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happy hapy joy joy...
Good news! A Sky City personnel got back to me for an interview next week on Friday the 16th! WOO HOO! YAY! Hahahahahaha :P Wish me the very best of luck guys! LOL.
Now that it's possible for me to nail the job, the list of things I wanna buy is growing...Here it is so far.

  • The pink chair

  • The pink magazine/dirty laundry case

  • A pink curtain

  • The black woolen jacket from that Japanese souvenir shop

  • More earrings, bags, shoes, jackets...

  • Times like these, I'm really grateful for being single because imagine me as a 22-year-old mum with a toddler or an infant...If I got the job the salary would be for milk or children's clothes or put towards my kid's education. Hahaha no way man! Another upside is of course the boys...

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    Saturday, September 10, 2005, 06:05 a.m.

    decision, decision
    I'm pretty pissed nowadays because my two newest pairs of earrings have gone solo. Each pair has lost an earring, and they're very pretty and pricey! One of the pairs is very new, I bought it last Monday for $17 in one of those cute Japanese shops (well I know I shouldn't have shopped there, but I couldn't resist!) and two days later one of the earrings was gone, probably fell on the street while I was walking home. The other pair, probably much chear because I bought it at The Warehouse, lasted a little longer. I bought it shortly after arriving in Auckland and just about a couple of weeks ago one earring went missing. I can't buy a new pair, even a cheap one from the downtown Westfield, because in the past couple of weeks I've splurged more than $100 mostly on Dove stuff, food, and a new Rip Curl jacket that I bought yesterday. It cost $79. LOL. It's very cute and pink as always, but I don't feel like taking a picture of it. My camera and I are growing apart from each other as days pass by...I still want that pink magazine box, the pink chair, a new Rip Curl bag, a new pair of earring...but I still haven't heard from Sky City and my parents aren't gonna send money until next month, plus I have to pay for my rent on September 12 (yep, nothing is free in New Zealand, even if you live with your closest relatives!). Gah!
    Talking about my parents, they're currently in Singapore for medical check-ups and I have no idea how long they're gonna be there. Omigod I MISS SINGAPORE! Damn. Oh, and I probably will go back to Indo for summer break, this November. How exciting is that? LOL. But I'm not sure about it...First of all by November I'll have been here for only four months, and although my mum initially agreed with my coming home at the end of the year, I bet she must've been more than relieved at my plan to put off Indo until next year because I would have summer school during the break. But no, summer school starts on January 4, and my last exam is on November 10, not to mention that Hanum is scheduled to fly to Indoland on November 19. I can fly with her and spend more than a month back home, and return to Auckland just before New Year's Eve, no worries about the packed flights because I would buy a return ticket. However, the idea has less appeal than staying in Baa baa Land for the entire break, working at either Sky City or taking over Hanum's shifts at the Italian restaurant she works for. So?! Help me make up my mind!
    If you want me to be REALLY honest, I prefer going back to Indo...I especially miss my troops there. I also miss the weather and my family and GENUINE Indonesian food. And I prefer to have my bro go back to Indo instead of Auckland late this year so the whole family can reunite and it will be better if we can have family holidays in Singapore! LOL. Anyway, the possiblity of going home sooner than expected always keeps me happy.

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    Friday, September 9, 2005, 01:57 a.m.

    articles and crushes
    When I was conversing with Casey at the poetry-reading a couple weeks ago, I complained about how I got B's for my assignments and he said, "I'm sorry to hear that!" Boy, was I astonished! LOL. It was the first time somebody ever said that to me, because everytime I complain about my B's my kind of response I get is usually, "Oh that's good! UofA has a very high standard, you know..." and I swear I didn't expect him to react the same way. I just wanted to know what he would say. Come to think of it, the guys I've had crushes on always react differently from other people to me. Like 2,5 years ago I had a major crush on Andreas, and when I told him I hated my article which was published on Eurasian Nation, he read it and said something like, "I don't understand it...You talk about how people treat you because you're mixed but you also talk about religion. It sucks." It was contrary to other people's takes on that article.
    Oh, and talking about my articles, I didn't know that the one appearing on Eurasian Community has been used as a reference here. Sorry you have to scroll more than halfway to the bottom to find it. Dang I'm so proud of me. Heheheh :)
    I've almost come to the end of Seven New Zealand Novellas and I've found a favorite! It's the one by Albert Wendt, titled Flying Fox in A Freedom Tree. The language is simple and funny. Here's a snippet.

    You see I didn't have much formal education. (Unlike many of the present generation who went away overseas and returned with degrees in such things as education, drinking, revolutions, themselves and more themselves etc. and who wave before you the rounded 'r' and the long 'e' and the short 't' in just about everything, especially their own importance.)
    (page 223)

    Funny aye? LOL. The rest of the story runs smoothly without confusion, unlike that of Maurice Duggan's (I'm not sure whether Rebecca Bernstein approves of his daughter Isobel's relationship with Mr. O'Leary in O'Leary's Orchard.) My second fave is probably Peter Wells' Of Memory and Desire. It's the second to last novella in the book, and I haven't finished reading it, but so far it's about a Japanese couple's honeymoon in New Zealand. The story is easy to understand, and funny thing is Wells describes the newlyweds' sexual activities in FULL details, and he doesn't use metaphors! Like when Keiji can't penetrate his new wife at their first night because he's a virgin...LOL.
    Speaking of the New Zealand literature second assigment, I keep changing my mind about which novella I'm going to analyse. From Maurice Duggan to Frank Sargeson...and now I'm considering Albert Wendt. But Peter Wells is fine too and maybe Elizabeth Knox is the easiest to understand? I haven't read the latter. Aaaarrggh!

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    Thursday, September 8, 2005, 07:25 a.m.

    Jodie Marsh is soo fuckin' ugly. She seriously looks better without that fake tan and I wish she would consider getting dental braces. She bashes fellow "glamour model" (I still don't know what this term really means) Katie Price a.k.a Jordan saying she's got more style than her and blah. Well at least Jordan's already got the model look even without her fake boobs and she has more clothes on than Jodie does. Not that I'm a Jordan fan. Oh wait a minute...Jodie is an exhibitionist and that she admits herself, but she certainly is NOT a glamour model!
    You know, it took me almost a couple of months to realize that 7 PM here in Auckland equals midnight. Major shops are closed by that time and if they're open until 07.30 PM at weekends they call that "mid/late night shopping hour." Le sigh. During this break, shortly before I realized that, I would be lying around at the Napianto residence thinking it was only 7 PM, but after I hit the town it dawned on me that the only things alive after 7 PM are the traffic and the building in which my aunt runs the resto. It's open until 10 PM.
    Anyone remembers Origa? She's famed for singing and writing Inner Universe, a soundtrack of Japanese anime series Ghost in The Shell. I always thought she was Japanese, and even after seeing this, I still thought she was Jap. You know Japanese artists, their ultra talented make-up artists and art directors can make them look any race they want. However, it wasn't until I found the lyrics of Inner Universe that I believe she's really Caucasian. The song is in some weird European language, probably Romaji Russian.
    Ramadan is just a month away and this will be my first Ramadan abroad. It's spring already and the sun doesn't shine until well after 6 AM, and it sets at approximately 06.30, so time-wise it won't be any different from Ramadan in Indonesia. But funny thing is I already dread the Aidil Fitri celebration. I hate meeting those fellow Indonesians. I just hate them for some unexplainable reasons, even though there are more nice people among them than I thought.

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    Tuesday, September 7, 2005, 04:34 a.m.

    If the the header image isn't self-explanatory enough, this blog is mine and therefore I'm entitled to do anything I please with it. If you don't like me as a person or don't like what you see, then why on earth are you here, of all places? If you can't say anything nice, go get yourself an online space to rant in. Don't do it in other people's. Maturity is key, folks.

    Twenty-two. Taurus. Indonesian passport, New Zealand residence. The UI grad, UofA freshman. English literature major, films and media studies minor. Budding psychic (?). In the midst of quarter life crisis. Spoilled brat, but not rich nor rotten. Always color-cordinated. Mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia. Travels include Japan, France, Singapore, England, Australia, Malaysia, China, and USA. Usually knows more than she lets on. Single and looking. Blogging since 18. Graphic design, poetry, and photography are pastimes. Quirky. DA. LJ. More?

    agatha christie edgar allan poe the 1920's jackie's strength//tori amos beautiful couple...they should hook up again!

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