CD relieved, but I was cheered up by it as well. Talk about rewarding one's self.
Saturday, October 9, 2004, 08:43 a.m.

UI sucks big time and...
May I have your attention please? Will the real slim shady please stand up? Nah...just playing. For class of 2005 members, please DO NOT, je repete, DO NOT consider going to The University of Indonesia. Somebody should write a book titled All It Has Is A Big Name: The True Stories of The University of Indonesia Mismanagement Victims. And no, I'm not kidding this time. You kids had better go to a private uni or go abroad and pay much bigger dosh than brag about going to the biggest Ivy League uni in Indonesia yet feel bitten in the left arse by the very uni.
On a mucho mucho lighter note, I just found out that Kamen Rider (known to Indonesian kids of the 80's and 90's as Ksatria Baja Hitam) is being rerun on Indosiar on Thursdays at 04:00 PM. And they air the FIRST season, way before Kotaro Minami (a.k.a The Rider) upgrades to Kamen Rider RX. So, yeah, calling all the Indonesian kids of past couple decades, we have a subject to nostalgia here! But still, it leaves me wondering, do today's kids still watch such a highly old-fashioned TV programme? And what with the latest season of America's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers still airing on...RCTI? Arent't kids nowadays so busy with school and extra curriculars they get home nearly at the same time as their parents from work? And aren't they much smarter than their predecessors (a.k.a us), thanks to the internet and co, that they can tell the special effects used in Power Rangers and Kamen Rider are crappy and the stories lame? Or is Kamen Rider especially marketed for bored, nostalgic people? Only heaven knows.
Friday, October 8, 2004, 10:22 p.m.

haa hee
God. Idiots surround me.

  • My classmates in ASEAN Culture class. They ask me about this and that concerning the subject when they seem to know that I'm just as clueless. My advice: Trus your instinct and MAKE USE OF THE TEACHER!

  • My maids at home. No matter what I do, they still treasure the nasty habit of telling me I have a call waiting or my parents wish to speak to me WHEN I'M IN THE BATHROOM. For the last time, IT'S BETTER FOR YOU TO TELL THEM TO CALL AGAIN SOME TIME LATER AND SIMPLY TELL MY PARENTS I'M HAVING A SHOWER than to have them wait FOREVER for me to get ready.

  • Duh. Patience is obviously a virtue I'm still learning.
    This is what Orchid is dying to say to me:"Nana, I don't care if they break up, get back together again, she's back on his list, he hasn't logged in to his Friendster in weeks, hell, whatever, GET A LIFE! AND GET A *beep* BOYFRIEND TOO!" Hahaha but still, she hasn't said that to me, being the best of friend I could ask for.
    And guess who texted me yesterday at 01:30 in the morning saying "I love you"? Take a guess...take a guess...Time's up! PIPI! Yep, I kid ya not. Upon receiving the SMS, I was like, "Is he drunk?" And then, "Yep he must be, for it's sooo not like him to stay up this late!" So I texted him back saying he must have pushed the wrong number. But then again, I couldn't help thinking had he done this a couple years ago, I would've gone out right then and there, singing in the rain. But now, he only got raised eyebrows. As you readers must notice, I have the hots for someone separated from me by continents.
    "Quincy, Quincy, it's a crazy crazy love...,"sings BoA on my MP3.
    Thursday, October 7, 2004, 08:19 a.m.

    FranÇais vs. Anglais
    Me and English-speaking mind. And it's quicker than I thought. Because of it, I probably get annoyed looks from my seniors at Centre Culturel FranÇais, where I currently study French, and their teachers, who are native speakers, when I hang out with my classmates at the cafetaria after class. And today, at the beginning of class, while listening to an audio cassette showing how to ask for addresses, I said, "Rue de WHAT?" after a failed attemp of catching up. I swear I saw a classmate who sat near me roll her eyes. And then near the end of class,
    Monsieur Tanamal, votre proffeseur:...dans une maisson...
    Me, spontaniously translating it into ENGLISH: In a house...
    Monsieur Tanamal: Bravo, Nana.
    I didn't see his face, but I'm sure he meant it as a sarcasm. Duh.
    Wow. You really love him, don't you jie? I so can feel your pain *hugs* I believe you two will be back together by the end of this year. I mean it, yes. NOW STOP THROWING ME THAT SUSPICIOUS LOOK WILL YA?!
    Tuesday, October 5, 2004, 10:46 p.m.

    Nana. Old enough to remember the '80s. College senior. Head spinster of Awesome Spinsters United. Mixed by ethnicity, Indonesian by nationality. Into older blokes. Addicted to online quizzes. Runs this and this. Speaks fluent Indonesian and English, plus a smattering of German, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese. Understands Malaysian well. Reads and writes Arabic. Prefers Starbucks to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Has been on Friendster MUCH longer than the rest of the population. More? Too bad!

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