A 21-year-old immature-looking girl. She's technically mixed, but Indonesian by birth and nationality. Many deem her hyperactive, but she doesn't give a damn. She's scheduled to graduate from The UI in February 2005, and fly to New Zealand for more of higher learning in June. Her favorite past times are taking online quizzes, reading, and surfing on the net. Other than being a wacky bespectacled blogger, she's also a clique and fanlisting whore.

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First up, happy belated birthday to Albert (23 on Jan 1), Anton (23 on Jan 6), Jom (18 on Jan 7), and Wuri (22 on Jan 8). Wish you all 12 months of goodness!
You know Eminem's latest single Like Toy Soldiers? It always chills my spine...not because it's scary but because it contains an interpolation of Martika's 1990 hit Toy Soldiers. Step by step, heart to heart.... Don't ask me why...Anything having to do with my childhood gives me goosebumps nowadays.
Hey Henny! Back to good ole Diaryland, eh? LOL. Yea yea I'm having sickening-sounding coughs too of late...And was it you who left the second comment on my Jan 6 entry? My suspicion is because...uh...you're by far my only reader who occasionally calls me darling! LOL.
Sunday, January 9, 2005, 08:32 a.m.

comparison between teen life and society based on an old-ass movie
Now I like thinking happy thoughts about him. Maybe, just maybe, we're sixth cousins once removed. LOL. You see, my great great maternal grandma was Dutch, and I also suspect she was also half French since her maiden name was Matisse. And as ya know, no European is full-blood...
I've just seen the movie Olga dan Sepatu Roda (Olga and Roller Skates) on AN Teve. The movie stars the then teen stars Desy Ratnasari and Nike Ardilla. The flick was produced in 1991, and the early and mid '90s were the teen stars' heyday, until Nike Ardilla passed away of drunk driving in March 1995, at the tender age of 19. Desy Ratnasari is still up and about in the biz, and 2005 marks the 17th year of her career, ever since she won the second prize of a major modelling contest in 1988. Nike Ardilla, by the way, was also a winner of the same modelling contest, but her year was 1990.
Back to the movie, while watching it on TV today I tried to find the differences and similarities between the teens of 10 years ago and today's teens, and this is what I came up with. The most obvious differences are the fashion, and the absence of cellphones (it was 1991, remember?). But teens of that time, like their present successors, had already hung out at malls in groups after school, something that the teenagers of the '70s and beyond definitely weren't familiar with. And I think they also share the same issues. Trying to break out from their parents by having a part time job. And here is where another difference lies: While parents with teens 10 years ago thought that part time jobs were a waste of time, or even a deviation, today's parents encourage their adolescents to have part time jobs because they realize it's good for the kids' future. And they also have more faith in their children. Thus, I think today's teenagers have a better reasoning ability than their counterparts of the past decade. Of course, the latters are supported by technological advances and the ever-changing demands in society.
Ok, that's about all. Am I missing anything? Oh, and no drugs seen in Olga! LOL. In the entire 32 years of the Soeharto administration, drugs were very sensitive case, because the family-oriented dude and his cronies wanted his people (and potential foreign investors/tourists) to think Indo was an utopia...
Friday, January 7, 2005, 09:55 a.m.

I dreamed a sad dream last night, and it went as follows. My dad died of some unknown cases, and although I felt sad I spent most of the time making out with some bloke called Rangga, who by the way looked very much the hunk in my French class, Rio. I didn't show any emotions until one day I saw my dad standing by my bed when I woke up, clad in a peculiar black outfit. I followed him around and even suspected him talking to mum, but when I asked one of my maids if she also saw my dad she replied, "You father is dead, miss." Not long afterwards there came Rangga, hugging me and crying like I never saw anyone cry before. I noticed he was holding a letter, and it turned out to be about his girfriend Michelle wanting to break up with him. That was when I started crying from the double sorrow. One caused by my dad and the other by Rangga.
When I woke up (in reality) I still had tears in my eyes, and as usual I thought about triggered the dream. It's true that my dad has always been travelling and working almost all my life, thus making him the estranged Arslan. My brother and I barely show emotions towards daddy, and neither does he towards us. As for Rangga, most probably it was caused by my constant craving for love and affection, and not by Rio (I'm having the hots for the German dude mind you! LOL). So in conclusion, I don't think the dream was a prediction of what might happen in the near future. It was merely a reflection of my secret feelings.
Off the topic, I'm beginning to hate my writing style. Seems like my vocabulary has shrunken!
Thursday, January 6, 2005, 08:49 a.m.

tee bops
Nothing to blog about...except...I'm planning a new layout already, but it doesn't mean I'm gonna take down this layout pretty soon. And! My vocab is getting slimmer :(
Tuesday, January 4, 2005, 10:23 p.m.

part 1...maybe
Hokay. Just random stuff. This is due to PMS I guess, since my mum got her period yesterday. We so often menstruate at the same time...

  • Yeh of course I know you think you're all that: Versatile, stylish, sought-after, rational, blah blah blah. And I'm nothing more than your sidekick, yes? Tell ya what, I should win an Academy Award for acting like I don't bear any grudge against you. And you never even realize most of bitchings here are directed at you! Happy roasting in hell.

  • You see, I loathe it when movie directors cast models or musicians with no acting experience. It's true that some turn out to have raw talent (like Tora Sudiro in the movie Arisan!), but look what happens to the soap Menuju Puncak. It's like flipping a coin, you don't know which side will turn up. They'd better stop betting.

  • I don't really belong anywhere. I'm not otaku. I'm not a fashionista (hell, I'm a fashion disaster at times). I'm not a social butterfly (I don't play pool, I don't club, I only go to malls on weekdays when they're not crowded, and yes I do have many friends, but mostly fair-weather ones). I'm far from being a genious of any sort. I guess I like myself that way.

  • Y'know what made my day yesterday? My crush and I had a long chat, and we talked about somewhat private things! That's what you will call progress, ain't it?

  • Just because a few fans know you better and longer than the rest of your fans, doesn't mean the entire country is after you. Get over it.

  • Monday, January 3, 2005, 12:09 a.m.