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Nana. 20 on May 14. Proud owner of a vagina. College junior. UI, faculty of humanities, English major. Militant feminist at heart. Devilish at times. Up for grabs. A wee bit crazier than most people her age. Supposedly multi-lingual since she speaks fluent Indonesian (mother tongue), English, and basic Spanish, Chinese, and German. Has trouble with gluttony and excessive hatred for teeny boppers. Into Eurasian blokes. Hobbies include reading, watching the telly, surfing the net, blogging, traveling, chatting, and eating.

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I DID IT!!! I ACTUALLY FREAKIN' DID IT!!! I MADE NO MISTAKES!!! YEE HAW!!! WOO HOO!! Had it not been for this performance, I wouldn't have known that pop songs were FAR EASIER than classic ones...I sure have to learn more pop songs so I'll have myriad choices of songs when I'm asked to perform again!
You know what, I was supposed to wear my almamater jacket when I performed. The people on the EC committee kept asking me how come I didn't bring that "UI pride" jacket and I told 'em I forgot. Truth is I didn't wanna wear it because it's fuckin' YELLOW (now I hear my readers saying, "You shouldn't have gone to The UI then...") and yellow's my least favorite color. Besides, I had no time to sew the IKARISMA, Faculty of Humanities, and PSAU 2001 badges on the jacket...


*What Song by Evanescence are You?*
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Whoa, I got my second favorite Evanescence song!! And I didn't cheat! Anne, I'm pretty sure you'll be interested in this quiz!
Monday, May 12, 2003 12:57 p.m.

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Have I taken that quiz before? Hmm...

What's on my mind:
1. Jeff, Jean, Yiki, Mijung, Jamie, Orchid, Anne. Loving me for me, letting me be, keeping my feet on the ground, being there for me. When the whole world turns its back on me I know whom to look for. You are my blessing.
2. So, that one particular, infamous myth about blokes isn't true!
3. It's really peculiar when I realize that I don't have any particular close mate on campus, considering that I always had at least one mate that I spent most of the time with from kindergarten through to high school. I'm glad I'm close to everybody, and that there's no wall between exclusive cliques that don't let certain people in.
4. Why the change? Did I do anything wrong? Anything that irritated them? I'd rather be told about it right in my face than being cast away.
Sunday, May 11, 2003 11:43 a.m.

Today was ok, I guess...except when I was wondering why on earth I put on those rags (don't ask!) in the first place during the journey home from campus. Then I had my weekly violin lesson, and my coach suggested that I play any pop song instead of "Minuet in A Minor" for my performance, so she lent me a book of best-loved all-time classics such as "My Way", "Yesterday", "Losing Myself", etc. I picked "Yesterday". Damn, this legendary Beatles song is far easier than that darned Minuet! This won't take forever to master, let alone memorize! Gee, I feel like a burden's eventually lifted off my shoulders...
I don't know what's wrong with me...On the one hand I don't wannabe in a relationship because of my inability to trust the opposite sex, yet on the other hand I yearn to be loved by a bloke who's in no way related with me. Just half an hour ago I heard another one of my crushes has just hooked up with a girl he's got feelings for. Again, part of me is happy for him, the other part felt like my world was coming apart. Did I cry? No. I've been used to hearing my crushes hitting it off with the girls they gave a damn since the tender age of 11. Blokes are not trustworthy. Blokes are not worth my time. Blokes don't deserve my love. But still...I'm tired of mom and dad and my best buds being the only ones who show me love. What ought I to do?
I've made up my mind to switch my minor from German to Turkish! Yes, you heard me right. I can't wait to sing along with Tarkan! *grins*
Saturday, May 10, 2003 11:49 p.m.

What's up?! So I haven't blogged in three days...A lot has happened, but I'm only gonna recap the happy ones:

  • The result of one of the two of my writing final projects was due yesterday, and I got an A-!

  • I was one of the three persons (of about 18 students) who got an A for ICT homework! I did the hw in the last minutes though...Yay me!

  • Ok, I changed my mind so I'm gonna recap the unhappy one too, but only one. We're holding The 2003 English Competition this coming Monday and one of the committee people told me I was to have a solo violin performance at the opening of the event at 08:00 AM!!! And he insisted upon in so I gave in, but I told him I'd only play one song! I should've told him much earlier that I hate performing because of the stage fright. Even when I played with an orchestra (where I was second violin, which means I was hidden among other players) I got stage fright, and in this first ever solo performance of mine I sure will get more stage fright! But I can cope with it, can't I? After all, I'm not gonna be on the stage for longer than three minutes...
    Saturday, May 10, 2003 08:37 a.m.