Isyana Adriani Arslan was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on May 14 1983, making her a Taurean by Western constellation and a Miss Piggy by Chinese. She has a younger brother, Muhammad Rifqi, whom she has been teasing the hell out of since his day one on earth. Isyana is currently embarking on her third year at The University of Auckland, working her ass off on a BA in English Literature and Films, Television, and Media Studies. She is an alumna of The University of Indonesia, from which she earned a diploma in ESL in February 2005. Her passions include writing, photography, web design, graphic design, history, travels, and the list goes on...and no she does not wish to have a nine-to-five job. A fan of hers already?

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day out day out
Ahem. First thing first: birthdays galore. Happy 22nd birthday to Karl, 23rd to Tuning, 24th to my baby Tom (hahahah), and 29th to my cuz Sally! Many, many happy returns y'all...Also happy belated 74th birthday to my grandpop (you're still dashing!) and 24th to Mandy.
Ok...I've just got back from Piha, having my first ever surfing lesson! Woohoo! Gweeze I really never thought I'd learn to surf, being the wimp that I am...It's all thanks to Jess who told me about this Piha trip Ispace organized in association with Beyond Travel. I said I'd go, and it wasn't until I paid for the trip that I found out it would mainly be about learning to surf. Oh well. No turning back. So off I went...dragging my surfboard in the shallow part of the water most of the time hoping time would fly faster than a Boeing. Hahahahha. But I didn't leave Piha empty-handed. I got some knowledge on surfing (naturlich) and...three wounds, the biggest being the deep cut on my left hand caused by the surfboard's fins.
Speaking of which, I wonder why God hates my left hand so much? When I was two or three, I turned over my nan's table and it fell right on the point finger, resulting in the weird nail I have to carry for the rest of my life. When I was seven I broke the hand. Last year I broke its ring finger, and just today I not only cut it (just below the thumb) but also cut its middle finger. This is the most accident-prone part of my body.
Oh, and I was also a bit disappointed I didn't get to show off cute first ever bikini as we all had to wear surfsuits. We did peel off the suits after we were done though, but it was no fun being in it for less than 30 minutes...I did take a picture, however, which I'll post later probably in a private LJ entry. LOL. It's from Roxy and it's like the one Jessica Simpson has on in her These Boots Are Made For Walkin' video, except it's pink.
I hope I can believe you...that you and the girl are just like Jeff and I...although my instincts tell me something isn't quite right. For instance, Jeff calls me doofus, dork. You call her baby, darling. So nah, I'm not buying it.

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Saturday, February 3, 2007, 09:20 p.m.

on the prowl again are we...
Remember when I was younger I used to say guys were God's biggest mistake? Well, scratch that now. Men are the best toys God has ever created.
Lesson of day: never hurry yourself when you're on the first day of period. Your tummy will hurt like hell you'd rather see your guy snogging another girl right before your eyes.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007, 10:43 p.m.

the danger zone saturday
Sooo yesterday I went to one of Tom's plays, Caustic. Magnificent play, so magnificent that my mate Diana enjoyed it a lot. I didn't expect her to enjoy it really, since she's not the artsy fartsy kind who would have the initiative to go to plays. All the cast are naturals (shame on Indo so-called actors) and the costumes were fab.
But that wasn't the only highlight of the day though. Before the play, Diana and I got hit on by an some Indian guy who, after some pleasantries, offered us a ride and buy us drinks. It was me who quickly said no thanks, and we left. But you know what was funny? As we were leaving, the guy shouted something like, 'You girls are gorgeous!' Hahahaha Diana and I giggled about it and remarked on how desperate he was to get laid...
Highlight nummer drei. After the play Di and I went to the old Jewish cemetary near campus and she dared me to go in. We ended up going in together and while we were making the entrance (by jumping the fence since the gates were chained and locked), people hollered stuff like, 'Oi, are you girls nutters or what?' at us hahahahaha :) It was cool being at a cemetary at night. We marvelled at the tall tombstones and read the names carved on them. We even had a good laugh while there, thinking nothing would happen to us since we weren't superstitious. But oh boy, was I proven wrong. Something spooky did happen to me after I got home. At around 02.00 AM I heard a faint singing voice in my room. A little girl's voice. Goosebumps ran down my spine at once. I mean, it couldn't have been my kid cousin's voice! She was either away at her dad's place or, hello, it was 02.00 AM damnit, and no little girl is up and about at that hour! Luckily, usually when I get spooked it's not for long. So I just turned up the volume of my Winamp and the scare was gone.
Highlight nummer fier. After the cemetary Di and I had a stroll along Karangahape Road (K Road for short). Now, if you live in Auckland you know what reputation the road has...So yea, while we were strolling, we got chased by a huge drunken man, shouted at by people in passing cars, given weird looks by people on the street. Hahahahaha...it was annoying, but all good.
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to resume reading the articles for my second English 263 essay...

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Sunday, January 28, 2007, 06:13 p.m.

whuddup I
Hey how's everyone doing? Me iz good...Well stumped actually since I have another Philo test coming on Tuesday the 30th and another English essay due on Feb 2. Yikes. How come Philo test and English essay are always out around the same time? This is a taunt. I haven't checked my schedule yet, but I have a hunch the exams for both papers are around the same time too.
I have the most annoying alarm clock on earth. Not so long ago its hands stopped moving (though the ticking hand didn't) and I thought it was because ir ran out of battery. I put in a new battery, and the clock then worked normally...but only for about a few hours. Since that time I have to set the hands to the correct time, the clock works properly for sometime, and then it freezes the time. At present, the clock stopped at 01.55 AM and I refuse to do anything about it...Get if fixed, maybe...but I'm fonder of the idea of getting a new, cuter one! LOL.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007, 01:35 p.m.